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  1. More 'travail' I would think. (Sorry, I am a late arriver at this thread!)
  2. Apparently, there is a plan to reintroduce this species to the Isle of Wight, which was, apparently, the last place along the English south coast where they nested; that was in 1780.
  3. 2nd time KF has posted and as bad as before. The forum is supposed to be about exchanging constructively expressed opinions, but with KF the danger will be that every time we end up talking about how ###### his contributions are. No way is he TRLFF standard!
  4. Well said, John M. I've never been to a GF, but if this were the entertainment, I would be there like a shot - well, possibly!
  5. Interesting thought, PW71. Personally, if I was in Rimmer's position and the crowd was a mere 65k, I would demand a bond from Saints next year!
  6. You're right, you could. However, it would not maximise local derbies and I suppose I was also suggesting a very mild solution to the 'too many games' point of view (though probably too mild to merit being called a 'solution' at all!).
  7. Is that a slip of the pen (or finger on keyboard), Scotchy? If you play every other team twice, why do you need conferences? What you could do is have two 6-team conferences with conventional H & A fixtures against each of the other 11 clubs, but with Magic Weekend featuring three clashes within each conference, six fixtures in all, as now. That gives a 23 game season. If that is not enough matches to satisfy SL chairmen, then you could play your conference opponents three times, with the 'extra' five games being two at home, two away and one at Magic Weekend. That gives 27 matches. The play-offs would then feature the top two or three in each division, for instance, A1 v B2 and B1 v A2 (in a four team format) or A2 v B3 and B2 v A3, followed by the introduction of A1 and B1 (in a six team format) If P&R remain, A6 and B6 would play off for the right to avoid the dreaded drop. With current SL membership, you could have a Yorkshire Division and an Other Areas Division.
  8. Appalling - did you see all those empty seats?
  9. I remember an edition of Private Eye, many moons ago, having a newspaper cutting about Douglas Bader opening a pub; given the occasion, it was unfortunate that in the paper he was described as "the legless wartime hero"!
  10. The short answer to your question, John, is 'No'. As I understand it, with the modern style of registration, the first two letters must indicate the place where the vehicle was registered and be followed by two numbers which indicate when the vehicle was first registered. The final three letters are random. You can buy or sell registration numbers, but they must follow that format (or one of the earlier ones used to register motor vehicles) You're being a bit pedantic, Whippet13, but, I suspect, absolutely correct!
  11. Chronologically:- Wigan v Featherstone Rovers - January, 1964. My first ever, live game. I was told to watch out for a winger called Boston. he didn't disappoint scoring the opening try in a Wigan win. Wigan v St Helens - February, 1965. Challenge Cup 2nd round, with over 39,000 packed into Central Park. Wigan won 7-2, with the only try coming when McTigue half-broke and managed to offload to Roy Evans in support who galloped from about the halfway line to touch down! Wigan v Swinton at Knowsley Road - April, 1965. The Challenge Cup semi-final, two rounds after the St Helens success. A 25-10 Wigan victory to set up the great final against Hunslet. Trevor Lake sped in from the touchline to leave Swinton's great fullback, Ken Gowers, flat-footed - no easy feat! Scotland v New Zealand - November, 2013. Scotland lost, of course, but a great atmosphere inside Headingley with about 16,000 in attendance. Alex Szostak played off the bench for Scotland. His mum and dad were former work colleagues of mine. Catalans Dragons v Warrington - August, 2018. My first time at Wembley for a rugby match. Great result for me (as a Dragons' fan) and for the game. Great day out all round. In terms of what they meant for me, the order would be:- Catalans v Wire Wigan v St Helens Wigan v Swinton Scotland v New Zealand Wigan v Featherstone
  12. Quadruple points if you kick a goal with both feet at the same time!
  13. No, it's not well spotted, OF. Not sure it has any spots, just crosses, I think!
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