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  1. ??? Amen to that, an absolute giant of a player (despite his modest size), who always fired up and set the tempo for what was a grand Fev side. I won't say he enjoyed a scrap, but I see he's due to take part in that Rl charity boxing event at Leeds Arena in October...... Agreed re Newey too, looked a shoo-in for a GB shirt even when he was just coming through into that same Fev side.
  2. Underachieving and inconsistent as I recall, a killer combination. That Whitehaven game made for a grim spectacle, most of the players just didn't look bothered, presumably as we'd long since missed out on the real qualifiers, though they'd have done well to ask themselves whose fault that was. However a few weeks previously, that away performance by our injury-hit under-strength team at a full-time Bradford on the hottest night of the year was really something to savour; classic Fev. That we followed such a memorable away win with such a balls up at home against Dewsbury really exemplified our season, even allowing for the fatigue factor. I remember Dewsbury breaking away (was it an interception?) and Thacks going over for them with about five minutes to go, and knowing that was the season pretty much done. Hay too, given it was inevitable that Ming the Merciless was unlikely to accept that squad not making the top four, and sure enough wasn't he turfed out the next day?
  3. For added novelty value, I should add that the two likely lads stood to the left of that returning couple, are me and my mate. We rarely if ever leave early, and why you'd ever do so when there's less than a converted score in it I've absolutely no idea, although in mitigation I do seem to recall we'd never really got going all game?
  4. Absolutely sickened for the lad, he's had such dreadful luck with injuries. Really hope to see him back in action as swiftly as possible.
  5. If you're looking for justice or fairness from the RFL, 'that's a long wait for a train don't come'. Chizzy's punishment was of course ridiculous but fully expected. Quite why anyone would expect anything other than those corrupt t0ssers sticking it to us at every opportunity I don't know.
  6. Chisholm Hall Blackmore/Parata Thanks for your efforts Col - keep up the good work!
  7. That's a real shame, I genuinely thought we would see him in a Fev shirt again next season. Sometimes players just seem to take a while to find the right club to call home, where they then flourish, maybe regaining long-lost form after a succession of bad injuries, quickly becoming a fan favourite and an important part of the fabric and it all just 'works', and it felt like that was what we had found with Kingy. It was the same with Misi a few years ago; he belatedly found the club he should have been at from the off. Anyway I'm really hoping it isn't due to a greedy agent pricing him out of our reach, or alternatively the club trying to low-ball him, as either would be a mistake. Get it sorted out Fev, and come home Kingy lad!
  8. Ridiculously unfair, Fev getting the sh*ttiest of sh*tty ends of the stick yet again from the RFL. It's reasonable to assume they weren't impressed by our demolition of Toulouse in the eliminators, and happily this scheduling at least limits the chances of that happening again.......
  9. Couldn't agree more. We should be opting out of what is essentially a meaningless competition, and the thought of playing a final in front of a largely empty Wembley is (for me) no enticement. In a season where we might just be realistic contenders for promotion - providing the transition from Carr to Webster doesn't have an adverse effect on our levels - we need to be smart about this kind of thing, particularly where it looks like our league rivals are taking the same long view, and this can only serve as a distraction and increased injury risk. I'd much rather turn up for the business end of the season 2 or 3 games fresher, just as London/Toulouse are likely to do.
  10. An excellent signing - SL quality and can play in a number of different key positions. I remember a few years ago watching him turn out for Wakey against us in a pre-season game at a dank PO Road, and thinking then what a good signing he might be for us, then along came Toronto.......... Well done Rovers, and welcome to the club Craig.
  11. The size of the bail-out they have to sucker out of the RFL when their overreaching eventually goes t*ts up. Again.
  12. I don't think tomorrow bears too much comparison to '83; we're certainly not huge underdogs like we were then. There's been little between us and Toronto these past two seasons and in my opinion they are far more beatable this year than last, partly because their epic choke in last years final brought about a reality check, and I suspect the novelty has started to wear off a bit for all concerned, especially their overpaid journeymen players/staff. The odds are probably against us thanks to the ridiculous turnaround/travel situation that has been foisted on us by an RFL with Euro/dollar-signs in their eyes, however this is a final so anything can happen. All the pressure is on them, so providing we get to kick off relatively refreshed, and play like we have been doing, we've every chance. UTR!!!!
  13. Have to agree 100% with this. Col stepped into the breach this season when nobody else would, and has done a fine job so far, and frankly anyone on here looking to tie him in knots or (worse still) goading/belittling him is just demonstrating what a t0sser they are. From what Col seems to have been told by Llongo et al it sounds like the club's view (rightly or wrongly) is that they don't see the forum man of the match as being 'valid' in the same way they would view their own twitter MOM, however as a gesture the club have offered to combine the two to create an overall fan-voted MOM winner. Suspect this is at least partly about the club trying to drive us all toward the official twitter feed - no thanks. I'd agree this is far from ideal, and if we're all happy with the trophy being passed to the winner the next time someone bumps into them at Farmer Copley's etc (I am), we can stick with the current unofficial arrangement.
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