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  1. Depends on the success of existing antiviral drugs been tested against it. Probably. Only way forward I can see is a switch is made to play behind closed doors but ask sky to broadcast all games and pay broadcast fees to clubs (stagger them daily). Players to be tested frequently.
  2. Antiviral drugs which are effective against it may arrive a bit sooner than a vaccine. But I'd doubt either are round the corner tbh.
  3. True. Who do you reckon will be the 1st team to put 70 past them?
  4. Terrible news for Toronto on the injury front. Jon Wilkin to delay his knee surgery and will he available.
  5. In theory the thought of been paid mega bucks to spearhead a new team as their Talisman is great. In reality your look round and see Josh McCrone and Liam Kay and think wtf was I thinking.
  6. Definately worth saying 3 times that.
  7. Definately worth saying 3 times that.
  8. Definately worth saying 3 times that.
  9. Sonny Bill Williams and Ricky Leuitele aren't, that's for sure. The later is a great example, A marque spot on a centre who will be on far more money than Hastings. Subsequently expecting the god awful McCrone to win them games ?
  10. But their numbers aren't going to get better and they are losing comfortably. It's not, comparable to the market and cap they are overpaid, simple. Smacks of poor long term planning to me.
  11. Bit harsh. I'd imagine that's a full house if 30% of them are female Wiganer's.
  12. Think they will do better in (genuine) home games, wil be a slog for the other side.
  13. Toronto look in a mess, overpaying far too many players in a salary capped sport. If injuries bite they could be absolutely screwed.
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