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  1. Don't think Wildie was injured as saw him doing warm ups down the touchline during the second half. We only have limited amount of substitutions available and SL is clearly preferring spelling our big lads.
  2. There were loads of Fev fans in the fan zone and it was quite good actually , especially the craic with the Barrow fans who were there.
  3. Ah but, the referee reconsidered and raised the issue with the disciplinary panel who subsequently banned Aston. Realised it should have been a penalty and a yellow at the very least!
  4. It wasn't a public vote! Those quotes are from 2 referees, not the crowd, and they both disagree with you. In this instance you will just have to accept that you are in the minority and that you might just be wrong.
  5. also for something a bit different try the film "This Sporting Life" starring Richard Harris, which shows the game of the 50's and 60's and how hard both the game and the men who played it were.
  6. Blooming' 'eck, I must have slept through the Sheffield game..................
  7. I'm not sure the MC we know is a quitter. It seems like a rallying call that if those he's placed confidence in don't deliver the goods then he's quite happy to step in and resolve the situation........as he has done many times before. As for pulling the plug, are we certain MC is still putting money into the club? We keep being told that the club is self sufficient and standing on its own two feet, although if crowds are low that may obviously change. Hopefully a good result next Sunday will steady everybody down and we can get back to the job in hand.
  8. How painful was that facial injury you received whilst playing for Fev at London Broncos? It looked absolutely horrendous.
  9. We had 3, against a Cas academy side, a half SL Hull KR team and a pretty full strength Wakey team. I think we were just quicker in both mind and deed than then Cougars and I thought the way we controlled the ruck both in attack and defence was very impressive.
  10. Genuine question. Surely Leigh had the choice to release another overseas player if they genuinely wanted to keep Aekins?
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