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  1. I think you're looking at the table on the BBC site. It's incorrect. The table on the Oldham site accurately reflects the true standings based on %Win. We're in 8th place as of this morning, we may well move a little after today's games. https://roughyeds.co.uk/fixtures-and-results/league-table
  2. Jack Croft scored the match winning try from this position. He da man!
  3. It'll be on the website as soon as I can get it there
  4. I was at the game taking photos. It's funny how you can hear everything that the players are shouting to each other. Anyway, when Oldham were pressing continually in the second half, a Fax player shouted to the ref "Sir, sir, Kirky's nose is offside". Lol.
  5. I feel like I'm playing a mental game of RL Championship Manager on PlayStation at the moment. Anyway, from the announced squad, here's my 17: Backs: Abram at Fullback. Brierley and Holcroft on the wing. Roberts and Hartley at centre. Charnock and Hewitt in the halves. Forwards: Spencer and Nelmes at prop, Owen at hooker. Langers and Fletcher in the second row with Benty at 13. Interchanges: Hutchings who'll be able to fill in at Wing, Centre or utility forward. Gregory, Dupree, Bibby. That means Johnson, Green, J Abram and Barran missing out. I spoke to Johnno at Batley and I'm not sure he's ready to play yet, he was a bit non-committal. If Owen's injury at Batley means he can't play, Abram comes in and Gregory starts. If we lose a half-back between now and Saturday Green/Barran can jump in. Egodo and Gwaze in the London team. That should be fun to watch!
  6. There don't seem to be any tweets from the club account during the game? What was said?
  7. It's supposed to be 24 pages. A front and back cover and then 11 two page spreads. I just loaded it into a PDF reader and oddly it loads the two facing pages as one page. Dunno what happened there, I don't produce it.
  8. Did anyone grab a copy of the programmes put out this season? I've made them available to subscribers and season ticket holders and then in this latest issue I've made it available to read on the online shop website (to the above mentioned groups). Anyone got any observations on the programme itself? What's good, anything missing etc etc?
  9. It's almost like there should be another description. A Penalty Try and then a Try Plus Penalty or something.
  10. Winners gonna be grinners...
  11. After watching Papenhuyzen's performance this morning I feel like I've had my money's worth out of today already!
  12. Only 22 games to go and every one a cup final.
  13. The wingers could form a 5-a-side team, with a sub.
  14. Whoever guesses where those tackle bags are wins a coconut. (I took the pic within the past 12 months)
  15. I hope we do re-sign him. He's the real thing.
  16. Your chance to support the club AND the NHS ROUGHYEDS are showing their appreciation of the amazing work done by the NHS and other key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic by launching this special tee-shirt which carries the NHS logo on the front. Read more
  17. All the competitive Oldham tries this season. I'm learning some new (to me) software so I had a play ?
  18. Played at a snowy Boundary Park on January 10, 1982. Video on the linked topic page:
  19. Via Mike Turner of the Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust: As Mike says, the video appears on the homepage of the Heritage Trust Website but I've embedded it below as well.
  20. Well. This YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/OldhamRLFC-TV is one I set up. It's a brand account that I created via my own personal YouTube account. It's been the defacto "official" Roughyeds YouTube channel since then. I was responsible for the vast majority of video work throughout 2018 since the regular guy took something of a sabbatical. Since I had the footage, I produced a series of highlight videos etc and put them on the channel. The regular guy, Pete, returned for 2019 and I therefore left video stuff to him. I'd upload the odd bit of GoPro footage to the channel but that's about it. I do still take Pete's match recordings and put them on the Oldham website (that I manage). All home games from the past few years are up there. I put the latest bout of ex-player videos up onto the (my) YouTube channel as well as the recently streamed 2019 final. The guy who's now the club Video Analysis Coach & Media Manager has set up another Roughyeds YouTube channel to stream games and host videos etc. I've taken that to mean that the channel I control is now not the recognised official channel. It is what it is.
  21. Exactly. I tried to run the club website and then my own fan site for a while but the two were just mirroring each other. Bits of code from DTBW ended up in the current Oldham website and bits more found their way into the Heritage Trust website.
  22. If you didn't catch the game, I put it on the Roughyeds TV YouTube channel.
  23. Deffo got the semi v Donny. You can have that for sure.
  24. Watch our Promotion Final win again — a great day for Roughyeds IT was a great day for Roughyeds . . . that memorable afternoon on October 6 last year when we beat big-spending Newcastle Thunder 18-14 at the Vestacare Stadium to clinch promotion to the Betfred Championship. You can see it all again at 7pm this Friday night, May 8, on YouTube. Don’t miss it — a great game, a great occasion and a reminder of what we’re missing during this Covid-19 shut-down and what we can look forward to when action resumes. Like many other clubs who are streaming big games from the past, we have opened a virtual on-line store to raise vital income for the club during the current national crisis. To help the club get through this unprecedented situation, the idea is for people to virtually ‘buy’ what they would normally buy at a home game. The system is fully secure and fans who take part will get a receipt sent to their email address. People can start to buy NOW and can continue to do so up to the game, during the game and after the game (especially when we’ve won !). Read more here...
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