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  1. I expect those who have commented on the signing,they being Elstone,The RFL,McManus,Carter and Lenagan will very soon have organised how they prevent such a future signing. I would wonder how it would be if an English club had signed him. For example,imagine if he was employed by HSBC - a bank that employed the St Helens owner,and now considered the criminal's bank. Instead of going to France to play rugby league,Israel has been employed at HSBC offices in Canary Wharf,London. Imagine he has gone to Canary Wharf after a job training trip in Australia resulted in him quoting a phrase from the Bible.He did this because he has faith in the Bible teachings which he had from a very young age.His parents were very religious.Send him to a religious school.His forename isn't very popular around the world,and being in England with a certain political party isn't a very happy prospect. He has spend his time training,playing rugby league and making lots of money.He hasn't spent any time with any gay people of either gender,and he hasn't had a discussion with any;he hasn't even heard of,let alone been impressed by Peter Tatchell! On his first day that his new workplace is announced by his new employers 2 leading figures make comments that he is not welcome. Then,people in the same employment,at the same level,express their disapproval;one even stating he won't even shake his hand. He is struggling with this as he doesn't feel he can re-write the Bible.Nor does he feel he could possibly change God's will.This is because he feels God is Almighty,whereas he is just an individual who wants to work. At the same time some Pastor in the USA is on a television network blaming the illness outbreak in China on trans-gender operations. He isn't an academic who has spend endless hours studying world affairs.He doesn't feel he has any responsibility for illnesses around the globe and has no experience of anyone who has undergone a gender realignment operation. All he wants is to do his work.Read his Bible.Conform with the teachings. He learns that each and every person in his new office has been informed that the 2 leading figures have been joined by others in publishing and stating that he is not welcome. A friend sends him the Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace information that applies to the HSBC office in England.He reads that he is being unfairly treated because of his religion and beliefs.He feels victimised in this new,strange environment. What should he do before he attempts to get to work,for a second day,past the Extinction Rebellion protestors who have blocked roads and pavements because lots and lots of people have abandoned lots and lots of non-biodegradable rainbow coloured flags and placards? https://www.gov.uk/workplace-bullying-and-harassment
  2. Perhaps the Super League people - club owners and Elstone - can explain to the public what they have done to prevent a repetition of this furore in the future. They did mention poor timing.No doubt they will get round a table and discuss the topic as it is so important.Fairly quickly? Banning quotations from religious publications may be a start. We now have St Helens - the club who signed a cocaine taking,violent individual,and argued the toss about a suspension placed by the NRL - making a statement. This,after the 'outburst' against a referee. Just as well the player is in France as I am aware of the bullying/harassment in the workplace regulations for the UK. Will the governing body ensure State of Mind liaise with the player? He has been uprooted from the place he was familiar with;had to go through court procedure(s),and is now in a foreign country,and has this lot to contend with. There could very well be even more bad publicity,and suggestions of lack of care,for the important people in the sport...
  3. I haven't followed this story but,did he actually speak on the matter,or did he just post on Instagram a quote from the Bible.That's the Bible which was the best selling book around the world - a world where Christians were thrown to the lions. Your wish to exile someone perhaps guilty of 'hurty words' differs from the owner of Wigan,who wishes to give chances to those who do what some,including criminal courts,consider to be wrong. I think the future conduct of Wigan will be interesting.I noticed the suggestion that they play YMCA should Wigan score a try at the Pride Day game.I'm sure I read that YMCA was stereotyping gay people;with the moustaches and leather and 'camp' gestures.Not that I can remember that far back.Will they be playing Tom Robinson Band,'Glad to Be Gay'? Controversial;bearing in mind Tom Robinson later married and fathered a child. An inclusive sport should be exactly that - inclusive.Do you wish all those who read,and quote,and understand the Bible to be exiled? Just as well JJB has retired.Should he be allowed a position with the media? Should those who like a bet,turn out when Toulouse are in town and wave BETFRED banners about? I believe there are some folk who have a dislike for Muslims. How about an end game where we learn ' Sticks and stones ....'.We learn to live and let live? Now we have so many non-believers,and non-Christians,Britain no longer shuts down for a fortnight in December and January and the country works,especially in austere times. We go to rugby league games to forget about the outside world and its problems and watch the best players play the sport and not being interested,or prejudiced,by their sexuality,beliefs and quotes,or reproductions,from books.
  4. There are some Wigan followers who disagree.Lenagan was interviewed on the radio this pm and stated he would have signed him/looked at him but they are up to the cap.(!) They also signed a player who made homophobic remarks during a game. Those who fear a broadcasting backlash - well,Sky television recently employed,and,I believe his life was saved in the Sky television studio,a person,who while manager of the national soccer side,said something which caused a bit of a storm https://www.theguardian.com/football/1999/jan/30/newsstory.sport7
  5. No mention of Ian Lenagan signing a goalkeeper,who had been jailed for killing a person when driving a motor vehicle while having too much alcohol in his system? Tad more serious than words on social media. I don't think supporters of his football club,Oxford,I think,made as much drama out of it.
