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  1. Have to agree 100% with this. Col stepped into the breach this season when nobody else would, and has done a fine job so far, and frankly anyone on here looking to tie him in knots or (worse still) goading/belittling him is just demonstrating what a t0sser they are. From what Col seems to have been told by Llongo et al it sounds like the club's view (rightly or wrongly) is that they don't see the forum man of the match as being 'valid' in the same way they would view their own twitter MOM, however as a gesture the club have offered to combine the two to create an overall fan-voted MOM winner. Suspect this is at least partly about the club trying to drive us all toward the official twitter feed - no thanks. I'd agree this is far from ideal, and if we're all happy with the trophy being passed to the winner the next time someone bumps into them at Farmer Copley's etc (I am), we can stick with the current unofficial arrangement.
  2. Albert Day Golding Thought all the forwards went well, with Harrison and Jones impressing too, but we failed to make the most of that dominance. We really need to better utilise the backs we've got - yesterday they didn't see enough of the ball. I'm hoping the new Aussie that's rumoured to be coming is a stand-off.......
  3. 1. Day 2. Golding 3. Walters Special mention to Bussey (for such a great shift, coming back in a bit earlier than perhaps even he expected) and Maskill (who I think has been unlucky not to feature more than he has), who together ensured we didn't miss Cam King too much. It's testimony to how well Day is playing that he stood out on a day of great performances all across the park. An excellent team showing. So satisfying to put one over the likes of Duffy and Beaumont - especially given the lengths the ref was going to to help them out.
  4. Nor me, but then unlike them we're not worthless turrds that can't handle their cheap ale. A big well done to all the morons responsible for this latest fine, and their apologists on this forum too. If the intention was to damage the club and hold us back, both on and off the pitch, mission f*cking accomplished.
  5. Yes sorry about that. I mistook you for Jo Brand.
  6. 1. Golding - had a shed-load to deal with all afternoon in tricky conditions, but handled everything they chucked at him - be interesting to see that grounding behind our sticks in the first half again, 'cos it looked a close call to me. 2. Day - set the tone defensively and going forward, an absolute rock of a player. A great way to celebrate his new contract - Brad down the left and Johnny D down the right gives us great balance and firepower. 3. Holmes - came to the fore on a quieter afternoon for Chissy, kept us going forward well and showed great strength and determination to score a crucial try. Wish we could sign him back on again permanently. Excellent defensive effort today, epitomised by Sutcliffe's man-handling of Gelling in the first half. It needed to be too as we weren't exactly at our fluent best with ball in hand. Closing out a game like that against a strong Widnes side says a lot about our team spirit at the moment and the quality within the squad. A big well done to Carr and all the lads, and my condolences to poor/destitute/full-time/SL-salaried/parachute-paymented Widnes.
  7. That's nothing, yesterday I was in Pont Au Fract.
  8. 1 Chisholm 2. Johnny D 3. Harrison Chisholm a clear and deserved first, but plenty of contenders for 2 and 3. A great team performance that allowed individual skill and flair to flourish.
  9. 1. King - got us rolling quickly and was typically at the heart of so much of the good stuff that we did. A captain-in-waiting? 2. Harrison - his best showing yet, a fantastic shift of strong running; good to see him starting to really show what he can do. 3. Holmes - loads of creativity and go-forward (so much so that Chissy could take it a bit easier this week...), and great to see him looking still so full of energy at the end. Special mention for Cooper (wreaked havoc) and Locky (really helped us dominate in the forwards), and maybe half a dozen others as it was such a solid team performance.
  10. Agreed JC, he obviously needs proper game time now to regain that match speed and sharpness which we know is such a hallmark of his game and that has to come against someone - might as well be a side that's struggling a bit at the wrong end of the league. That said, I'm not expecting it to be an easy game by any stretch, they'll be in a different place thanks to the change of coach and looking to get stuck into us, but that should also benefit him in the long run. We should be aiming to give him the full 80 minutes today.
  11. Bussey Chisholm Hardcastle Special mention to Harrison for his impact - best we've seen from him so far - more of the same please. Render was also very good again.
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