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  1. The good thing with Amazon Prime is that if we’re not happy with the quality of our imports they’ll arrange a pick up free of charge and send them back. Marquee wages guaranteed to be back in your account within 7 days of collection.
  2. Actually, you might be surprised to find he’s not quite one of the elite, didn’t attend the right school in Harrow. I’m not defending Portillo here at all, but having watched a lot of the stuff he does I was surprised to find he’s actually not a ‘Toff’ but just what you might call ‘traditional middle class’ if you abide by such terms. He comes across as a bit pompous and naive but I certainly don’t think he has any anti-RL agenda. If you’ve ever watched the Great British Railways series you can see he gets excited about all sorts of things, from Stately Homes right through to Factory Floors. He’s no John Inverdale, that’s for sure.
  3. For who? EDIT: Just seen the tag. Have to feel sorry for Brad Dwyer - he just can’t seem to get a guaranteed hooking role anywhere. He’s very decent and seemed to be one of Leeds’ better players last year.
  4. Yes. Played for Leigh Miners’ Welfare until the mid-80s then fell out of favour with her team mates for some reason.
  5. I agree. That’s why it’s a risk. I wouldn’t want my club to do it, but maybe Toronto are expecting franchising and assured league status to come back into the reckoning rather than P&R.
  6. I think we’re also talking about different reasons for signing players here... I’m sure Toronto want the best players available in whichever position. To do this all they have to do is raid the NRL for proven quality league players. But this isn’t about whether Player X will convert well, it’s just about raising the profile of the club by making waves. If they have the money to risk then that’s up to them. I would want my club Warrington to sign the best league players, but I can totally understand the publicity And marketing reasons behind what Toronto are doing and I hoe we benefit as a sport. Indeed. I have a little cry every time I see an opposition player ghost through our right centre channel, and think of how Bateman would have mopped them up one-on-one
  7. Okay fair enough I hadn’t considered that In my defence I don’t get the chance to read or post much lately as I’ve been busy studying whenever I’m not in work.
  8. I read the mood differently. Wasn't the negative response basically poking fun at the BBC as we wouldn't likely get a mention, only for the fact the Beeb feels the need (correctly) to represent more females? If another RL personality from the male SL had achieved this I really don't think the BBC would be shouting out for him. I'm not saying this because I don't think Caitlin deserves a nomination, of course she does. What I'm saying is that the BBC have never really cared about, or represented RL in SPOTY. We had the Saints team who won team of the year through an internet vote (which the BBC then decried as misrepresentative as it was all RL fans who voted) and then the Kevin Sinfield event, where we failed to benefit from much of a mention despite him coming second (bloody RL fans again influencing results against proper sports).
  9. Oodles of raw attacking talent with some mean defence (as seen in that game). The player you forgot though who has impressed most and got MOM vs Catalans was Josh Thewlis. Slotted straight in at full back like he’d always been there. And only 17 to boot. My only worry is that Price is a little too close to his established first teamers (as Smith was) and doesn’t seem to be prepared to drop any key players even if out of form. It’s the opposite of what I expected after the sound bites when he first arrived. I thought he was going to set a bar to aspire to. Well, we’ll know the score by early-season 2020.
  10. Is this a Beeb thing? If not, maybe we should be looking to the channel that shows it to broadcast a SL Magazine show. There’s enough fans out there to justify it. Only problem is that the commercial department would follow the government advice and target ‘Workington Man’ during ad breaks. Basically two minutes of Cheesy-Peas commercials done with an over-elaborate Northern accent voiceover.
  11. Just before he sat down for a free champagne brunch at Twickenham?
  12. Totally. All the focus seems to be on the shirt or the concept or the players. The key thing here is, we had some top class internationals in this team irrespective of what colour/branding the shirt had on it. We had one of the NRLs top halfbacks of the last decade, the current man of steel, and some top drawer forwards and back line talent. The one thing we didn’t have is a coach who could bring it all together under the circumstances and produce a competitive team. Would anything have really turned out differently if he’d selected a fit Percival at centre, Grace on the wing, Austin at half back etc etc? Bennett has a fine record but his experiment as England/GB coach hasn’t worked out unfortunately and it’s time for a new approach IMO. Nothing personal, but the buck stops with the accountable manager.
  13. Warrington: Favourite recent 2005 home shirt Worst recent 2004 home shirt Historically: worst 1992-1993 away shirt
  14. Funny, but I always thought of Yeaman as a great defensive centre but not a renowned try-scorer. Reminds me of Allan Bateman in the 90s.
  15. Ah yes. I’d erased that period of history from my memory
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