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  1. Les Dracs' Jason Baitieri and James Maloney are both retiring from SL; both have signed for FC Lezignan XIII in Elite 1.
  2. When I was a regional director for English Heritage, when we advertised historic building inspector vacancies in my team, applicants had to sign a form saying that they were not afraid of heights. When, more recently I worked for the Diocese of Bath & Wells, I found that I could quite easily lean over a church tower parapet and have a conversation with somebody on the ground - not that I had to do that every week! As a slight aside from the main theme, thanks to the OP for using 'phobia' as I understand it, namely a fear of something. When did it become hijacked to mean hating something, as in 'transphobia' and 'homophobia'?
  3. Skippy the bush kangaroo was apparently born Skipinder, and comes from the Punjab. I do not know when or under what circumstances he emigrated.
  4. No, I won't be there. To be honest, I think it is just a glorified p***-up. The fans get exploited for what is little more than a loop fixture, and I don't see why my team, the Dragons, have such a tough fixture (ie v. Saints). I think it's all an RFL conspiracy to help Rhinos finish in a play-off berth. Oh, hang on... More seriously, I will be off to Lyme Regis on holiday, so have set the TV to record, but may well not watch them all. I cannot go a whole week without knowing the scores and do not want to, so on return will maybe watch a small selection, including Catalans -v- Saints...if Les Dracs win!
  5. Have you got a web link for Busty Babes, HG? I'm just asking for a friend - well, obviously...!
  6. Very enjoyable, so thanks for the posting, POR. However, the PTB technique was terrible. The defending players, having completed the tackle, got up promptly without nudging or bumping their opponent, while the attacking player wasted critical trillionths of seconds by not moving forward, instead just placing the ball firmly on the ground and heeling it back with the foot. What was all that about? It'll never catch on in SL!
  7. Can you get it via the BBC RL web page? That's what I am doing at home in (not so) sunny Wiltshire.
  8. You don't have to listen on Radio Humberside, johnh1. It's On Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, with commentary by Dave Woods.
  9. Mrs WWD and I had our daughter back for a long weekend the other week, and went for our usual morning dog walk in the New Forest, at Turf Hill; it's the nearest car park to us and only a five-minute drive. We were reminded of one of the most unobtrusive features of the forest's animal life as we walked along a gravel track which had warmed up nicely in the early morning sun. Mrs WWD, Miss WWD and Poppy, our Catalan sheepdog (is there any other dog breed for a fan of Les Dracs? But I digress!), had happened to be on the left hand side of the path and a few steps ahead of me. I was on the right hand side and almost stepped on a wooden stick...except it wasn't! It was an adder taking advantage of the agreeable weather to get a bit of warmth in its body. The others hadn't even noticed it. They all came back to look from a distance of about a couple of feet; the adder just lay there. Snakes, I fear, can have a poor reputation, with many people possibly imagining that they will attack you on sight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Over the years, in the New Forest, Mrs WWD and I have seen adders and grass snakes a few times and were once lucky enough to find a very rare smooth snake sunning itself on a pathway. We've also seen a few lizards and slow worms. What they all had in common was absolutely no inclination to be aggressive. They stayed still or just gently slipped away.
  10. Do you not think Remi Casty's maturity and experience could be useful in what could be a youthful French side? Otherwise, I largely agree with your selection. By the way, it's Mourgue; I wouldn't want a wrongly spelling of his name to bring a promising career to a dead end, as it were!
  11. No. As you yourself noted, there is a global pandemic on, so an abnormal league process has to be used.. Nor does it include any special compensation for having to play almost 100% of your games away or at neutral venues, so tough luck, Toulouse. But it does include having a robust system in place to compensate for the difficulties this year. The RFL sought to put such a system in place, with percentages rather than actual points being the key factor in terms of positions in the table. In the circumstances, I think they came up with a sensible and pragmatic solution. At least all teams knew the process before the season began. Nobody forced Fev, or any other team, to take part!
