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  1. watching the BBC series with Prof Hannah Fry on Modern Britain, so far its been how bank cards and Alexa works
  2. There is a replacement bus running from under the arches at the back of the station (near the taxi rank) to Deansgate. Don't let the fool of a bus driver convince you that the place he stops for St Peter's Square is anywhere near!
  3. It is just from Piccadilly Station towards Eccles and Alty. They run from St Peter's Square to Old Trafford and Deansgate/Castlefield for Eccles.
  4. You can always park at Ladywell Tram stop for free and jump on the Eccles line cost a couple of quid return. Walk across from Media City
  5. Hope the trams are running normally for those going. At present there is nothing going from Piccadilly towards Old Trafford. You need to go to Market Street, St Peter's Square or Deansgate. You can get a tram from Piccadilly Station to Market Street and change there.
  6. awful minute silence, crowd seemed confused over what was happening. Why can't they just have normal singers instead of this warbling?
  7. Depends when you bought the house and the area. In most cases the Land Registry hold electronic files. You can do a search for your property for £3 on line. You can also register to receive notification if there are any dealings to prevent fraud
  8. Could the B grade clubs finish in the top 4 places and the rest of the league placing be filled by A graders and the 4th place club be relegated?
  9. Bath City footballer Alex Fletcher in critical condition - BBC News I worry about RL players at football grounds. very little room at the end of the pitch especially Old Trafford.
  10. If it was from 2000 I would imagine it was more about going to the pub or running the pub. The coach at the time had a few issues.
  11. At least you didn't have to suffer him being the coach. Dark days as a Salford Fan, Shaun McRae's awful coaching era followed by 6 games of this man.
  12. There was a bit of a todo at Salford many years ago. It was when Karl Harrison was coaching and we had been relegated, it was said that an ex employee of Salford handed over the playbook to another club (not Leigh)
  13. Thats good to hear as I had been in despair over the replacements for departing players so far.
  14. He was at Warrington before Wakefield
  15. Went to an Art Fair yesterday and there was quite a bit of work in pointille style. It made me think about the player who spent time at Warrington and possibly Wakefield who did this. I can't recall his name and it's driving me mad.
  16. Football and mental health: Defying the game's 'hypermasculine' culture of silence - BBC Sport Interesting research
  17. Netballers are limited to the areas of the Court they can enter as well.
  18. Many are institutionalised, the result of living under strict conditions. Particularly true in living in barracks or the mess
  19. Great idea, there are so many issues adapting to life for those who have had a life governed by other factors. Profession sports like the armed forces have so many difficulties to face post 1st career.
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