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  1. Tomkins Mackinson Connor Isa Fonua Welsby Norman Napa Mclorrum Partington LMS Bentley Smithies Edwards Powell Watts Tetevano 18th man Knowles
  2. Danny Orr would be a cracking appointment for Feath if they could tempt him.
  3. Didnt Hodgeson sign the Reynolds/Gale pairing? If be surprised if Pearson showed much patience with him next season. Will need a very good start to buy himself a bit of security.
  4. Having a fair old crack at beating Powell to the sack is Hodgson..
  5. He was man of the match by a fair way vs Cats last week. Seems to have lost his consistency though and tonights performances are more common than last weeks.
  6. Cas were good tonight. As resiliant as you like. Defence and determination win the day.
  7. Toulouse ultimately a few quality signings away from staying up. There recruitment was always a bit limited - but wonder if the chairman is kicking himself a bit now. They were obviously disadvantaged starting recruitment later than other teams but theres been a fair bit of mid season player movement this year that might have provided the opportunities they needed.
  8. Still think Wire will go on to win this by a couple of scores. If they dont win, I think despite the backing Powell is getting it may be untenable for him to stay.
  9. Not sure about that, hes no great shakes in defence either. Yep, hes definitely no halfback for me. Decent centre, average full back.
  10. Which coaches? Hes hardly had top clubs clambering for his signature, even when a free agent. It's only the commentators who blow him up like some kind of world beater.
  11. I think the issue with the Cas injuries are slightly different to that of Wakey in that the injuries are focused on two key positions, we are essentially down to our 5th choice fullback and 5th choice halfback. Wakefield problems are more about the number of starting 17 players which are missing (at least 12 of Cas's likely 17 for Friday would make a strongest 17 imo, I'd guess Wakeys will be lower).
  12. Pretty sure that's wrong. Quotas relate to how many you can register I think.
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