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  1. I want to find an argument for that one, but you’re right. Once that elusive GF win comes though I feel it’ll spur us on. Although it may be true that this victory doesn’t change a thing regarding our GF record, the manner of the win and the boost in confidence after a run of recent narrow final losses can only help. As others have stated that performance yesterday was one typical of a big Saturday night in October. I’m hoping it’s the first of many.
  2. I think we’re doing ourselves an injustice if we call ourselves ‘inconsistent’. 10 finals in 10 years winning 4 suggests we are ‘almost’ there, but we really need that big GF win to put us up there with Wigan, Leeds and Saints. At least we have this bridesmaids tag off our back with a proper good-old grind-out style performance, which is what we’ll need to repeat in the future if we make another GF soon. Hopefully that will then start us on a run of winning more finals than we lose.
  3. I know it’s a bit late but I just thought I’d finally take advantage of being able to say a certain ‘something’ for the first time... ”Never write-off the Wire..!!!!” I’m hoping Sky TV commentators will pick it up and churn it out endlessly in every meaningless game we play
  4. And whilst we are on feel-good stories, what about Dec Patton’s younger brother Captaining his schools team to a win in the pre-match game? Lots of history made yesterday.
  5. Also at the risk of sounding like a wet blanket, the big thing I noticed watching the replay of the game was the sportsmanship shown by both teams but especially Warrington. Normally in regular SL games we see lots of sledging, sly digs on floored players, winding up the opposition after a mistake etc. However, yesterday we saw none of that and we even saw Hill and co consoling some of the Saints players after they made errors. The team saved all their energy for congratulating the tacklers on their own side. What a great thing to see, especially as a Warrington fan as I think we have spent too much time this season getting frustrated and then trying to rile the opposition unsportingly. Yesterday was all about focussing the aggression. I thought it would also be good to post this snapshot of both teams’ south sea islanders gathering for a prayer:
  6. Fair enough, I apologise and hope you’ll amend the following comment to reflect the fact that all the decisions against Warrington were also ‘unforgiveable’?
  7. The Taia was correct we see that all the time in regular games. I agree that Knowles’ was a try and I would have given it. However, it’s also likely that had Hicks sent it upstairs he would have ruled no-try on the field, and since the only camera angle was from the side that hid Knowles fingertips Thaler would likely have stuck with the on-field decision as there wasn’t enough evidence for him to overturn it... as I say for mine it was a try though. Ultimately one decision can’t be blamed for the entire match performance. Everyone focuses on the Knowles try but forgets the Lineham incident, the obstruction for Fages’ try which we see every week, the smack to the face by Paulo, the contact with the head by Makinson etc etc. The Better team won on the day. Someone had to win so have a bit of grace.
  8. Unfortunately this is true, as much as fans of clubs who finish top will claim otherwise. Of course it’s a shame because it means your club has generally been playing the best and most entertaining rugby week in, week out. The reality though, is that no coach or team sets finishing top as the main target. It’s the grand final, then the cup. If the LLS is won the it’s just a bonus - Warrington fans can attest to that only too well. The season’s not over yet for Saints though and they’re almost certainly still overwhelming favourites for the GF, with Wigan or Wire probably facing them in the final and Hull still in with a very strong case too. What was very interesting about yesterday was that it was a very Wigan-esque performance by Warrington reminiscent of their (Wigan’s) 3 wins against us in the Grand Final. If Warrington can defend like that in October with Austin back, we’re still in with a chance of the double amazingly
  9. Ryan Reynolds has apparently retweeted the Royal Family’s congratulation tweet to Warrington. So now we have Stuart Pearce, Chris Evans, Ross Kemp and Ryan Reynolds... hopefully we’ll get them all attending a match together soon. What a strange couple of beers that would be in the corporate lounge bar.
  10. The big question now is - can Warrington use this a spur to get the bridesmaid monkey off their back. The league isn’t gone for us yet. If we can get some halves fit and combining well we could yet surprise a few in the playoffs.
  11. Obvious Warrington fan. Couldn’t stay impartial when he got the chance to meet his heroes.
  12. How on earth does Steve Price make a side look so rubbish yet make 3 finals and win 1. Fair play I had my doubts but can’t argue with that result.
  13. Is Daryl Clark the finest athlete ever in any sport? He’s just done that having put in massive defensive stint at hooker, scored a try, set up another and picked up a couple of trophies at the same time.
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