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  1. All Shaun's 2020 matches have been pulled. Looks like Sky got whiff of it. Shame.
  2. The Upside. Currently on Prime and other platforms. One of the few feel good movies available on platforms that are currently awash with zombie outbreak or virus pandemic movies. Nice story about a criminal who gets a job as a carer for a paralysed billionaire.
  3. This ^^^ It seems a huge outlay but when you consider that you spend a third of your life sleeping it’s easier to justify it. Yet to invest in the full mattress, but been using a temper pillow for years and it makes a huge difference. I have a big chunk of titanium in my neck but spend a lot of nights away in different hotels and beds - if I take my pillow away with me I can at least trick my neck into thinking it’s at home in the same bed
  4. Well, at a push they could play two games per week and utilise the squad depth. Won't be pretty and would result in huge drops in attendances but it might just be enough to see the season through for RL. We may well see the end of some clubs though, which is a shame as it's literally a short-term hit until the summer. Spare a thought for those of us in industries likely to be decimated by the measures. At any other time I'd be panicking about the impact of this on my favourite pastime, but at the moment I don't even know if I'll lose my job, house and everything over it.
  5. Don't worry, if it's anything like the referee guidelines at the start of the season it will only last a couple of weeks before normal service is resumed
  6. On a lighter note, I had to laugh at this tweet posted by a Wigan fan. For those Netflix fans who’ve seen Making a Murderer: https://twitter.com/AlexG6/status/1238193685067694080?s=20
  7. I think he already knew the outcome by the 60 minute mark and will have been ready for it. My issue is that it looks a little unprofessional to do it this way on camera. Clearly to appease the fans, but it won’t send a good message to potential coaches who would be looking at the job. I’m glad he acknowledged the job Radford has done, but only the Hull board are responsible for the situation by not doing something sooner. Pearson should have apologised the fans on camera for his role in this, instead of making it look like they’d finally managed to get rid of bad egg in the pile.
  8. 50% win rate. Not that far behind some top coaches but I guess for return on investment they are in a similar place to Warrington, who have a better record of final appearances with Price of course.
  9. To be honest Pearson sounds like he’s questioning the length of contracts of his players. Surely that’s his accountability?
  10. Wow that’s interesting to break that news On camera post-match.
  11. If Warrington relocated to the KC stadium we’d be unplayable at home.
  12. I’ll be satisfied if Warrington keep Hull to nil. I drive a hard bargain.
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