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  1. Cas missing Watts, Wallis and Mellor from the Leeds win to add to what was already a big ask.
  2. It's not until next season, although he's injured and probably won't play again this year.
  3. 'Won't see a worse wingers performance than Olpherts for a while'. Tom Lineham 'hold my beer'.
  4. On a side note, Olpherts has been far better for Cas this year than he was last. Getting Leeds to pay his wages was a rare Cas master stroke.
  5. His performances (excluding the one next to Biggies) have been one of the few positives for Cas this year. 100% effort each week and genuine skill added to natural size. Would have been interesting to see how good he could have been had he been a) more focused and b) given the NRL a go.
  6. Jesus. Firstly Leeds couldn't of helped Cas more, terrible performance by them. A better team, better coached, would have been well in front by half time. Turned off in disgust before the last two tries so will enjoy watching the game back to the end later. Agree with some of the comments about Wallis, has impressed me everytime I've seen him play. Good to see a more Mcshane like Mcshane today. Widdop is a far better full back then half and showed today in attack, needs to fix up defensively though, especially kick wise. Far more impassioned performance by Cas, bit thank god for Leeds having a knightmare!
  7. Leeds should consider themselves very lucky they are playing an Andy Last coached team and not a reasonably well coached team.
  8. Yep very odd. I'd like to think someone of quality is coming in with savings been made from Mamo, Smith, Milner and the coaching structure (Radford/Last/Murrell to Last/Murrel and Lingard PT for half of the season). But I suspect, it is just cost cutting to offset some of the lost revenue caused by the boards decision to appoint Andy 'I've not got a clue' Last. Definitely going to give Wakey something to aim for as we won't win another game all year imo.
  9. Adam Milner looks to have joined Huddersfield with a immediate effect.
  10. Yep, its human nature to want to be as well paid as possible for our labour. It's the same for most of of us, including you, me and Dupree.
  11. Doesn't fit Andy Lasts style of play. He occasionally breaks tackles and offloads.
  12. Hull by plenty. Cas are awful and it will be a real patched uo side on Sunday.
  13. Also try and work in a good cash reward for the winning team. Will definitely create an appetite to take part and a competitive game. A couple of grand per player win incentive would potentially make a big difference.
  14. Home to watch a few Wakey match videos to try and enhance their attacking structures?
  15. Absolutely boring and pointless game, does nothing for the sport.
  16. If Cas get relegated then I'd imagine 'it's a tough place to go' will be a massive understatement when Alberte Vete tries to run up the the slope at the Foxes biscuit staduim.
  17. Sounds like Evalds went down at the last minute with a bug, hence the re-adjustment. God knows why Last didn't just put Tate on that wing the if QQ had already gone. Awful player is Fonua these days.
  18. Sure would! Definitely, he will be good to watch aswell. Although it could be shortlived if Evalds is injured long-term as Last can't possibly play Fonua as a winger again and may feel he needs some cover (although Tate may be given a chance there instead).
  19. Just to point out I made this comment before I realised Last was going to play Fonua on the wing!
  20. Definitely. As soon as it went 12-7 it was game over. I remember Cas getting a penalty on the KR 10 on 72 minutes and didn't feel any real hope of scoring/winning, which sums up our attacking structure.
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