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  1. Beside the tournament I liked some of the kits too. Does anyone know where to purchase these kits?
  2. Anyone a clue why Tonga called Tonga Invitational?
  3. Thanks. App does work. The England Knights v Jamaica game is not scheduled yet or I didn‘t find it.
  4. I agree with you. I hope the WC delivers some shock results and competitive games for the smaller nations. That might lead to more international 9s competitions.
  5. Well, if you mean UK as „here“ you‘re propably right. But I for one I still believe that it gives emerging or tier 2/3 nations some kind of a kick start and motivation to play RL. How often do you see tier 2/3 vs tier 1 nations internationaly. In the NH there isn‘t a real competition - which I‘d like to see. I think that in most EU countries the 9s could be the key to attract new fans and a new tv audience.
  6. Thank you. This is good news. I got worried as nothing is scheduled. I hope they provide on demand services as well as highlights just in case.... Fingers crossed you‘re right.
  7. Nope I ain‘t UK based. I get access to sky uk via vpn and nowtv but prefer watchnrl.com w/o using vpn.
  8. Does anyone know if the RLWC9s will be live on watchnrl.com or any other streaming plattform? As of now nothing has been scheduled at watchnrl.com.
  9. Then try Fox Soccer Match Pass by using VPN. Fox have Super League and NRL, an app, and on demand service.
  10. Check out the official Rugby League livestream: www.live.rugby-league.com There is no app available and no on demand service. Stream quality is good.
  11. I got an email from the RFL telling that due to the short timescale all tickets purchased from overseas for the upcoming International Series will now be collection at stadium on matchday. What a joke. I purchased tickets months ago and paid shipping costs. RFL shouldn't treat customers like that. Amateurish
  12. That’s supposed to be a test match? England not tested at all...
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