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  1. Having watched all three games today I'm finding the commentary unbearable. Errors, none sensical comments and carrying very little excitement l. Might just be me but finding it's so bad its detracting from my enjoyment of the game
  2. Not for me. Connor touches the ball, he lands a fair way in front of the point he touches it and ball lands pretty much level with him. Definitely knock on for me.
  3. I dont mid the idea of the indigenous teams to be honest. I could see both been competitive, Tonga, Somoa, etc! been stronger than ever (let's face it if you qualify and are 30+ it's your last chance to play in a world cup ). It could actually be the most competitive world cup ever.
  4. I'd love to see the rl try and co-ordinate a social media surge. Lots of high profile people comment on RL (footballers, boxers, even politicians). Most with 10x more social media followers then any rl club. Personally I'd have a great promo put together for the grand final, invite them all and ask them to retweet the promo (on the same day). Aswell.as asking all fans and spo sponsors to do the same.
  5. Agree with everything above. Other than the Roby try, I actually think it's as close to a 50/50 decision as you will ever get, so I dont feel it was a wrong decision as such. Although i dont like the on field call element. I think if the ref genuinely doesnt know he shouldnt have to guess .
  6. Similarly Saints, Leeds, Wakey, etc! fans I came across and we had a drink with. As someone who was losing a bit of interest in the game. The whole atmosphere reminded me of everything I love about about it (despite the result).
  7. On reflection. Good game, thought everyone involved made it a good occasion from players to fans. Looks to be a bit of debate from some Cas fans on social media about the Roby try. For me it was a 50/50 call and no problem with the decision. Cas should have a) caught the ball or b) scrambled better. As a Cas fan didnt expect to win, but it's the hope that kills you . Looked to be in with a good shout at half time but personally felt we should have set up for a drop goal at the end of the half two scores would have put Saints under alot more pressure 2nd half. Ultimately the best team won though.
  8. Looking forward to this. Travelling down tommorow. Night round London after to celebrate/commiserate. I think the later is more likely, bookies have Saints +10, seems about right to me. I think if Saints play at their best they win. Cas need to play at their best and hope Saints arent quite on point to be in with a shout.
  9. Not sure about the Powell risk element, I think hes arguably picked the lesser of two evils. Vs Saints, he might have just about been able to cobble a team together (from fringe players and some of Saturdays 17). But most of his pivots wouldnt have been able to play, he'd be risking players with niggles too and arguably it would have been a fairly useless excersize with so many key players missing. The Hudds game was the logically run out, he couldnt predict they would cancel. Playing a full squad on Sunday would have been a bigger risk. Firstly you dont want a short turn around before playing Saints, in the heat, on the big Wembley pitch and secondly the HIA issue (not to mention Covid track and trace). Cas actually lost the full back and a half back to concussion in the game, which could quite easily have been Evalds and Trueman missing Saturday. Had the game have been Friday night he might have viewed it differently.
  10. Looking at the 21 man squad theres only 7 players in who are potentials for next week so could end up with as few as 2/3 playing this week and in the final. I think it would be different if we played tonight (as the HIA protocol would give the required 7 days) and/or if Covid wasnt rife in SL and specifically in the Salford camp. Problem is under track and trace rules and the HIA issue Sundays game could easily take out a big chunk of the 17. Salford haven't named a squad yet so I suspect it's going to be postponed anyway.
  11. Couldnt use any academy players or joint 1at team/academy players because !)a covid outbreak in the academy. Probably wont rest that many, most could actually do with a game but I'd imagine anyone seen as key (full back, half, hooker, top forwards and backs wont play this weekend).
  12. Makes sense. Would imagine Cas will rest the first 17 bearing in mind it's the cup final 5 days later. Anyone with an injury, Covid track and trace or failed head assessment would miss the final.
  13. Yeah definitely, Matuitia looked pretty weak defensively earlier this year too but has fixed up in the last month. He is prone to rushing out of the line at times. Probably just coaches preference, both good and in form players imo. I think when Powell wanted to sign Mamo previously he was probably looking at him as a full back. Oddly I could see both sets of fans been happy with the change over.
  14. Radford wants him at Cas. Powell tried to sign him Cas when he went to Wire I believe, so wouldnt have thought he didnt want him in the squad but maybe just prefers King and Matuitia as starting centres.
  15. Very good replacement for Shenton. Happy with that.
  16. Dont have an issue with the forfeit, that's the precident. Let's face it a patched up team, with injured and academy players would have lost to a fresh saints squad by more than the forfeit amount. However, IMO Cas shouldnt receive any sanctions though, bearing in mind the fact 3 players came back from the England game injured and COVID has wiped out the academy including the academy/first team players.
  17. Haha, the intend In Hurrell, running towards the retreating Mossop is pretty clear.
  18. Agree on that, you cant card someone on what you think they might have been planning to do! It's a clear red card and ban for Mossop, although I think the potential 'self defense' element may be considered some mitigation on the ban length.
  19. Think we need to have a serious look at how injuries can be reduced in the game, not re-introduce another risk.
  20. Brilliant player, terrible news. Seems risky playing for the rest of the season although wouldnt be surprised if he he only played once as chance for a farewell.
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