  12. For the record, Lingaro, Toulouse still are 'happy' - well, at least competing in - the French league...leagues, in fact, as they have teams in both Elite 1 (ie all age adults) and, when it's allowed to take place, the U19 championship. Speaking personally (and that is all I can do), it is not 'fine' to be negative towards Fev, or want them to have detrimental situations foisted upon them. They featured in the very first game of RL I ever saw live, and so will always be a team for whom I have a liking. I also like their 'can do' attitude in more recent matters like their ground redevelopment. However, I do not think that they should be able to avoid a cross-channel challenge for a place in Super League Europe. The clue to my reasoning is in the official title of the SL competition. As it happens, I don't favour P+R as the means for getting teams into (or out of!) SL, but must recognise that I am very probably in a minority on these pages in holding that view. Nevertheless, as long as there is P+R, then we must include in that process all those who are able to make a realistic challenge for it. That includes both Fev and TO.
  13. I hope you are right, Jim, but Catalans have twice had the chance to benefit from that flakiness and twice have failed. I thought what was odd in one of those games was that Les Dracs threw the ball wide early doors and had the Wire defence clearly creaking at the edges, but then got more conservative, tried to bust up the middle and were much less effective. I just didn't understand their tactics that day.
  14. Results turned out well for Catalans in the last round, but I suspect this will be payback time. The visitors' squad is pretty strong, but has a few key omissions due to injury; the Wire's looks stronger still. I expect a Warrington win, possibly by about fifteen points.
  15. The Times 2 section of today's edition of The Times has a feature about Rob Burrow and his new book. From elsewhere, I understand that he will be at the game against the Giants and that his book will be launched there. I look forward to reading the book which I am sure will be a very moving read.
  16. The results of this round have turned out well for Catalans, but they must be very aware of the likely reaction to this defeat by the Wire, unless Price is losing the plot as it would seem that Chester had; but I don't think Price is. Meanwhile, Cas -v- Wakey in the next round has added spice (if that pairing ever needs it!), with both celebrating against-the-odds victories in this round.
  17. Catalans Dragons have some exciting looking youngsters, though, no doubt, not all will mature into SL level strong performers. Arthur Mourgue, so far, looks the best; he is 22.
  18. I've gone back to bread-making on a fairly regular basis, though not sure whether lockdown has been the motivation for this. I do it about once every ten to fourteen days, and buy commercially produced bread in between. I have settled on a mix of three flour types - stoneground wholemeal, strong white bread and seeded - in equal proportions.
  19. Almost any article on bird life in the New Forest will have pictures of a nightjar and a Dartford warbler. From early May to early September, the former are not hard to hear, and quite often to see; it's just that the window of opportunity each day is limited to about two hours - one each round dusk and dawn. Nightjars, of course, are quite widely spread in summer throughout England, albeit in quite specialist habitats. Dartford warblers, by contrast, are very much a bird of south of England heathland. They are resident all year round; indeed, they, sadly, have a potentially suicidal inclination to stay put, even in the worst winters, and not even flit across the English Channel. They can also be fearfully hard to spot. So, Mrs WWD and I struck really lucky yesterday, on our daily dog walk in the forest, on this occasion, the track across Fritham Plain. We thought we saw a pair flitting about some bushes near the track and then one came out and stood on the track only about 20 yards ahead of us. It only moved away when disturbed by two oncoming walkers and their dog. Once you think you have seen one of these warblers, it is easy to say quite quickly whether or not you really have. They are very dark, but actually have a lovely maroonish-orange chest and a striking red eye. In profile, the long, typically cocked tail is a bit of a giveaway too. Here is a link to the RSPB page about them: Dartford Warbler Bird Facts | Sylvia Undata - The RSPB Over 25 years hereabouts, Mrs WWD and I have probably seen them on average about once a year.
  20. Les Dracs' squad has some useful returnees in the 21. They include Bousquet, McIlorum, Drinkwater, Kasiano and Sam Tomkins. Whether they are all fit enough to make the 17 is, I suppose, another matter.
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