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  1. Will it be broadcast on TV and/or streamed? Looking forward to it.
  2. Exactly. And then all games are being televised and not just a few or a single one. That would at value to potential subscribers who would like to see all games of the team they support.
  3. Entertaining game… maori allstars haka impressive
  4. With the Championship and Challenge Cup season already underway and the Super League about to start, I've been trying to find streaming options for non-UK residents. Nothing. I couldn't find a single streaming option for RL fans outside the UK. The NRL and big RU competitions (URC, EPCR, SuperRugby,) show how it's done. Firstly, all matches are broadcasted, secondly at fair prices, and thirdly worldwide (where there is no domestic TV broadcaster). This is how you keep fans happy, increase reach, and grow financially. In an age where almost everything is streamed this is not up to date and very disappointing. Maybe it's too much to ask for a european competition that doesn't even manage to broadcast the french games in france.
  5. Viewing figures will be interesting and how they compare to SL figures on Sky and other FTA sports like URC figures on BBC Wales.
  6. As as non UK/AUS citizen I can tell it is all about internationals. With a bunch of people I attended the 4N in Wembley in 2011 and it attracted me to RL. Nice stadium, nice atmosphere, and intense games. I then headed over 3x for the RLWC2013 doing a one week round trip with my wife, the semi final, and final. That was the reason to follow SL and NRL more closely and I attended SL finals, Magic weekends quite regularly - as well as 4N in 2016. Although I head over to MW this year with a bunch of 12 people I get much more excited heading to RLWC2021 with my wife and kids - 1 week roundtrip and final booked. So internationals are above all club games and I am sure EU RL fans see it the same way.
  7. With his attacking game, speed, and footwork he stood out most in the video. Dunno much about his defence as I haven‘t seen much SL games in 2021. He is only 22yo so time enough to develop further and work on deficits if he gets playing time.
  8. Arthur Mourgue stand out player. I hope he has a starting spot im 2022.
  9. Would be good if the positivity could be spread around the world or at least in EU mainland but only a few matches on UK TV week in week out and no legal streaming service available in EU…
  10. Again, I‘d have thought Marseille belong to clubs/cities with a history. And I‘d say that is the reason why Guasch wants a game at the Velodrom and not Montpellier or somewhere else.
  11. Yes which is the successor of Original Marseille13 isn’t ist?
  12. Yes but re-founded 15ish ago. Dunno the background but I meant they once were strong and have a history. Marseille is a big city and I am not aware of a big RU club. Lot‘s of tick the boxes compared to Montpellier. … and Guasch wants the derby vs TO13 to be played there.
  13. What about Marseille? Football mad city but Marseille xiii was an integral part of France‘ golden RL era. For big matches they turned out in big numbers. Now they play under the radar in DN?!? What about Bordeaux xiii though? Any chance to revive RL there.
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