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  1. I'd imagine the likes of Olpherts, Hepi, O Neill, Turner, Foster (when he recovers from injury) and Jamie Ellis (if he's still at the club) could be available - unless we have another injury hit year they shoulf only be fringe players.
  2. Happy with this as a Cas fan. Decent coach at York and some good players. Not sure how it will be deployed alongside the reserves though. I'd imagine players who aren't in the immediate equation will probably dual reg to give them a chance to impress and win a 1st team spot.
  3. Be a bit one sided (especially Salford with no Hastings and Jones next year).
  4. Doubt it . For the 1st time in years I've watched a bit of union recently. Different skill set in most positions can't see any fowards or halves making a competent switch. Top outside backs maybe but that's about it.
  5. Think he could have a big year next year. Been impressed with him last few games. Also looks to have some leadership qualities.
  6. Not sure they will have much choice if all are contracted. Could make next season a tough one recruitment wise especially if players are on 'above market' value contracts and having to recruit fairly late (although I suspect irons are already in the fire).
  7. Suspect O'Connor will be slapping Wilkins bottom later, listening to him I can only assume their a thing!
  8. No-one deserved that slap, it was pathetic. Wilkin deserved an uppercut (everyday).
  9. As a neutral I tend to root for the underdog, part of what sport should be about imo. So London and Toulouse (both underdogs based on the big differences in salaries) Feath tonight would be the best underdog stor6 of the lot (but I think Toronto will be a bit too good).
  10. If Lam goes round that the back of the KFC he will get slaughtered..... PS Can't take Hardaker with him either.
  11. Sorry typo. I meant to type I'm sure something will take it of his mind later.
  12. Wigan just aren't the same team since the 'head rubbing' email. Pretty much rendered 2 to 3 players useless!
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