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  1. Have to say I laughed at that too, but in fairness to him these signing statements are usually a cut and paste job from a preferred list of platitudes held in the club's word document store, and he probably had to hold his nose a bit when he agreed to it. Good luck to him though, he's been superb for us and I'm extremely sorry to see him go. Perhaps he knows something we don't, and London's sugar daddies are about to spaff yet another pointless fortune up against the wall, just so they can keep playing fantasy RL? Wonder if any of their current squad might fancy playing for a real club? Rhys Curran, Greg Richards, Olsi Krasniqi - could any of them do a job for us? Would we have Josh Walters back?
  2. Can't say I blame you, anyone who doesn't understand the difference between 'our' and 'are' might just be a criminal mastermind.
  3. One doesn't wish to be too greedy. Be happy to keep both, and delighted if Nu decides to sign up for at least another year. Might there be a link here to the rumours re Parata? Perhaps if Webster has determined that we only need one of Jones or Parata (wouldn't have wanted to have to make that call as both are fantastic hookers, at this level in particular) it is in part because he's trying to keep Nu and knows we can deploy him at hooker too if cover is needed. Be very sorry to see Parata go, if the rumours are true, as he's been one of our players of the season. Can Webbo woo Nu?
  4. Chizzy's going nowhere, and for a positive rumour I'll go with..... Ash Golding re-joining us permanently from Huddersfield. Next years back line of Golding, Briscoe, Hall, Hardcastle, Gale, Holmes and Chizzy is going to take some stopping.......
  5. Next season can wait, we ought to be asking him if he's busy next Sunday.
  6. As my mate pointed out, we're now in the wonderful position where a player brought in to cover season ending injuries is himself out for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile a nicely rested full strength Toulouse potentially await us, or one of our fellow PT sides (who have also played getting on for double the season they have) in the playoff final. Bet they're laughing their coqs off. Is it too late for emergency loans? If not and we have the cash, I'd be casting the net this week if I were MC.
  7. 1. Halton 2. Hall 3. Parata Thanks as always for all your efforts re the MOM stuff Col.
  8. I see you and POR still haven't understood my point. Ah well, I'm not going to explain it a third time.
  9. Trouble is that would have required proper leadership making difficult decisions aimed at protecting the game's integrity and fairness of competition, which we know we're not going to find at the RFL. Chuckling at all those above attempting to defend/justify the blatantly unfair advantage knowingly handed to Toulouse this season, including from fans of other Champ clubs who've been just as equally sh@t on by the RFL's approach as we have. Just a shame I have only one bridge to sell as it looks like I could have shifted a job lot.
  10. One swallow does not a summer make. His track record in recent years suggests it's unlikely he'll make it to the end of the regular season before breaking down again with something or other, and no matter how good a lad he is, players like that are a luxury a club like Fev can ill afford. However, as mentioned above I'll be delighted if having now got back into the side (albeit mainly due to our dreadful injury list), he can stay fit and competitive, and make a significant contribution to our efforts.
  11. An embarrassing response like this only serves to emphasise that you don't have anything worthwhile to add to a particular discussion, which, in view of my experience of your posts, will likely come as no surprise to most.
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