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  1. I've not had mine yet. Maybe they're coming out in batches.
  2. My understanding is that 90% of survey participants have responded positively. That's got to be a good thing.
  3. Bumping this to the top. The voting for Fans' Player of the Year is hotting up and it's neck and neck at the top. Also, tickets for the Annual Awards Night are still available — Saturday October 23 at The Oldham Events Centre, Boundary Park.
  4. We still have to survive Benty's mum and her army of bots.
  5. To be fair, the designer had a very narrow brief which involved keeping the crest intact on the main logo (the top three). They redrew it because the one in existence was pretty grim. The one the RFL was using showed the right dangling medallion thingy as a yellow chicken or similar bird. It should be a saddle to represent Saddleworth. Essentially, with both hands tied behind their back all they could do was plonk the crest onto something which ended up being a shield. Before the design process started I let it be known that if we ended up with the original crest plonked on a shield with Oldham RLFC typed underneath I'd be the first in the queue to campaign to get rid of it. And here we are. I carried out the same exercise on a rebrand for bananas using the same shield and banner.
  6. The club is having an awards night at the Oldham Events Centre, Boundary Park. £15.00 a ticket for a potato-pie supper. Full story at this page. Tickets available online. You can also vote for your Fans' Player of the Year at this voting page.
  7. I reckon the bottom-row ones look too much like something you'd find on an old school blazer. They're also a stripped-back version of the crest leaving off several elements. Each of those is supposed to represent different townships within the Oldham borough so in one fell swoop you're dismissing a big chunk of the population. Admittedly those dismissed may not be aware of that point. If it's going to be a crest, leave it as it is. My preference would be not to use a crest unless all it does it sit in the usual spot on a players chest, and that's it.
  8. The bottom three were meant to be some sort of compromise to be used for social media. I can't even recall which one won now but it's never seen the light of day. I'd forgotten the middle one in the top row. That was the other one I mentioned. Also, that graphic showing all six — I made it. Ha!
  9. It'll be like some RL version of the Quantum Leap where players from both sides run out in other people's bodies. Or something!
  10. No. Just a flat-topped shield, the one that was chosen and something else. Just variations of the same thing. All equally useless.
  11. The Oldham crest/badge was updated a couple of years back. We went from something that's impossible to use for marketing to something that's impossible to use for marketing, on a shiny shield. I tried to stop it. I failed and now we're stuck with it.
  12. Wilko would have been pivotal to our Championship season just gone. Had he not suffered a season-ending injury during pre-season he would have been a vital cog in our team. We missed his quick darts from the play-the-ball and his alertness close to the line — not to mention his tries. He'll do really well for you.
  13. I thought I'd menton @m brooksy on here for his continued commitment to providing stats for Oldham games. Nobody asked him to do it, he does it because he's got the skill and ability. Nice one.
  14. Yep. I linked to it earlier in the this thread. The kind of thing Keighley did today and the Hornets brochure are what all clubs should be doing. It's a no-brainer.
  15. Anyone watch the Keighley / Doncaster semi-final on OurLeague this afternoon? At the conclusion of the game there was a series of home-baked video adverts shown, all featuring local Keighley businesses. Whoever does the marketing at Keighley is properly switched-on. Impressive stuff.
  16. I presume you saw the tweets on the Roughyeds timeline earlier. Although they're from the official Oldham Twitter account there's not a direct link between "the club" and what goes out on Twitter. The congratulatory tweets are from the chaps manning the account in an attempt to keep the timeline active. That's a good thing and kudos to them for cracking on despite the dearth of club news.
  17. Look here: https://trello.com/b/rVp9DsQ4/oldham-rlfc-2022 Only confirmed retirements / signing elsewhere are listed.
  18. News about the Roberts departure is on the Oldham website now. The last paragraph is this: That suggests to me that a group of players from the 2021 squad will be present in the 2022 squad. There are 19 remaining. https://trello.com/b/rVp9DsQ4/oldham-rlfc-2022
  19. Played every minute of every game all year. Probably would want to play second-row but filled in as centre and never took a backward step. In a side that only won two games out of twenty-one he was never going to set the world on fire but you've got yourself a 100% committed player there who'll excel in League 1.
  20. Let's not forget Freeman and Willis in that case.
  21. Langers is on a two year deal until November next year. When he signed the deal in 2020 he said: So that's one already in the bag I suppose.
  22. I tidied up my Trello board to monitor ins and outs... https://trello.com/b/rVp9DsQ4/oldham-rlfc-2022
  23. Meanwhile at the other end of the 627... https://issuu.com/rochdalehornets/docs/rochdale_hornets_commercial_brochure_2022_final
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