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  1. Yes, this was my point on the match thread at the time when it was suggested Isa get a yellow or a red. I mentioned that as the ref hadn't seen the incident and it was picked up by the video ref, could it only be put on report and no on field action taken? I don't know the definitive answer to this but sending players off based on video ref intervention would create an inconsistency between televised and non televised games I guess.
  2. Interesting about Smithies as when I saw him for the Academy team against the Aussies I thought he looked the most skillful of the forwards. I thought at the time he could be developed into a good ball handling 13 who was also physically strong, aggressive and a good defender. A Victor Radley type if you will. If he doesn't develop in this way, I don't think he has the size to just be an up and down middle forward despite the work ethic.
  3. Have to say, I think Isa is very lucky for his charge on Welsby to be considered under the category 'Reckless' rather than intentional.
  4. Personally I think the game would benefit massively from slowing down. What I mean by this is the frantic nature of the ruck. We have allowed the roll ball to be introduced in order to speed up the game by restarting play on each ruck as quickly as possible. Partly in an attempt to mitigate the wrestle and multiple players in the tackle and partly to follow the mantra that 'faster is always better' which seems to be prevalent. I would enforce a proper ruck and a proper play the ball in an attempt to slow down the play in this area. This would mean more structured defenses but it would also mean that attacking plays are more inventive to break them down. A slower ruck does not mean slower plays or players, they can still showcase their skills and athleticism and in my opinion they would be able to showcase them better if the game were not a frantic as it is now. There may be fewer tries but there may also be better games.
  5. While I don't disagree with what you say, the way we see the game today is indicative of how this approach has evolved. We don't play the sport by the laws of the game, we play the sport based on how much we are prepared to tolerate having those laws broken. Almost every play the ball is is incorrect and should be penalized and the fact that they are not is because we tolerate them being played incorrectly. And of course, not to this extent initially, they have gradually become the mess they are now. You say that square at the marker or offside needs to be managed and the players informed. But why not just penalize players not square or offside? They will be square and onside next time (or get penalized again). Every game sees hundreds of examples of the laws of the game being broken and we expect the referees to let these go while keeping the game flowing and then penalize the more blatant instances of foul play. While all the time demanding consistency in their decision making. If we could rewind the clock 20 or 30 years and stop the rot setting in with some of the parts of our game that have devolved into a mess I think we would be in a far better place.
  6. It is interesting that we see the referee's 'coaching' or 'managing' the players far more than we used to though (at least to my recollection). Every scrum (when we had them) we had the ref shouting 'clear' or 'out' when the ball was away from the scrum or 'move' to the tacklers at every tackle. If all the referee's were obliged to do was penalise a team for breaking too early from a scrum or not releasing a tackled player then we wouldn't be so dependent on finding referees who were better at 'game management'. I'm trying to think of other sports where the referee's coach the players to not break the laws as the game is in play. Certainly the other rugby code does it but I can't think of any more apart from that. Maybe it is the nature of Rugby.
  7. Great final play by Lane and the best thing about it is that he was dead set square at marker and just got there with sheer effort.
  8. Whatever happens from here, we'll done to both teams for a fantastic game.
  9. I was thinking that. There was a shot of him in the first half and he looked like Steve Rogers before the Super soldier serum! (And not the Aussie centre)
  10. Strange choice to go for the drop there and perhaps shows some frustration. And as I type, FC may have gone the length upfield to score.
  11. Is Barrett a first name? Maybe Wally Lewis at 6.
  12. "Jake the Snake doesn't get the length he is looking for". Not sure I am comfortable with the direction this is going.
  13. Looks great on tv. Big crowd, great atmosphere. Well done to the city of Hull.
  14. I suppose showing them Blackpool is one way of reassuring people in Russia how great their life is.
  15. Dodd speaks well too. A good sign that he seems a smart lad with his head screwed on.
  16. Wigan's discipline has been poor tonight but that's harsh on Farrell. He has worked hard to cover the inside man and fallen for a good dummy.
  17. I wonder if it's because the ref didn't see it and the advice came from the video ref. Not an excuse, just wondering.
  18. Have we had the swear filter turned off for a special Wigan Saints treat!
  19. Lewis Dodd could be the half back England have been waiting for for a long time. Has come into the champion team and has the confidence to play his own game and chance his arm. He was a special talent in the junior ranks and I can see why.
  20. As soon as Bateman got the 13 jersey I was concerned that he doesn't have the size to be really effective in the middle. Yes, he will bring loads of energy and some unpredictable play but you need the physical presence as well.
  21. Terrific player. People rave about Cam Murray and Victor Radley in the NRL but Knowles is right up there with them.
  22. I agree it was harsh on Bateman but it seems when teams come together for a bit of pushing and shoving these days... if one goes to the bin then two go, whatever the circumstances
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