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  1. Well,having watched 80 minutes of dross at the KCom yesterday, I hope Radford has a video of this game and shows it to the players. We put 17 turnstiles on the pitch yesterday and got exactly what we deserved. A big rap to the Broncos and a warning to all the teams around them.
  2. HDM and journalists in the same thread. Must be a misprint.
  3. Didn't pass your geography exam then. Last time I looked Warrington was in Cheshire.
  4. Well if you're happy with your interpretation of the situation, why are you pounding our ears with your repetitive posts.
  5. Briscoe wouldn't get into our team these days. He's a shadow of the player he was with us and as for Ferres NO THANKS.
  6. Sacre bleu, what is the world coming to??
  7. Whenever I go shopping with my wife, I make a point of striking up a conversation with anyone wearing a league shirt (the club doesn't matter). Its always good to get someone else's view on what's happening in the game. By and large league fans are usually up for a chat about the greatest game.
  8. Well we'll take the opinion of someone who's probably seen more £h!thouses than most on here as he's a pie.
  9. Can someone explain why its only a problem if Leeds are the ultimate losers. Is it a case of Animal Farm syndrome where all teams are equal but some are more equal than others. Just asking!!
  10. What do you mean by "people like me". You know nothing about me or my feelings towards Lee or Adam. Its just that I don't shout my mouth off at every opportunity or attempt to organise a ridiculous petition to boost my ego. I've supported this club since long before you were born so I don't need a lecture from you as to how I should behave. You've already been banned from one forum because of your irrational remarks so carry on and we'll hopefully be losing you from this one.
  11. Has anyone tried turning Peacock off, and then hopefully forgetting to turn him on again.
  12. You really don't know when to stop, do you. You're like the human representation of the Chinese Water Torture.
  13. Rovers are worth more money to my team than Leeds. I actually dislike both teams. HTH
  14. Despite being a Black and White I'd love to see you win this one.
  15. It appears you don't like Lee (for whatever reason we've never learned) but as you've told us all many, many times I think you can leave it now. It makes all your other posts (some of which are of value) seem irrelevant.
  16. Spot on!! I'm an FC fan and couldn't care less about being the one true Derby, the biggest Derby and or any other Derby. Seems like a dick measuring contest to me.
  17. I regularly watch NRL matches and the officials seem to allow players staying in the ruck and the attacking team just pick up the ball and play on. Our officials seem to be diametrically opposed to that view and can't keep the whistle out of their mouths. They are the ones who are spoiling the game and not the players. Delighted as I am with the win today I can't believe that Williame didn't see red or that he called obstruction on the disallowed Dragons try.
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