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  1. It's that old even you told me at least 3 weeks ago!!!
  2. 1.Bussey 2.Ferres 3.Davies Big up for Fergy who was excellent considering he was not “match fit”!
  3. Was'nt "A Night to Remember" the film where the big favourite hit an iceberg and sank? I'd settle for that on Sunday night! Let's hope that iceberg is Featherstone Rovers!
  4. 1. Halton 2. Hardcastle 3. Jones
  5. Think Ben Black got the one pointer at Warrington. Danny Jones got the one pointer at Post Office Road in the NRC semi.
  6. It was so good that you needed to tell us 3 times!!!
  7. Gale was rested to enable him too recover from "busted ribs". Apparently the last two weeks he's only played with Painkilling injections.
  8. 1. Brown 2. Harrison 3. Hardcastle
  9. Perhaps fans from other clubs should mind their own business! If Fev fans want to help Fev, what concern is it to any other cubs?
  10. 1. Harrison 2. Hardcastle 3. Moors
  11. 1. Harrison 2. Lockwood 3. Halton
  12. If it upsets you so much why don't YOU ask them? We're told they're very approachable, so I'm sure they'll welcome you asking these vitally important questions.
  13. Not Really POR, look back on the club videos and you'll see when he's asked he tells. He's not to know what we already know from following players' twitter accounts. And asking on here or on FB is not the place to do it as who knows wether Webbo reads any of this drivel!
  14. Whenever Webbo is asked in interview he seems to be reasonably forthcoming about who's available, who's not and why. Perhaps we are not asking the right people and not asking often enough.
  15. Fev have had the ambition since 2008 to get into SL where they feel they belong but the powers that be have stopped that from happening. Hopefully this will be their year.
  16. Most Fev fans stayed for both finals. Can't speak for York as I was in the other end.
  17. Strange. It doesn't show those two heroic tackles by Keiran Dixon on Gareth Gale!
  18. channel 981 on sky if you want to record the match.
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