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  1. I‘d guess it is alive as you can subscribe to a package. I still find it odd that there is no proper app for tv’s and tv boxes in place. WatchNRL app is a perfect blueprint how it‘d be done. They could also think about a subscription section in the ourleague app. No app is poor.
  2. Beside the tournament I liked some of the kits too. Does anyone know where to purchase these kits?
  3. Anyone a clue why Tonga called Tonga Invitational?
  4. Thanks. App does work. The England Knights v Jamaica game is not scheduled yet or I didn‘t find it.
  5. I agree with you. I hope the WC delivers some shock results and competitive games for the smaller nations. That might lead to more international 9s competitions.
  6. Well, if you mean UK as „here“ you‘re propably right. But I for one I still believe that it gives emerging or tier 2/3 nations some kind of a kick start and motivation to play RL. How often do you see tier 2/3 vs tier 1 nations internationaly. In the NH there isn‘t a real competition - which I‘d like to see. I think that in most EU countries the 9s could be the key to attract new fans and a new tv audience.
  7. Thank you. This is good news. I got worried as nothing is scheduled. I hope they provide on demand services as well as highlights just in case.... Fingers crossed you‘re right.
  8. Nope I ain‘t UK based. I get access to sky uk via vpn and nowtv but prefer watchnrl.com w/o using vpn.
  9. Does anyone know if the RLWC9s will be live on watchnrl.com or any other streaming plattform? As of now nothing has been scheduled at watchnrl.com.
  10. Then try Fox Soccer Match Pass by using VPN. Fox have Super League and NRL, an app, and on demand service.
  11. Check out the official Rugby League livestream: www.live.rugby-league.com There is no app available and no on demand service. Stream quality is good.
  12. I got an email from the RFL telling that due to the short timescale all tickets purchased from overseas for the upcoming International Series will now be collection at stadium on matchday. What a joke. I purchased tickets months ago and paid shipping costs. RFL shouldn't treat customers like that. Amateurish
  13. That’s supposed to be a test match? England not tested at all...
  14. aynone facing the same problems at our league site: connection failed: too many connections
  15. I don't even get the point in moving the fixture! In 2015 there was a clash of fixtures of the rugby codes in Manchester. Etihad was staging the RWC match England v Uruguay and at Old Trafford was the grand final. The combined capacity of the two stadia are 130,000ish and if I remember correctly it worked. In Liverpool the combined capacity of the two stadia is below 100,000. In comparison with 2015 you have here two different sports with different fan groups. I don't see a problem with that and I am sure Liverpool is able to handle the fans, RFL just seem too weak to come out on top and instead pi** off fans.
  16. Just read the announcement on the RFL website and I think the reasons given for the amendmend are pretty poor. I mean this is RFL's showpiece event in 2018 arranged a long time ago and all of a sudden you realise there is football club game on that causes traffic issues? To me it seems like the RFL is pushed around by someone and deemed to have no backbone.
  17. That is a shocker and if true a disgrace. We are a group of 8 coming over from Germany for the game and a party.We are all Germans and 7 out of us are new to the game. We already bought tickets, booked hotel, and flights. Even the RFL can't do business like that. Has this been confirmed officially?
  18. I enjoyed the game and some of the lads did an impressive performance, e.g. Germany's 13, 1, 6, and 10. It was a feel-good-atmosphere with beer and food tents. I was surrounded by neutrals that never heard of RL so far. They seemed to like what they saw. I was told that there were some advertisement in Osnabrück (flyers, posters) given that I wonder about the crowd. I'd say there were 250ish people at the game which is a bit disappointing given the importance of the game. The test match against Wales 2years ago drew a lot more. Anyhow, does anyone know when the winner of that group plays the winner of group C south? Is that in 2018 or 2019?
  19. CZ with a narrow 20:12 win at home. A crowd of over 1,000 in Vrchlabi - a town with a population of 13,000 - is quite impressive. Look forward to seeing Germany v Czech Republic in August.
  20. Does that also mean no CS team being televised in 2019-2022 when S8 is scrapped or will SKY adapt their broadcasting?
  21. Continuing changes on league structures on a 3-5 year cycle doesn't really help RL. One should stick with structures that were agreed by club owners. I can understand that a simple P&R mitigates the financial risks of clubs. But given the no. of teams in SL and CS and particularly the competiveness of the current Middle8 it should be 2 up 2 down. The top CS team promoted straight with an additional team promoted after a series of play-offs involving 2nd/3rd/4th/5th placed clubs. 1 up 1 down mitigates just the risk of SL clubs and offers too little for CS clubs.
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