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  1. His son. One or two bulls fan’s reckon he’s not ready for championship week in week out,maybe we try get him on loan.
  2. I’d say it’s very doubtful looking at the weather forcaste.
  3. Bears play in Wigan I think,army play in Aldershot.
  4. We’ve been drawn away to the winner’s between Ashton Bears or the British Army in 2nd round of the challenge cup.
  5. I didn’t know we were a big city club,when did that happen?
  6. I find that strange because I’m sure Wakefield use our facilities,plus doesn’t Finny’s lad play for Shaw Cross under 15’s?
  7. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023 to all the players,coaching staff and all supporters of the Dewsbury Rams.
  8. Don’t you think it’s a bit late now as the season tickets are now on sale?
  9. Sadly I can see more clubs going the same way,some more established than West Wales as well
  10. Ah well we might get more intellectual conversations on the championship 1 forum
  11. Apparently it’s to get a bit milder from next,whether that covers the Christmas period who knows. Hard to predict as we’ll have quite a few making their debut. I'll go: Batley 28 Rams 18 att 1865
  12. Don’t hold your breath Yes I’ll be paying on the day as well,unless one of my Batley friends can get me a freebie
  13. It is a split gate and I’m hoping that a lot more Rams fan’s turn up than the norm,no excuses like,I’m not going because I don’t want to give Batley my money. Plus let’s be honest our attendance’s next season are going to be very low. See you all on Boxing Day.
  14. To be fair he looked good in the halves towards end of season,but his he the answer,we’ll have to wait and see.
  15. Huddersfield Giants away as now been confirmed for Sunday 12th February with a 3pm ko.
  16. No lived on Leeds Road opposite where Whistler pub used to be,then lived in Shaw Cross Dewsbury side of the boundary
  17. Don’t think we’ve played them for 3 years due to covid? We’ve got Batley at the Mount on Boxing Day,Huddersfield Giants away,Bradford Bulls was mentioned as well. But none have been confirmed yet.
  18. It’s all sorted,it’s me and BSJ with a combined age of 134 year old
  19. Can't say he cracked any pots last season but he seemed to be carrying a injury. Solid player who won't let you down. I'd play him 2nd row. Good luck Keenan.
  20. Elliott Kear i believe left because he wanted first team rugby(that worked out well)maybe Linners as looked and thought he's not a out and out fullback, he should know better than anyone as he was one of the best.
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