  6. I have enjoyed reading these 16 pages,thus far. Not much inclusivity from the RFL family,and I disagree the statements from Super League/RFL/Dave Woods,when they failed to make statements about other controversial figures when they were signed. People in religious circles use the words - Love the sinner,hate the sin - etc. I won't be giving up watching my chosen side if someone points out any murderers,rapists,paedophiles etc also in the crowd supporting the same side.Nor am I too bothered what players get up to away from putting in professional playing performances. I have changed as I have aged.People can do - without being persuaded by their peers. It was a brave decision,back in the day,to change from playing on a Saturday,to a then religious day,Sunday. This devout Christian has also changed his mind - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2570747/Ive-lost-faith-Im-happy-Jonathan-Edwards-reveals-no-longer-believes-God.html The Wigan club,who have seemingly,coincidentally,made their fixture against Catalans Dragons a Pride Day,have also,in the past,supported wrongdoers after their actions;which were worse than words on social media.
  7. He was at Merthyr for South Wales Ironmen,one very rainy day.I think they were up against Toronto,that day. The article didn't mention his charity walks. Huge respect to him.
  8. WWR have only announced 10 players,thus far. They haven't had any pre-season games - but I believe they have had behind closed doors meetings with community clubs. Underbank Rangers have been playing Corals Challenge Cup games...
  9. In a very entertaining 3rd pre-season game,all played in the correct spirit,at Cougar Park,the RLE,in their match coverage of Keighley cougars v Sheffield Eagles,have,despite some spectacular tries being scored,opted for a image of players huddled together with the caption,'A Mass Brawl Breaks Out Between The Sides'. It was over on a nanosecond.No players was injured in either the tackle which led to the 'handbags' or the handbags themselves. It is a fact that in this 3rd pre-season game 2 Cougars players were yellow carded - No such incidents occurred in the 2 previous games. I fail to see the purpose for such negativity - or dwelling on something irrelevant. In the 'Birthdays' ....Mo Agoro no longer plays for London Skolars.He was signed by Keighley Cougars some time ago and which was reported in the Rugby League Express. Perhaps Toronto is the place for positive rugby league journalism.Current rugby league journalism.Optimistic rugby league journalism. The heartlands rugby league journalism is losing it.
  10. Why should the RFL be criticised because TWP now want to be able to have their salary cap raised? These matters get discussed between the club owners,in Super League,and Toronto Wolfpack have been in Super League since October 2019. The matter should have been brought to the attention of the relevant parties long before it was recently mentioned. Lack of communication isn't just one way...
  11. I don't think his lack of media response,back in the day,got the same negativity as Wayne Bennett does. Rugby league journalists,eh? ** Thanks for sharing **
  12. No.They wanted a Super League Licence. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_league/super_league/salford/8188234.stm
  13. The idea of Quorn,with it's north Yorkshire headquarters,being a sponsor is a great idea. The sport requires as many sponsors as possible.It ain't got no money! I shall be wearing Cash Converters advertising very proudly on my leisurewear this year.They provide a service to people who require it. I live in a society that houses all manner of individuals.I even walk past queues of people waiting to hand money to Greggs,and some of us know about the rich guy who gains a lot from it who is currently in prison:at last. I'm just wondering how all all those beer tents will get on when SBW makes a 'home' appearance? Will they banished,r will he be giving them tacit support by agreeing to play there?
  14. Ah,yes,airlines.New Zealand rugby union national side were sponsored by New Zealand airlines.I think SBW didn't have any complaints. Extinction Rebellion protesters may need removing from outside stadia should their protests continue. If I am to believe the protesters,and what is written by journalists,perhaps the end of the world should be considered a tad more worrying for humankind than the gambling addiction impacting on those with addictive personalities. Who is thinking about the children...? Time for a climate change...?
