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  1. Which species? Just humans? Would be great if some penguins or gorillas made it along.
  2. Yes, that feels very punchy. And £18 for concessions too - that is definitely a lot more than I'd expect to pay for a child under 16 (assuming that is the cut-off)
  3. Catalans, Hull FC, Saints my top three. Good to see all the kits in one place
  4. 2,000-odd shops, successful website too. Started small but the Done brothers are billionaires now. There certainly was a perception of them being a northern company - 20 years ago you'd hardly see any of their shops in the south. But that has changed dramatically, particularly since they bought many of the shops Ladbrokes/Coral divested when they merged.
  5. Just finished listening to the podcast; very enjoyable. He didn't say we should go back to winter per se - his point was more that RL moving to summer was devised as a way of making hay while football wasn't on. However, since then football has become pretty much a 12-month concern and if anything summer is now too busy for RL to be heard. Got the sense he was thinking on the hop and he even said "I think I've just convinced myself of a return to winter RL" as if to say "not sure how that happened" He's a big advocate of the "create an event and the crowds will come " thinking, using
  6. Certainly not allowed on children's football shirts - I assume it is the same for other sports, but don't know for sure.
  7. Coral's owner Entain have gradually been moving away from their sports (i.e. non-racing) sponsorships - Ladbrokes dropped the Scotish Football Leagues a while back so them stepping aside is no surprise. Kudos to Fred for continuing to support the game, but there is a big challenge ahead for RL and a few other sports if betting sponsorship does get banned. I'm not entirely convinced that it would make much difference to the prevalence of problem gambling in the country, but it is one of those ideas that 'looks good' and the betting industry does a terrible job of defending its own in
  8. A little far out possibly? I like the idea of a ground that size - agree totally that it suits the need of the club at the moment - but feels like it would be even more of a travel headache than Ealing. Just looked it up and was surprised at how far a walk it is from both Hayes & Harlington and Southall. On the flip side - countless post-match meal options nearby!
  9. No idea where they will be playing when they wear it, but I like the new London Broncos one
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