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  1. Very strong start from Rovers. Good to see teams who are prepared to attack and chance their arm get some reward.
  2. I agree with several others who say that the players are there but in the current age the skill is in selling them. I work for a company that does remarkable work selling brands across social media (let me stress, it is not my skill set). If they got hold of Rugby League and some of our star players I bet they would work wonders. But would anyone in Rugby League commission such a piece of work.
  3. It was againt the Roosters. And it was two errors, not three. But yes, he made some errors... as all players do. You don't mention the game againt the Cowboys where he set up Ponga for two and scored two himself or the game againt Melbourne where he was the only Knights try scorer and top metere maker against the best team in the competition. He is a 20 year old playing in the best Rugby League competition on the planet and well done to him. You seem to have a bit of downer on him though. I remember in the Brits in the NRL thread you mentioned he was at fault for several of Saints tries when he made his debut for the Giants. I looked at the video of all the tries and none of them went anywhere near him.
  4. Must admit I got frustrated watching that game. I don't mind the physical side and like a big hit and a but of aggro is no problem... but both sides spoiling pretty much every single ruck did became tiresome.
  5. I would put Dominic Young into the mix for the outside backs. He has filled in at wing for the Knights a few times and done OK and showed plenty of pace but he is a quality right centre really with good footwork and handling skills.
  6. I've got nothing against Super League being a salary capped league. What I do object to is how that cap has been ground down over the years so that it represents significantly less today than it did almost 20 years ago. In 2002 the cap was set at £1.8M while today it is £2.1M. But in real terms, £1.8M in 2002 is worth £3M today according to the Bank of England inflation calculator which means that £900k of spend available to the clubs has been eroded. Yes, we have some exceptions with home grown and the marquee player regulations but that doesn't help emerging young stars to earn the kind of money that will keep them in the game over here - a part of the £900k would though. Yes, have a salary cap but don't have it set at 43% below the value 20 years ago otherwise we are just dragging the game down.
  7. Well, if this was a month ago I would have argued that any youngsters going to the NRL are not lost from 'the game' and it would be good to see them develop and would probably be good news for the strength of Rugby League as a whole and the international game in particular. Now though, I am not sure I can say that with real conviction.
  8. Hopoate also played for Tonga in 2019 in both their defeat of Great Britain and the first time ever that Australia were beaten by a tier 2 nation. Who knows if he will star in Super League as it is not a foregone conclusion that any player will... but he has the pedigree.
  9. How do you come to the conclusion that Hopoate is vastly over rated when everyone seems to think he is rubbish?
  10. This could turn out to be a very good signing for Salford. Croft is a very good attacking half, particularly his running game, and came through the Melbourne system so he will have all the fundamentals. He hasn't performed at Brisbane but then who has in the last few years, particularly in the play maker roles which are chopped and changed at will. I hope it works out for both parties.
  11. Not sure why Hopoate gets so much stick, I think he is a pretty good player. Moving from a team that has been struggling to one that is usually on the front foot may see the best of him.
  12. Lewis Dodd looks the best of the bunch to me (of the one's I have seen). But on the wider discussion. As I have said a few times on here, despite all the possible variables, the area where we have been furthest behind the Australians for as long as I can remember is the tactical kicking. We have often said our forwards are a match and maybe they were but not when you are trying to gain dominance while your opposition has the likes of Cooper Cronk and Jonathan Thurston (not to mention Cam Smith) and their strangling kicking game. And now they have Nathan Cleary who is as good as any of them in game management. Which brings me to... which of these half backs will bring that level of game management to their game. I thought Harry Smith had as good a kicking game as I had seen at junior level but is he progressing as well as we would want?
  13. I love the way Morgan Knowles plays. Absolutely 100% in everything he does.
  14. Just about to post. If Lewis Dodd was in the NRL he would be described at the kind of player we don't produce over here. I think he has everything to be a top top class player.
  15. I understand there is a balance here and we have to protect the ball players from the late, cheap shots but the Saints sin bin was harsh. But I am not going to blame the ref as the game is very fast moving and these are split second calls.
  16. Are you trying to tell us your wife was better in the era before the wrestle and when balls were played properly?
  17. It's the hope that kills you. The hope that people with influence will put the good of the sport before their own personal interest. When it doesn't happen, it is so demoralising. Unlike a few on here though, I actually like the modern day Rugby League product, in particular the NRL. My family are away this week and under normal circumstances I would be itching to see the Eels vs. Rabbitohs, Roosters vs. Panthers and Storm vs. Sea Eagles this weekend. But what the NRL has done to the World Cup is gutting. Part of me says that I should just forget the politics, forget the ambition of wanting the sport to be more than it is (as that leads to disappointment) and just simply enjoy any Rugby League I come across. Chat on here about the players and the games and throw the rest of the politics away. But is that possible?
  18. Kevin Walters is guaranteed to shatter the confidence of every play maker at the Broncos cause he drops them on a whim and then slags them off in public... i.e. everything a good coach doesn't do. I saw on my Facebook feed he has got a start for the Broncos this week. No chance Walters will give him a decent run to get his confidence up.
  19. The Hammersmith Hills Hoists are founded and I assume mainly Aussies while the London Chargers (the other West London team) are Kiwis. I have nothing againt Aussies and Kiwis... not least those who love Rugby League. I am sure they were looking forward to the World Cup as much as anyone.
  20. So, as I have said a few times, while I enjoy Super League games my most recent Rugby League passions have been watching the NRL and eagerly anticipating the World Cup when all the best players in the world will come together. So, I guess the best description I could find for my current state of mind is a little lost and more than a little disillusioned. I have decided to return to the roots and the community game and attend a Southern Conference or London & South East game each week.
  21. Looking to go and see the Hammersmith Hills Hoists vs. South London Silverbacks this Saturday (7th). As far as I can tell Hammersmith still play their home games at Chiswick Rugby Club so that's where I will head to!
  22. The World Cup, the Olympics or the World Championships are the pinnacle of many many sports and nations are desperate to qualify and play. In Rugby League we are advocating that we get teams to sign participation agreements 12 months ahead so we can force them to come. How utterly utterly depressing.
  23. As I said on the other thread. Every other sport looks for ways to continue through adversity while Rugby League defeats itself from within. Am I convinced that 2022 will deliver a World Cup?... no. Will I remain the eternal optimist?... it is getting harder and harder. This sport is great but it doesn't half have a habit of letting you down.
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