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  1. I think you have a spot booked on that new angling show with Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse. You'll be appearing on the end of the line, flapping about furiously no doubt...
  2. It's certainly a lot more balanced than in recent years. Giving Briers a free reign on attacking moves could be similar to Ryan Sheridan's influence at Castleford. Peet knows the up and coming players well and Wane is there to offer input as a mentor and motivator when necessary. Even as a rival fan, I'd rather see this than another over-hyped NRL coach or an under-pressure ex fans'-favourite player.
  3. I didn't realise that product placement was around such a long time ago, but fair play to Ray Ban and Wayfarer for using an opportunity. A bit worrying that sales shot through the roof after this... leaves me wondering if that cool surfer dude you see at the beach is harbouring some extreme views.
  4. If there are as many as 50k I think that will be a result. I'm guessing quite as bit less. Still, having Cats there is a good result in itself, and even better if they can somehow win it. I think it will be a step too far though, I expect Saints to win tomorrow and win comfortably next week. Can dream though!
  5. If you'd ask me to guess what that meant in French, I'd say something like 'my nobbly bits in the bathtub'
  6. Is the positioning of the stadium floodlights causing all these problems with the high balls, or just lack of commitment? Saints or Leeds could have a field day next week if this happens at OT.
  7. Is the whole match on this stream? I think I prefer ‘Bartholome and Thierry’ to Baz and Tez. And Phil Clarke could find it easier to get away with his fashion ‘faux pas’ on this channel.
  8. Is his mum blessed with a large male organ? That's put an unusual picture in my head. Could probably market it as the latest trend on adult websites maybe.
  9. I think every respectable pundit has said the same. It's just Barry and Terry seem to get more air time to spout their Disney-fied Everything-is-Awesome rhetoric.
  10. Go on Steve, just be honest... "I'm really excited about the flight home. Got my bags packed last night and checked-in online".
  11. I know nothing will cheer you up right now, but if there's anything it's that Powell won't have club favourites here and will bring a different approach and mentality. The best sign yet is that he's replacing the entire first-team coaching structure and backroom staff. All players will have a clean slate, but also can't rely on past reputation. Admittedly not much consolation after such an anti-climax of a season-end.
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