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  1. I give a great deal of Credit to Matt Calland...been watching his work at R**hdale Mayfield for last four seasons...A good Coach with "Geoff Fletcher" pedigree...Tough as Teak!
  2. In 1987 both Rochdale Hornets and Rochdale A.F.C. were in financial trouble. First to receive an offer for their ground, Hornets accepted Morrison's £2.6m offer for the Athletic Grounds and, following the sale of the land bought a half share in Rochdale A.F.C.'s Spotland Stadium, thus saving both clubs. Lest the round ball exponents forget...
  3. A very good game at Underbank...the wind blew and the home team nearly wrestled the game from a Mayfield team who dominated the first half (with the wind)...there was an audacious try scored late in the second half when Adey the Mayfield prop broke kicked collected and kicked again...extraordinary! (and brilliant)....Underbanks second half effort was outstanding and led to a very entertaining game indeed...3 Aussies in the side!!!
  4. The Oldham community commentary team NEED to set up shop a tad further away from the dugout...as passions in that area were certainly running "audibly" high at times...(no different than the stuff you hear via the refs mike in RU and SL to be frank) Common sense is all that is required...
  5. I have watched this young man for several seasons at Mayfield...Hes a competitor and burns to win so can get fired up in the midst of battle...needs an old hand nearby but has got the talent and ability to make the top of the game...a delight to watch in full flow! Been under Matt Callands influence which I have No Doubt helped him to make the grade!
  6. The single most exiting and memorable game ever...the reason why I still long for ORLFC to climb out of the rut...I was there and the whole thing was Awesome...even though we lost! Colin Hawkyard was Immense on the night....Bruiser was surely up for it. The sheddings was rockin that night!
  7. Start here...early doors...friendly...PNG lads watching....ORLFC a good team...Barrow will improve...Happy New Year!
  8. great shame that...thank you for the info Clifford.
  9. is possibly looking for a club nearer Leigh as he is looking after his seriously ill wife...Most pleasing thing I ever saw was Gregg in an Oldham RLFC shirt at Whitebank! George Tyson released by Swinton also!
  10. The club should perhaps sort a few pre season friendlies with some of the local amateur teams with the latter benefiting from a bucket collection or something similar....a great idea to work on links with amateur game (non predatory ones).
  11. First lets be able to see the game on the Whitebank road side eh Dave?
  12. There are Rugby People still interested in ORLFC going forward but the meeting described above doesn`t get to the root of many long standing fans deep concerns especially seeing the current situation re Chris` health challenge... Currently the club stands or falls totally on him... As far as I am aware no other human being is in any way clued up in every nuance of running the club, whats at stake, how stressful it is (No Doubt), or the level of sustainability presently or a development plan...That must change...People need to buy in to the club...there is so much more that could be achieved with a relatively small change of ethos....If Only.... If only.... Rugby Oldham develop a "Pound" rush (aka penny rush) on the Whitebank road side (Avro on board)...terracing £1 transfer to be used by RO to develop the game locally.... a stake for Rugby Oldham to develop the ground to basic minimum standards...cos it aint there yet. Thats just one idea outside the box. Year on year doing the same thing and expecting different results has got us where...Square one!
  13. Brookie the Wath Brow fullback you mentioned on page 4 would it be Cole Walker Taylor?...watched him twice at R@chdale Mayfield both times he was best player on the park....
  14. By the way how is Chris actually getting on with his rehab after what sounded like major surgery...anyone in the know?
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