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  1. Yep, a nice bet imo. Also 7/2 to be Hulls top try scorer has been dropped into a couple of multiples. Handley (20/1), Feki (16/1) and Naulago (25/1) are my 3 against the field top try scorer market.
  2. TBF i think we were 3 forwards short of full strengh (we only had 3 players with squad numbers 1-17 missing, and imo only 3 of the named players would make a full strengh 17). By my reckoning Toronto had SBW, Wilkin, Stanley, Lussick all missing. So not disproportionate. Pre-season friendlies are of limited value form wise, but plenty of work to do at Cas before the rematch.
  3. Sounds like Naulago did okay. He'd probably be my preference and looks decent value.
  4. Feki looks like been left wing and is good value, Eden looks to be out of the 17 and takes is probably impacting on Feki's odds. Ive backed him at 16/1. Also backed him 7/4 to be Cas top try scorer as a cover bet. Feki Cas top try scorer and Handley Leeds top try scorer looks a decent double at 4.77/1
  5. Gale didn't play yesterday though, he's the key to Handley imo.
  6. Will know more after the Toronto friendly. However Feki and Olpherts look like been starting wingers. Eden has played two friendlies (including the one with young and reserve team players today at Widnes), suspect he will be reserve full back, rumoured Olpherts has taken his squad number. Based on the friendly Richardson played in he played right pivot so Cas might be a bit less left focussed next year. Olpherts could be a value bet. Don't think he's even in the markets yet.
  7. If you did want French he's 25/1 with Billy Hill for top try scorer. Tom Davies at 66-1 has a bit of value. Last 10 MOS have been Winger (1), full back (3), Half back (4) or Hooker (2). 8 of them played for a team which finished top 5. Statistically you are looking for a top team lead pivot. My shortlist presently is. Zak Hardaker (25-1) FB Jack Walker (80-1) FB Luke Gale (16-1) HB Hastings (backed at 16/1) HB Kelly/Connor (33-1) HB Lomax (22-1) HB Clark (28-1) HK
  8. Just realised youve bumped last years thread. Looks like I let a 33/1 shot get away
  9. MOS Hastings drifted to 16/1 for a while, he's my pick. I wouldn't put anyone of Gale at 16/1 (betfred) though. Away from the market principles I quite like Sezer as a long shot 33/1 (shame you cant get ew markets though and would like a bit more juice in the price). Daz Clark at 25/1 looks fair too. If French did get the full back spot 33/1 could be big for MOS. I also like Manu Mau to make the dream team at 8/1 (Betfred)
  10. Yeah. Cas are going to buy Wheldon Road from themselves.
  11. Had an other look tonight and struggling to find any more bets then the Hanley ones I've had I the try scorer market. I'd imagine the winner will need at least 27 tries next year to get that he will need to play most weeks and be an attacking focus. I could only be looking at punting wingers for next season which rules out a lot of the market (Evalds would be the only none winger with appeal but I think Hastings departure will lower his tally) Eden/Feki (Cas) - left winger of interest when confirmed Wigan wingers - Not sure if any of their wingers will play the vast majority of games (3 quality wingers and French who could drop in) Saints - tries spread too widely across the quality back line. Charnley - not convinced wire play in a way which will lead to a winger hitting 27+. Wouldn't be interested in Lineham. Hull - if Naulago had he been given the 2 or 5 shirt might have caught my eye. But again potentially 4 quality wingers could end up sharing the tries and hard to predict which to back. Can't see Hull KR or Huddersfield scoring enough to consider their wingers. Similar with Toronto and Salford but more so i wouldnt be sure which winger would be the principle either. Tom Johnstone would be the one from Wakey of interest just seems extremely unlucky with injury and doesnt look value with that in mind. Catalan, Tom Davies sparks a bit of interest with a star half back inside him at 50/1. Although can't see him getting 27+ so would realistically be aiming for a place (would pay out 6.25/1 considering the lost 'win' component if he was 2nd, 3rd or 4th). Bit of a meh bet when I think of it like that. I'm still falling down on Hanley to be honest, even at 16/1. Injuries to him and other key players permitting he looks set to get sullied with plenty of chances. Over the last 5 seasons Gale has only played consistantly in 3 of them. 2015 Left winger Carney (18 tries despite missing 12 games, Solomona filled his boots when Carney was out with 18 tries in 16 games) 2016 Left winger Solomona (top try scorer, 40 Super league tries, played at full back for a few games and missed a few through injury) 2017 Left winger Eden (top try scorer, 38 tries) Add in Hurrell who is such a threat and creates chances for his winger and it looks a really nice bet. Think I'll just try and get a bit more on Hanley and keep an eye on Cas/Wigan pre season for a potential 2nd pick.
  12. Feki is alot better than the other wingers at Cas but I think he will play right wing. He will also be asked to do a lot of work taking hard early carries to get us on the front foot. Can't make my mind up about Eden, thought he was done but wouldn't be surprised to see him back on the left edge start of the season. Think Richardson will bring some fluidity and organisation back to the attack which has been clunky for the last 2 seasons. He's made a big impression pre season so far. With that in mind I would rule out a Cas winger for top try scorer, but I'd want to see squad numbers and a couple of friendlies before punting (if only be interested in our left winger for a punt tbh, especially if it's Feki).
  13. Last year was a really low scoring year. Last 4 seasons before thay Winner has had at least 27 (27, 28, 35, 38ish). My problem with Grace is the spread of tries amongst the Saints back line, will make it hard for him to get many more.
  14. Betfred have the try scorer market too. Could get some down with them too.
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