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  1. Great telly that. I had never realised how crucial Hull's poor placekicking had been in the 1985 Final. Proper coach here as well.
  2. Yeah - think it would be fairer if an alternative answer were accepted for the first one. Without giving anything away...maybe the name of the country? Good fun though.
  3. Just a great try. And the perfect bit of action to show to someone to try and engage them in the sport. Like my nine year old son for example - he absolutely loved watching that.
  4. I guess if we are going on generations, things may move along quicker if folk start to follow the lead of Andy Farrell and Denis Betts.
  5. Well, out of existence as a (semi) professional entity. As Click says, this has been coming.
  6. All about the launch of the Ottawa Aces, taking the place Hemel Stags used to hold in League One. Just waiting for confirmation that all former Hemel seasos will be getting a free trip to Ottawa. I'm sure it'll be any minute now.
  7. Entirely coincidental tweet from the RLWC...
  8. Same feelings as everyone above. Saw the story and just swore several times. Awful news and one can only hope the mental strength he has through his years as a top sportsman will be of some help in the tough years to come.
  9. There is a "Jamaica? No, she went of her own accord" joke in here somewhere but I'm not quite making it work.
  10. Pleased they have this sorted (roughly) a year in advance. Tottenham's stadium really is something special - great to have an RL international in London and especially so at that venue.
  11. 1) London Broncos (first RL team I saw, many happy memories of Griffin Park and The Stoop) 2) Hemel Stags (local team) 3) Brisbane Broncos (first NRL team I saw)
  12. Serving Budweiser at nearly six quid a pop is probably a good way of deterring people from drinking at the game.
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