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  1. I didn't realise he had moved to back row.He was steady at centre not quick but quite strong.Never rated him as one we would miss when he left but at Championship level o.k.I wouldn't say he is better than Hardcastle and he came from over the road.
  2. At least with Ian Hardman back he will have a good idea of which players are a good fit for Fev.Hellewell looks a good replacement for Minns probably a prop and a couple of back rowers may be needed.As for new coach the club is a good fit for most with ambition and we all know at Fev never a dull moment.
  3. I nearly packed up watching Rovers because of the boring safety first style of Sharp.
  4. Hope he is retained Jack was just finding form in the last couple of matches after his injury.And he is a versatile player who is not afraid to get stuck in.
  5. Who knows they make it up as they go along.
  6. Not Toulouse being a better side.
  7. Brad is a bit behind Harrison and Halton and his injury record is not good.However running off a clever Half Backs passes he could split defences.A squad player rather than starter if he had been signed for a SL club.
  8. Would be a good signing for the Championship.Whenever i have seen him play he always puts himself about and is keen.He does give a few penalties away with careless high tackles but that is through being competitive.I don't judge players on tackle counts errors or penalties conceded.I rate them as i see what they do and their contribution to the teams performance on the field.
  9. He was a good back row forward for Halifax.Tall with blonde hair very good team player.Johnny Freeman played on the wing for Fax at the same time he was a good winger.Fax were not always consistent but they often shocked teams who were expected to beat them comfortably.
  10. Agree with that we have been spoiled a bit over the last few seasons.If the players put the effort in and play for the shirt i think most members are happy with a top 5 finish.
  11. We may be drip fed new signings as the new Memberships come out.Or am i being cynical (again).
  12. Think Sheffield's stadium was due to be ready for Feb next year.Although that would only be the first phase with a capacity of 2500.Then in time that could be extended to 3900.Which would be OK for The Championship.I think it may be slightly delayed as the progress has been quite slow considering construction workers have worked through the Pandemic.The ground will be shared by Eagles,Sheff United ladies and a Sheffield American Football team.
  13. Think that Pickergill is a better option at full back than Walker so he is a decent signing.My grandson says he is also good on the wing so we could play Hall in his best position of Full Back next season with Pickersgill taking over when he retires.I really didn't fancy Walker at FB but have not seen enough of others in the Championship to suggest anyone else.As for players leaving we have seen it before and will again if they want to move well that's their choice it a short career and they have to do what they think is best.
  14. I think that 2021 season was the one for us being promoted into SL best squad for well over 20 years and Toulouse were too good for us.That's three chances we have had to win promotion on the field and we have not been quite good enough ,although the Wakey game could have gone either way.So i don't expect us to win a play off Final next season i fear i am running out of time to see us promoted on the field.But if SL have 2 divisions of ten with our record we will make that.
  15. See Alex Foster has gone to Newcastle he would be a decent forward at Championship level.He does seem to pick up injuries though and we have had our share of those this season.Certainly having a go next year Newcastle must be some spare cash up there.
  16. Parata rumours Newcastle,and London maybe the scenic and expanding Featherstone is too quiet for him.
  17. I can't understand why away supporters are not encouraged more.They add to the experience of the game.Do clubs try to encourage away support by putting ticket packages together.There is no reason why one section of the ground can't be reserved for away fans.Or do the clubs take their members support for granted and prefer to play in a half empty stadium or less.
  18. My grandson supports Giants and he told me about 6 weeks ago.
  19. I remember James Green playing for us against Swinton when the game was played at Leigh Sports Village.
  20. Hall has been out of position on the wing have you seen how many times he has run into the line leaving Welham two to cover.Full back would be his best position.Not holding the dropped ball in the Toulouse game against Walker but i am just not confident that he is the solution to Full Back position in the future.
  21. Not setting our sights high if we think Walker is good enough.He has been OK but is all over the place with his positioning.
  22. He wont like that.Be careful where you park your car.
  23. The Championship are dipping their toe into the water with this.Not much in terms of money in it for the teams but it shouldn't cost us anything either.It is a chance to showcase our game and the entertainment value of it.Advertising and subscriptions will enable other TV companys to consider showing our game in the future.Would think no more than 3 or 4 home games would be shown on a monday evening with some clubs only having a couple shown.So lets see how it goes.
  24. Toulouse returned to the French Championship Elite One.As for the reason i could only guess at lack of funds or something to do with Visas to travel and play in the English game.I am sure you will put me right Andrew.
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