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  1. Strange choice to go for the drop there and perhaps shows some frustration. And as I type, FC may have gone the length upfield to score.
  2. Is Barrett a first name? Maybe Wally Lewis at 6.
  3. "Jake the Snake doesn't get the length he is looking for". Not sure I am comfortable with the direction this is going.
  4. Looks great on tv. Big crowd, great atmosphere. Well done to the city of Hull.
  5. I suppose showing them Blackpool is one way of reassuring people in Russia how great their life is.
  6. Dodd speaks well too. A good sign that he seems a smart lad with his head screwed on.
  7. Wigan's discipline has been poor tonight but that's harsh on Farrell. He has worked hard to cover the inside man and fallen for a good dummy.
  8. I wonder if it's because the ref didn't see it and the advice came from the video ref. Not an excuse, just wondering.
  9. Have we had the swear filter turned off for a special Wigan Saints treat!
  10. Lewis Dodd could be the half back England have been waiting for for a long time. Has come into the champion team and has the confidence to play his own game and chance his arm. He was a special talent in the junior ranks and I can see why.
  11. As soon as Bateman got the 13 jersey I was concerned that he doesn't have the size to be really effective in the middle. Yes, he will bring loads of energy and some unpredictable play but you need the physical presence as well.
  12. Terrific player. People rave about Cam Murray and Victor Radley in the NRL but Knowles is right up there with them.
  13. I agree it was harsh on Bateman but it seems when teams come together for a bit of pushing and shoving these days... if one goes to the bin then two go, whatever the circumstances
  14. I know we like to discuss 'Eddie & Stevo' as if they are one entity but I liked Eddie Hemmings as a commentator but disliked Mike Stephenson as a pundit/expert.
  15. A little too easy I feel. £10 in Woolworths vouchers for a team of Olędzki's. And to be generous, 1 to 13, no need for the bench.
  16. With the All Blacks top of the Rugby Championship after 1 game played, this stinks of them managing the games they have to play by using Covid to engineer their place I'm the table. Although now I type that it does sound just as silly as those posts in the Catalan game thread saying the same thing.
  17. I'm as disappointed as anyone that this game is off but in the middle of a pandemic and with every other team in a different country I think that Catalan have done remarkably well to play the most games bar one team in the league.
  18. Was surprised to hear that Saints would be interested in Hurrell but I guess the Tongan connection between coach and player is a key factor. And as others have said, his value in the marketing space is an additional factor on top of the on field contribution.
  19. By the end of Round 15, Dominic Young was the 4th fastest man in the NRL. Not sure where he stands overall today but he is plenty fast enough.
  20. Must be tough at the moment for Dom Young, Harry Rushton and Bailey Hodgson. They are young kids a long way from home and just the Rugby for them to get stuck into but the NSW Cup is suspended with fixtures cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  21. I know people were saying that the Saints Cas game last night was a good but for me this is loads better. Really entertaining.
  22. Great finish. They come around so often now you forget just how spectacular these tries are.
  23. Pleased to see Harry Smith choose the right pass and execute well there.
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