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  1. There is a "Jamaica? No, she went of her own accord" joke in here somewhere but I'm not quite making it work.
  2. Pleased they have this sorted (roughly) a year in advance. Tottenham's stadium really is something special - great to have an RL international in London and especially so at that venue.
  3. 1) London Broncos (first RL team I saw, many happy memories of Griffin Park and The Stoop) 2) Hemel Stags (local team) 3) Brisbane Broncos (first NRL team I saw)
  4. Serving Budweiser at nearly six quid a pop is probably a good way of deterring people from drinking at the game.
  5. Official now. Make sure that alarm clock is working! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/49459743
  6. Steady on! Part of the appeal of RL to me is that I can have a beer at my seat! I'd say I'm looking forward to a few tomorrow, but finding a decent drink inside Wembley is usually a bit of a challenge... Alcohol within view of the pitch is banned at all football games down to at least League Two (not sure about National League, but it is definitely ok National League North/South. Alcohol free areas are certainly a good idea though.
  7. Decent bit in the Metro (London version) today, with LMS's London connection being the story. Says he has about 90 friends and family coming so he's doing his bit to boost the attendance! Also a small bit about the final moving to July.
  8. They couldn't move the final any further back this year due to the Euros. Not just that they are taking place in June and July but that UEFA would want sole access to Wembley for a week or to beforehand too. Then once you are in to May, you've got the Football League Playoffs (L2 is on the May 16th, the other two divisions the following weekend) This feels like a good move. Hope it pays off.
  9. Any recommended books on this topic? Appreciate it is a big old one, but is there anything approaching a definitive text on it? Alternatively, anything on the Super league war?
  10. Oh for sure, I'm saying this with 20:20 hindsight. Some really exciting times when the League One membership (anyone else on here have 'Gold Membership at the club? ) but once that division was expanded it all went downhill.
  11. Great shout. And the answer is surely 'no'. some good memories of those first couple of League One years, but long term i don't think it has been good for the club.
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