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  1. 1. Chisholm 2.Hall 3. Blackmore
  2. Right Robin it was. It lead indirectly to 2 on their tries, the other was the only mistake Chizzy made by missing that tackle.I thought the team just did enough to win , which of course they did. However I think if Batley keep on improving they could do OK.
  3. I just wonder how many matches Chris Hill gets for his high tackle and sending off in the Wigan / Warrington match tonight?????
  4. Absolutely diabolical. What a pathetic system
  5. I agree with Gittinsfan in an earlier post , what benefit is there in using DR instead of using our young lads promoted from our reserves.
  6. I should have thought the club would have snapped up your offer Colin, but the internal politics never seem to amaze me.
  7. What about a run out for our fringe players as well as our new boys and to hell with the Leeds DR
  8. 5 of out young lads should all be given a runout, the whole game is just to give these Leeds lads a run out , what is Webster likely to learn. absolutely nothing., don't get upset just my thoughts
  9. Thanks POR , problem solved, Happy Christmas
  10. The digital age is slowly passing me by. I collected my season ticket from the office yesterday, and rather than have egg on face ringing them up. How does this new card work ?, There is no name , membership number, or magnetic strip on the card, so how can it be foolproof and therefore be wrongly used., specially if lost. If baffles me but perhaps it should as I am well into my 70s. Can anyone help please.!!!
  11. Terrible news. as above clips, tear jerking ?
  12. I have just read on the Official Rovers website of the death of Natalie . This is a terrible tragic loss for her family, friends and her team mates at POR. at such a young age and just before Christmas My condolences to everyone who knew Natalie, Rest in peace.
  13. I would think a Hooker is a priority
  14. This is a good signing, I wish it could have been for longer, but lets hope MInns will be fit then. A bit worried we seem to be light in the Hooker department. Bur who knows Corey Johnson from Leeds could be a good stand in ???
  15. Where will he end up next, as long as it not at POR
  16. For the life of me I cant remember what position he played
  17. I see oxys back with his pearls of wisdom ????
  18. Yes TPH , This fiasco has now gone up a notch with MC venting his anger. Obviously us supporters have no influence but when the Chairman comes out and speaks his mind this should have some sway. BUT don't hold your breath ?
  19. Even League Express thinks this scheduling of the Toulouse match is completely unfair.
  20. Looks like the have struck again. What a load of …………...s
  21. Why couldn't Boas d o that for us. (their second try)
  22. I see Toronto have signed Sonny Bill on £150k a week, and they say they are not breaking the Salary Cap ???? I was under the impression that only footballers got that kind of dosh. I am , as usual , wrong
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