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  1. I Okay, I’ll be honest here - I have absolutely no idea what point you’re trying to make. There’s one thread running where everyone’s complaining that Blake Austin shouldn’t be awarded so many man of steel points because he isn’t as good as Hastings etc. Then this thread pops up saying Warrington are only second because we haven’t had injuries (which I pointed out is not true) and you respond with a sarcy comment about us only being where we are because of Austin whilst also referencing the Hastings debate (‘half as good’). So what’s your actual argument? Ive stated most Warrington fans think he’s a great player but not the messiah and can’t run the team all by himself. And yes we’d probably also not be as high up the table without him. Which is pretty much what you’re arguing! I’ve no idea and I apologise for even entertaining an argument where I agree with what’s being argued by the other side
  2. You are Sky Sports’ commentary team and I claim my five pounds... You’re getting uptight about opinions that are held by a few pundits, not most sensible fans. Warrington fans know he’s a great player and have seen what he can do, but we don’t pretend he’s a one-man band.
  3. He was pretty good before his stint at Warrington. He joined us when we were having a bad season and came in without the emotional baggage or pressure so played his natural game with confidence. He looked like an international and since going back he’s slowly developing that just like expected.... but he certainly didn’t improve because of being over here (if that’s what the OP was meaning).
  4. Could be related to the sponsor. Cheap lithium-battery vapes are known to explode like that.
  5. During a stint at Warrington! All he needed was a little guidance from Lee Briers to become a legend. When I say guidance, I’m referring to ON the field, not off it
  6. Does seem pricey but then I guess they’re looking at their target audience. Where do the majority of Leeds fans reside? The areas around Headingley are quite affluent which might mean more disposable income when compared to other smaller towns in the region? Not so great for away fans though if you’re on a budget I guess... Having said that, Headingley can be a great day out and it’s a lovely area to spend some time before/after a game with all the bars and restaurants etc.
  7. No, we most definitely haven’t I’m afraid... not for about half the games we’ve played. And we’ve had last season’s reserve hooker standing in for Brown who hasn’t even played. That’s good to know. Imagine the conspiracy theories on here if they were declared champions for seasons where they didn’t even contest the grand final? Shaun Wane in a white lab coat and a DeLorean n all...
  8. Had a beer and read it as Helmand at first glance. That really would have been expansionism.
  9. The Man of Steel isn’t always about the best player though. It’s about more than that. To be fair to Austin he was signed as an x-factor entertainer as a foil for the organiser Brown. Since Brown hasn’t played Austin’s actually had to do everything for Warrington (organising, attacking kicks, special passes) which has taken something away from his x-factor stuff. Maybe that’s why he’s getting the Man of Steel points. Remember that he’s playing alongside Patton who has a very limited game. You also have to remember that Lomax is playing alongside a bunch of players who are ALL playing at the top of their game and ESPECIALLY behind a dominant pack. It’s no secret that Warrington’s pack has dropped off form over the season and this weekend we didn’t have our only two decent props in Hill and Cooper. We’ve also lost Ratchford at the back long-term who’s input took a huge amount of pressure off Austin. The real test would be to put Lomax in this Warrington team and Austin in the all-dominating Saints team. Who do you think would look the world-beater then?
  10. Fair enough, thanks for pointing that out but you can see my point isn’t about the players it’s about silly point-scoring over single game performances?
  11. Who was in the back pocket of Abdull against London I think? My point is that it’s too easy to make generalised random statements about ‘my player is better than yours’. The grand final will give us the best idea of which teams and players have earned the right to be called the best. RLFANS.com is the best to go for momentary point-scoring against opposition fans.
  12. Who himself will be in the back pocket of Tommy Leulai, who will in turn be in the pocket of Blake Austin... I guess you’ll have to hope Salford and Warrington both play in the grand final so he can do it again.
  13. Unless maybe they’re thinking of following the current Hull / Hull KR combined model (which may be canned itself)... I guess it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to have the Widnes team made up of a few fringe first teamers from Warrington and the rest from the combined academy. Exposure to a higher level of intensity and standard as a stepping stone to Super League. Helps ensure Widnes’ survival too, and makes the most of both towns’ local talent and coaching expertise at less cost.
  14. It’s surprising just how much Gail Platt looks like Steve Price in a wig. Seriously uncanny... Any tech-savvy posters out there who could photoshop an official Warrington merchandise hoody over Gail’s polo-neck sweater to make an easier comparison?
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