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  1. I hope the documentary will be restricted to Prime members with registered postcodes within commuting distance of the M62. Otherwise Amazon clearly don’t know how to produce a RL programme.
  2. Was down at Warrington last night in the dugouts, so to speak. Obviously there to support Cooper's testimonial.
  3. As a Warrington fan I’m a bit concerned at the way we pad the squad out. We really need a back up prop who needs to be average or better, but I’ve not seen any evidence in recent years that recruiting squad-filling forwards from overseas yields better results than finding talent locally. I’d rather take a top championship prop and give him a chance than risk it on a lower-table NRL option who might not even adapt to the weather and lifestyle here. Obviously a different story for back line players as we don’t have a pool of talent to pick from in the northern hemisphere. Hope Price isn’t ‘doing a Bennett’...
  4. Sam Burgess? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2013/aug/13/sam-burgess-ban-squirrel-grip
  5. “Not never say not never again“... if only James Bond was schooled at a northern comprehensive...
  6. There have been occasions where he’s filled in at 6 throughout a game in the past, and he’s shown more than just a good pass. Excellent rugby brain, can pick the right option and even has a decent kicking game. Whether he has enough experience at doing it week in week out who knows, but I think had he been played at 13 in that type of role from day one he would have been great... a fancier version of the young Westerman we saw at Cas.
  7. Ben Currie makes an amazingly talented ball-player at 13. Seems like a lot of coaches like a 3rd prop there for some reason
  8. I’m one of those annoying people who went Apple years back so don’t have to worry about annoying cheap antivirus software slowing me down. Try it. You’ll never go back to Windows
  9. Using a VPN? BBC don’t list RL on their international site for access from overseas IP addresses. If you’re simulating a foreign address for security reasons that’ll be why. Or maybe you live overseas?
  10. RL is possibly bigger than we think in the forces. I remember reading the Air Force internal family magazine (forget its name) at RAF Cosford and it contained some stuff about the force’s RL teams.
  11. I know I’m probably in the minority here but sitting on a grass mound in the sunshine in Oz with a hat on and a nice cold drink watching RL is actually pretty appealing. I’ve been to Stadium Australia and it’s characterless compared to the smaller RL grounds. Would certainly like to try Townsville sometime. It definitely beats being stood on a terrace in the rain at a Victorian-era RL ground just off the M62 Anyway, the thread doth drifteth...
  12. Not sure you can say ‘frogs’ these days. (I do however recognise the irony of me just saying it).
  13. Ah, the Astmoor estate. I worked a summer there after my A-levels for Welsh Water testing for nasty chemicals n stuff. Apparently Allan Bateman was working there just a few years before whilst playing for the Wire (even pro converts still had ‘real’ jobs back then).
  14. The poor journalist whose career will be ruined for that ‘typo’
  15. Gove acknowledging the RLWC on BBC Breakfast...
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