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  1. Mad, isn't it? I'm pretty happy with having paid £100 for a family of four at The Emirates. Sure I'll be less happy with the price of a pint once I'm there
  2. Possibly mentioned elsewhere, but I like what the RLWC are doing on Twitter, RTing good action clips and then putting it in a RLWC context ("come see this guy play at stadium X this autumn"). All helps to whet the appetite and hopefully flog plenty more tickets
  3. There's always the old "easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" adage as well
  4. Hosting a World Cup where the home team are total busts? Let's leave that to the code I've made this game my 'family one' - I'll have some ground to recover after my Coventry>>Bolton>>Doncaster road trip a couple of weeks before...
  5. I'm very hopeful of a big crowd for that Emirates game. The only one scheduled for London and a new RL venue to boot, so any southern-based RL fans have surely homed right in on that one. Been too long since we've had England down here too - really looking forward to it.
  6. This is excellent. He deserves to be far better known among the wider sporting public than he is, this will help correct that.
  7. At the time, Southend United were in dire straits too - we nearly went to the wall ourselves at the time - and support for the RL venture was even less than the bare minimum. Hardly a mention in matchday programmes, the local paper gave up reporting soon enough - too few people cared. I'm not saying it would work now - although SUFC are, once again, in an awful position - but the conditions for success were certainly not there in 1984/85.
  8. I've been laser focused on wondering where on earth my team is going to be playing this year
  9. Also - not really a story I have followed too closely. Was this expected, or a bolt from the blue?
  10. Seems odd that he'll be coaching against his future employers at least a couple of times this year. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/daryl-powell-warrington-wolves-coach-20327039
  11. Damn straight. She's furloughed while I'm slaving away...erm...on here. Anyhow - got the pullout, looking forward to reading it.
  12. Thanks for the reminder, all. Pelting it down here, so in true Andy Capp style have just sent my wife out to buy a copy.
  13. Good news - deserves our support so will pick up a copy. Will be good to catch up on the exploits of Andy Capp too. What's he like eh?
  14. The website is certainly in much better nick today than it was over the weekend - that's good to see.
  15. I'm assuming this would be related to Luton's proposed new stadium, a 17,500 capacity ground. They were supposed to move in at the start of the current football season, but 2024 is the new aim. 'A bit of a dump' is the kindest thing I have ever heard said about Kenilworth Road.
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