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  1. It is indeed a good podcast, although I've found myself losing the habit of listening as some of the episodes are incredibly long. This could be enough to drag me back in though, so thanks for the heads-up! They have mentioned RL a few times previously and Bubs in particular - a union man to his boots - loves to wax lyrical about RL.
  2. Absolutely robbed Southend United, who had won the Southern League Second Division at an absolute canter. But it's ok, I'm over it now. Mostly.
  3. Not good enough AND they alienated their (small) local fanbase in to the bargain. An absolute disaster. As for London - another step closer to total obscurity. Such a shame.
  4. That Guardian piece hit me like a hammer. Anyway - voted and agree that maybe @John Drake could look at changing the thread title so more people know what it is about?
  5. It is a really good stadium. Not been there for football yet, but appreciably better than Wembley for the NFL. The schlep from Seven Sisters tube is still a complete pain, of course.
  6. You're right, it is still a great sport. That Leeds/Wire game the other night was cracking entertainment. But I find I'm increasingly becoming a passive rather than active follower of the game. Yes, I watch games on Sky so am helping a bit there, but other than my subscription to Forty20 magazine, I can't think of any way I've actually paid in to the sport this year.
  7. Already given Wire the kiss of death by backing them for the Grand Final
  8. I'm in the same boat as a few of you. Take a look at the teams I follow in this sport... Hemel Stags - couple of good years in League One, a few years of getting hammered when the division got re-organised, now I don't even know what comp they are playing in. London Broncos - absolute bin fire, as discussed ad infinitum on here England - they just don't play Brisbane Broncos - well, I'm not feeling very kindly towards the NRL currently All just making it too easy to drift away (you'll have gathered I'm not a 'heartlands' fan). I anticipated the World Cup would re-engage me but I'm feeling further away from the sport than ever right now. Will I hold over my RLWC tickets to 2022? Or will I try to get my money back and spend time and money on serious sports? The latter is feeling likely to be honest.
  9. There really is. Winviz is often a bit wild, but the models bookmakers use for in-play betting will give a very good indicator of a team's chances at any given time.
  10. Same prize money for the two comps, but according to this, the pay scales are vastly different https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/cricket/hundred-ecb-gender-pay-gap-24578323 It is good how the two comps are promoted as equal though. Steps in the right direction.
  11. I'm sure I'm not alone in a spot of 'spite buying' of tickets for the One Day Cup. Haven't actually been to a game in that comp for years, but The Hundred has done a good job of getting me along to The County Ground in Chelsmford.
  12. Couldn't believe how quick that process was. 10/10. Great value too - £30 for a family of four to go to a game at Brentford.
  13. Hotel prices are already starting to creep up in light of the news. Messaged some mates re booking one in Bolton for the night of England v France, and in the time it took them to come back to me, price of a twin room had gone up about £30. So probably wise to get in sharpish. Buzzing for the tournament regardless. As mentioned on one of the other RLWC threads, a postponement would have severely strained my relationship with the sport. Now though - full steam ahead!
  14. I think he means an increase in exposure to fans around the world. In which case I make him right - it isn't just Sky and BT who pay eye-watering sums to show the Premier League. Broadcasters all over the world do likewise. Fair to say though they the likes of Man Utd and Liverpool have a bit of a head start in terms of global exposure compared to (say) Wigan and St Helens.
  15. Listening to the podcast now. Hoyle's comments about the RLWC are a very small part of it but as you suggest, probably no coincidence that was the bit getting repeated elsewhere. Hoping to be at England v France on October 30th, but reckon Boreham Wood v Southend Utd is looking more likely...
  16. They just make it too easy to drift away, don't they? My first sporting love are Southend United FC. The club has been an absolute bin fire for the last two and half years, suffering back-to-back relegations. But even they realise you should still keep in touch with your fans. Even when the weekly newsletter usually leads with "Blues battle hard in 4-1 defeat".
  17. Or they just don't try hard enough. They've got my details for sure, (I've bought plenty of tickets online in the last five years or so) but the efforts they've made to keep me as a fan have been pretty non-existent.
  18. Gutted to see him go, although I wish him nothing but the very best. Worried about what this means for London. Really worried.
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