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  1. Not seen enough of Hodgson st club level, he hasnt cut it in the internationals I've seen him play in. I rate Mcshane higher than Clark having watched them both a fair bit to be honest. Roby is simply class but obviously 35. Mcshane should be given a shot for England imo.
  2. Poor performance from Cas and didnt deserve to win in all honesty. Fortunately we have Paul Mcshane.....extroadanary performance from him. Played every long bloody minute, ridiculous work rate, Cas main threat. 2 tries, created the Turner try in the last second. What summed him up for me though was his work for the last KR drop goal attempt. He made the tackle on the forward for the set up play and you could see him looking for Abdull he was completing the tackle. Quick from marker hunted Abdull and prevented the attempt after about 100 minutes of rugby..
  3. If Wane wanted a knob to sleaze up the players wives and stand in full kit with team if we win,he should have just recalled Brett Ferres to the squad.
  4. If super league has any ambition at all it will be the Tokyo Titans and the Dheli Lama's
  5. Yeah Oliver Holmes, has cycled 100km per day for the last 7 days. Raised just over 12k at the moment.
  6. Reasonably. He has more than twice as many twitter followers as Saints and Wigan put together so very good publicity.
  7. Chris Kendal who failed to show a red card for 3 offences (or even give a penalty for 2 of them) which later received a combined 17 match ban in recent weeks...
  8. Been happening all season, in fact for several seasons. Its genuinely shocking Ganson is still in a job to be honest!
  9. No-one good. Mcmeeken has already signed for Catalan. Think it leaves: Junior Moors, Callum Turner, maybe Claire and Holmes too (although I think he has signed a new deal).
  10. Guttered if true. Seems an odd time for Orr to have left to further his coaching career elsewhere. Would like to see Cas make a play for Danny Ward if so.
  11. That's completely dependant on the timing of the refs call and the time he allows. The 1st definitve offence was the elbow.
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