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  1. Reasonably. He has more than twice as many twitter followers as Saints and Wigan put together so very good publicity.
  2. Chris Kendal who failed to show a red card for 3 offences (or even give a penalty for 2 of them) which later received a combined 17 match ban in recent weeks...
  3. Been happening all season, in fact for several seasons. Its genuinely shocking Ganson is still in a job to be honest!
  4. No-one good. Mcmeeken has already signed for Catalan. Think it leaves: Junior Moors, Callum Turner, maybe Claire and Holmes too (although I think he has signed a new deal).
  5. Guttered if true. Seems an odd time for Orr to have left to further his coaching career elsewhere. Would like to see Cas make a play for Danny Ward if so.
  6. That's completely dependant on the timing of the refs call and the time he allows. The 1st definitve offence was the elbow.
  7. Initial offence (elbow) was Mylers. Holmes reaction was stupid and was always going to be a red. That incident aside general standard of referrering has been poor and Leeds have been benefactors.
  8. Im sure Leeds wouldn't object to Salford borrowing Greg Eden.
  9. 34 actually (forgot Dan Flemming) By my reckoning we had at least 10 injured before last weeks game. By the numbers stood down I would guess those with Covid played last week or have been training so essentially it's quite likely most of the stood down/ covid positive players are from the pool of fit players. So 10 +10. Would leave 14 fit players.
  10. Cas have a 33 man 1st team squad. How big do you want it to be?
  11. Wont go ahead. 3 Positive Covid tests, further 6 stood down at Cas under track and trace. Added to injuries only 14 players available.
  12. Staggering, didnt Hull KR watch him play before offering him that much? On a serious note it sounds like he was offered more by none SL clubs but wanted to play SL. Sounds very low though, unless hes agreed a covid related pay cut and had some per game bonus's built in which the reduction in games has effected.
  13. The point is Cas didnt instigate the melee, Cator did by running to a retreating Cas player and throwing him to the floor (which regardless of violent conduct is an obstruction at the very least). You can't continue playing advantage when the team in possesion commits an offence. It really is that simple!
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