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  1. I wholly agree, Deano. This is part of a pervasive American (and to an extent, Australian) sporting culture that seems to abhor a draw. Even in America, things have changed over the decades. Those of us of a certain age can recall NHL regular season matches routinely ending as 'ties', with one point each. There is also a certain lack of logic about saying that a golden point win is as good as a regulation time one (i.e. both earn two points) whereas to lose to a golden point is not as bad as losing after 80 minutes. If you must go down the golden point route, then give three points for an 80-minutes win, two for one in extra time, one for an extra time defeat and none for losing in 80 minutes. That, of course, implies the need for there to be a winner, possibly via a penalty shoot out, however that might be formulated in RL. Or, lets just stick with the concept that a draw is fine and forget this golden point nonsense!
  2. I hadn't noticed that, Copa, so thank you for binging it to my attention!
  3. Was that a slip of the finger on the keyboard, DR, or are you bragging a bit? I think we should be told...!
  4. Good point, Griff. I suppose my brain wasn't entirely clear at 11.05pm! That said, I suppose all the UK is included in the traditional Lions side, if you look on them as being the Great British and Irish Lions, which I think - in both codes - they are (were!)
  5. Thanks for a typically thorough and comprehensive resume of the forthcoming Elite 1 season, audois - much appreciated!
  6. Fully agree, longboard. I saw one flying over Salisbury city centre the other day. It probably lives out on the water meadows made famous by the Constable picture of the cathedral.
  7. What a lovely sight that must have been, Ullman. I used to see yellowhammers all the time in the byeways of South Durham, when we lived up there. They just don't seem to be around my part of Wiltshire in any great numbers.
  8. Are they playing baseball instead of rugby league? I didn't realise that!
  9. A pedant writes, Sedbergh was in the West Riding, not the North, though quite close to the North Riding, which took in Swaledale and Arkengarthdale. I don't quite understand whether the OP is asking about music we had to listen to with the inference that this was a chore, or that we might have enjoyed it. My mum and dad were into classical, mostly orchestral music; I liked some pieces and not others. They also enjoyed opera, which I didn't like then and still don't!
  10. I think it was Graeme Garden who, on I'm sorry I'll read that again, did the impressions, including Eddie Waring.
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