  15. Yes,I am aware of the criticism. There must be nothing worse than being interviewed immediately at the end of a game which is considered important,with the background noise of an exiting crowd,possibly loud music,BBC employed staff wanting an interview in a rushed time period,and all done before the head coach has been able to communicate with his players. Podcasts done with background noise similarly irritate me - as I enjoy listening to good,interesting,interviews. I don't recall any magnetic interviews by Iestyn Harris when he was head coach at Wales.Perhaps you can link one or two? I didn't see attendances increasing.Nor,surprisingly as I'm sure he did great interviews,did the team performances improve. Jon Wells does do some interesting post-game player interviews on Skt TV.The BBC do not allocate time or resources to such an interesting aspect of the sport. I think you can relax.The RFL are dictated to by the Super League club owners and Wayne Bennett will be replaced. I'm just soooo excited about the post match interviews.How many can you recall done by Wakefield head coaches? The ones I can recall related to tragic deaths and conducted,with a silent background,when both interviewer and interviewee were prepared to go ahead and pass the message out. I guess even John Kear would admit to being taciturn after a defeat,or poor display,at some stage in his career... ** In another sport - this guy had his former side Leicester go on to win the Premier League and is now doing a good job,with good reviews from players,and journalists at another club. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3062591/Nigel-Pearson-apologises-calling-journalist-ostrich-bizarre-Leicester-post-match-rant-following-Chelsea-defeat.html **
  16. I would have to disagree completely with use of the word truculence.I don't think being careful with his replies can be construed as being disrespectful,rude and unprofessional. He is allowed an off-day when he is interviewed and he is not expected to say anything he does not wish to do.Being careful could be accepted as being very professional. Results and performances on the field do bring about criticism.Some people interviewed want to protect their players - and/or themselves. Most professionals are unhappy when they lose. Do you have a head coach in mind who you consider to be a wonderful interviewee,who should replace him on how verbose they are when interviewed?
  17. Well,the manager of the global brand that is Manchester United managed to avoid being interviewed by the BBC despite the Premier League ruling that they do involve themselves in post-match interviews. It didn't harm the brand,or lead to any decrease in matchday attendances. Sir Ferguson was also considered a great man-manager - part of his job description,even though he didn't have his UEFA coaching qualifications. Despite this link suggesting otherwise,it is common-knowledge,apparently,that he was never punished for his conduct. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2011/aug/25/alex-ferguson-lifts-bbc-ban
  18. I don't know how much money would be spent on the NCA involving itself in following the money trail to banks in tax havens overseas. He may just settle for tax evasion - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4363620.stm
  19. Lenagan had a former,English,national coach in Brian Noble,when he arrived at Wigan. Lenagan swiftly changed that to an inexperienced coach from overseas,who also oversaw the development of Shaun Wane. Wayne Bennett is a rugby league coach.He is not an individual responsible for marketing and publicity. He is guarded in his speech.His sole responsibility is to be a head coach. This country is overrun with ultracrepidarians wherever I look.Perhaps Piers Morgan,Eamonn Holmes et al should be consulted. It is the responsibilty of the RFL - not Super League chairs - unless they want to spend their money on the appointment,I suppose.
  20. Winning kit. Defeated a Championship side after being 0-18 at one stage,yesterday. It's happening.Again.
  21. £2 ( Two ) - As shown on centre of base of the front cover.Unsure how they could have charged £3. It's a very good,informative,programme.
  22. Keighley Cougars will be continuing their production of a matchday programme. Not too sure if the price remains the same - at £2 it has to be the best value rugby league read available.
  23. I haven't watched the programme,as yet,but I hope the RFL and channel 4 take advantage of the uplifting,life affirming comments attributed to it. It seems they have been in discussion with Channel 4 - ( In the recent past ) - https://www.rlnews.co.uk/reports-rfl-in-talks-with-terrestrial-tv-channel/ Todays RLE reports of attempts to be made by the RFL to communicate with recent new MP's in the rugby league areas. There is a report in the Daily Mirror that suggests the Department of D.G Media and Sport may be removed - It will add weight to reports that the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will be abolished in the reshuffle, with its responsibilities handed to other Whitehall teams. Source - https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-tory-nicky-morgan-keeps-21109915 The Department have been mentioned with regard to the 2021 World Cup,held in England https://www.rlwc2021.com/about/board-&-governance/andrew-honeyman More coverage by Channel 4 and regular communication with those in authority will help all involved in the sport.
  24. Well,Fattist.You and Sydney(?) maintain the tradition of rugby league fans being the most fickle of all. If Sydney is is Sydney then it was in Oz where the Super Hero shirts were first to hit the field and streets. A choice of disgustingly garish or the most desirable items of clothing ever produced. https://www.balls.ie/rugby/australian-rugby-league-teams-to-play-in-marvel-super-hero-jerseys-129641 Of course you have analysed something in isolation. The shirt/kit may fit in with Captain Cougar - Jake Webster - who currently goes into the community,and schools,slightly incognito,without any Keighley Cougars logo on his clothing;in fact on one notorious day he was photographed wearing a Bradford Bulls item of clothing. The all-round package may be very interesting and it seems obvious the youngsters are the target. Given the time of year I may have to hibernate,not just to escape fickle rugby league fans,but so I can do my gluttony bit,though medical conditions also add to weight issues. Rugby league clubs should be wanting the fat,thin,short,bald,et al to watch rugby league.Don't even to need to pinch American comics ideas.After all comics never sold well...
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