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  1. Not sure what I think of this sure it will grow on me.
  2. The argument that raising the cap will mean 4 or five clubs will sign the best players is silly. That is exactly what happens now, every year clubs like Salford lose players and not always those out of contract. The cap should stay but rise in line with inflation (after accounting for the money in marque players)
  3. Seems we managed to drown a squirrel at some point. it fell into a bucket of water from all the rain and couldn't get out. Made husband dispose of the body
  4. Darren Fletcher former Man U player is a Salford fan. That guy on strictly..... Kelvin is a fan
  5. Love the Brit shouting " you can't do that, it's against the rules"
  6. Both were involved at the start of the Koukash era, they advised Noble and Harris as coach. That whole era was a mess.
  7. So no , Huddersfield Wakefield or Salford in this new league? Add in a club that doesn't exist and a club that has been a basket case for the last few years Interesting. Why no Birmingham/Leicester ?
  8. Applying for the visa is easy, been a couple of times, they also last more than one year. Don't players need work visas?
  9. Salford lost their initial sponsor so did the draw for smaller sponsors. Morson came in around the GF time. Higher profile company is good for Salford and RL. Lets hope it becomes a long partnership
  10. Well done bleep, hope it leads to a longer contract
  11. yates is an improvement on Griffin, Kear will be better than big Ben. Williams will be a squad player.
  12. Warblers such as Mariah Carey, Duets where it sounds like a battle. Over indulgent guitar or drum solos Most music I can accept as a taste thing
  13. In our house we try to guess which gimmick the "experts" will justify putting in the next round.
  14. Top two viewed games of the season involved Salford, maybe this will finally answer the question what do Salford bring to SL. All joking aside it shows what happens when the public engage in the process and games. lets hope next year the GF is Salford V Huddersfield!!
  15. You could ask the question of Jones, whether he will be the same player without Hastings to feed him. he plays just off Jacko who is top assists. Bibby can be replaced, I like him but he isn't in the top 3 players at Salford. I think in all 13 players are leaving.
  16. Nothing he could have done would have stopped Theo leaving, I believe a certain Mr Long had turned his head. Sneyd was a different matter.
  17. Welcome to the fold. You usually find some know it all sat near you at a game. Dont listen to the shouters. Most fans will explain the rules. Mightbe worth a visit to the rfl site to learn the signals of the refs If you can count to 6 you will be able to follow although someimes its 7.
  18. Shirl and Alan did an amazing thing opening their house to a teenager . His english has a strong Salford element. Shame he walked out on a contract at Salford mid term.
  19. Early in the season he picked up a young lad and his Dad and took the boy to his barbers because he wanted the same haircut as Jackson. This boy will remember that for a long time, there was no media expert behind the gesture, just a thoughtful young man
  20. https://twitter.com/SalfordCouncil/status/1183721659724902400/photo/2 Took me a few looks before identifying dodgeball
  21. the Devils met the Mayor of Salford on Sunday. Think it must have been a last minute arrangement. Some great pics of the players who appear to be in fancy dress including the dodgeball outfit. Check out Ian Blease on twitter for more
  22. No, just that at the Willows we all stood in the shed, now those same fans are spread across South and West stand and in the west stand I see less people as that is significantly bigger than the old shed. One fans did travel over from Sydney as well so it explains that
  23. I think Salford and Jackson were a perfect fit at the point in his career. Salford is a small community club, which means they are able to protect a player, he was accepted into the family which became very protective of him after his first 20 mins. He was also astute enough to realise what he stood to lose. He always has time for the fans usually one of the last from the pitch. yesterday his Mum and sisters were out pre match drinking and socialising with the Salford fans again that protective family arm around them and accepted as one of us. He will go on to bigger and better things, heard about a number of offers he already has, be surprised if he sees out a Wigan contract.
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