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  1. I’m glad we have somebody with ambition and financial clout to make these kind of statements. it’s refreshing to see other than the usual culprits spouting off how times are tough and they have no money and can’t spend the cap. He’s been at Leigh for 10 years now and he hasn’t always got it right, at the end of the day he may be a successful businessman but he’s had to learn a lot about owning a rugby league club and I think he’s finally getting it. Imagine how good SL would be if there were another 4/5 people like Derek pushing the sport, driving the on field product and pushing boundaries. This team may have now set the blue print for the championship and I can guarantee Keighley will follow the same process. As for signing so many imports, ALL of those players have gotten deals either at Leigh or elsewhere on decent money for being part of a title winning Champ team, it looks great in their CV when their agents are doing business. Exciting times for Leigh I just hope the RFL allow us to have an academy/reserves.
  2. Victor Radley says never say never to a move to Leigh Centurions. He said the atmosphere on sunday was unbelievable and he would love to work with Adrian Lam who has been like a father to him. Maybe in a few years
  3. Grade A- Wigan/Warrington/Hull/Saints/Leeds/Catalans Grade B- Huddersfield/Hull KR/Salford/Toulouse/Castleford/Wakefield/Leigh Grade C- Widnes/London/Bradford/York/Featherstone/Barrow/Halifax/Sheffield/Batley/Keighley/Doncaster/Batley/Newcastle/Whitehaven. Can I say the ONLY reason I put Leigh as grade B is they are full time and have investment which seems to be important to IMG.
  4. I’m sure it wasn’t a team goal at the beginning of 2022 was it? Be poor defensively, lose 3 times to Batley and not even make the GF.
  5. What the **** are you on about doping you’ve said it twice now
  6. I hope there is a minimum criteria whereby a championship team needs to make a championship GF and already have a proven full time environment. I hope that is the kind of investment that is meant. The team needs to be competitive and not like London thrown in for the geography rarher than the performance.
  7. My prediction is you’ll be second again, your defence will still be lacklustre, you’re middles will be older, slower unable to recover quickly enough to mount a promotion challenge. Blake Ferguson plays on the wing, takes minimal contact and makes minimal tackles so his body won’t be anywhere near as bad as a forwards. You guys sound like your happy with how this years players have done so fair enough.
  8. It’s worrying because all these old fellas are another year old next year and they huffed and puffed through this season. What makes you think a new coach will improve them? And I wasn’t trumpeting any rumour, merely stating that the only player I’d take off Featherstone for my team if he wanted a crack at FT would be Bussey.
  9. The worrying thing for Featherstone is they have announced the re-signings for 2023 of most of the ageing players that have let them down this year. Id take Bussey at Leigh in a FT environment with FT training, I’d be confident Lam could bring the best out of him.
  10. You’re new coach is Sean Long.
  11. It all went wrong for Featherstone when McDermott shipped out Chisholm & Pickersgill. At that point I believe the team stopped putting the extra heart into it. Why didn’t he pick Bussey & Davies for that game they’re perfect players to counter Batleys type of forwards.
  12. Watching Batley celebrate tonight I fear they’ve already had their grand final. Mentally next week will be more of a challenge than physically.
  13. Never seen that before, what a fantastic watch.
  14. Loads of free parking at the ground, easy to get in and out of.
  15. That’s a fair answer, are they all FT or PT?
  16. Honest question here, are these re-signings players you would want to take to SL or Is this the clubs way of setting up negatively for another crack at promotion next year?
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