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  1. A house is never too big, you just fill it with more stuff. If the house is OK I'd go for experiences.
  2. I was a small child, and lets face no one dressed like that especially not boys
  3. I watch the repeats as well as recording the day time ones
  4. Been watching the Repair Shop? I didn't realise Andy Pandy was a boy as a a child.
  5. No Dodgy Hodgy ? David Hodgson has to be a shoe in .
  6. Just listening to Al Murray's podcast on the subject of Battle of Britain
  7. Lets face it so many can't identify a picture of tower bridge being of London.
  8. Just had a break in the Trossochs, Loch Fyne lovely area. Benmore gardens are worth a visit. Love Northumberland, Seahouses area is a great place to stay, not far from Alnwick
  9. I may need to put headphones in for the 2nd half. These idiots are doing my head in. Phil Clarke "We start the game even" really Phil???
  10. Bleep, little gestures can mean the most. My Mum's neighbour was buying her bread for her during lockdown. Your neighbours loss will leave a big hole in your life too.
  11. Could be Near neighbours favour scooby snacks !
  12. Husband disabused him of that thought fairly quickly from the bedroom window
  13. Combination of issues for Salford showing here. Losing Sio has meant a shuffle, lack of training sessions makes them look ring rusty. Leeds playing well and making the most of players out of position. Long 2nd half coming I fear.
  14. Who orders pizza at 2am for home delivery? Was woken up by some herbert knocking on the door. Was the fact the house was in darkness not a clue it wasn't us?
  15. Jackson Hastings infringement relates to the boots he had painted and presented to a ill child ( a Salford fan) Whether he visited her to present them I don't recall.
  16. All negative so far, I assume they will complete another test this week before returning to the normal routine
  17. Now Saints have a positive test- a non playing member of staff
  18. There is also a massive financial burden for all this. Each test costs £75 (nasal and throat swab) Salford have had to have the extra tests at considerable cost. So far their tests have been negative and the club was unfortunately caught up in another clubs misery, but this extra cost for a small community club is hard to take.
  19. So we just ignore it? We have to be consistent, what other team would this behaviour be ignored? If Wakey or Salford failed to meet their commitments there would be repercussions.
  20. Isn't there less money next year from the Sky deal ? Not sure the current Canada experiment is viable, If Toronto return I'd say that they have to meet certain criteria, the first being full visas for overseas players rather than the 6 month ones they use now.The same criteria would have to be in place for any overseas player unless joining with less than 6 months of the year left. There has to be some punishment for this year as would apply to the British clubs had this been any of them.
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