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  1. Errrm.... wasn't Richard Attenborough a director, NOT a naturalist? I'm 100% certain Lee Harvey Oswald didn't assassinate anybody
  2. If Inglis doesn't end up at Warrington for 2021 (which is certainly a possibility given the current crisis) then I'd love to see Burgess fighting it out with Charnley and AN Other for a wing/centre berth. Depends on his salary demands I suppose.
  3. I suppose their argument is that by 2021 when Inglis arrives revenue and pay will be back to normal. I’m not convinced although I obviously hope so. In fact if COVID 19 is more than just a nuisance by the start of next season I wouldn’t expect Inglis to even bother coming over... COVID is a risk everywhere but try selling that risk to your other half in a wet and miserable part of the world (compared to your sunny beachfront paradise).
  4. Which are the two other clubs that have sorted the pay situation then? Warrington have given a date for training to restart but I’m not sure if that means they have their house in order, based on what Cooper is raising (unless he’s referring to other clubs only). The thing is, the future can’t be certain until we’ve let the second wave of the virus build and have found a manageable ‘acceptable’ hospitalisation rate. This could be a while away, so whatever clubs agree to now may have to change anyway. If a club only makes 50% of it’s normal revenue for the next 18-24 months we won’t see full rate salaries being maintained.
  5. Trust me - EU airbridge agreements will be finalised by a week on Monday, likely effective from July 1st. The quarantine issue will be a problem for those from states further afield. ?
  6. What actually was the loan rate offered to RL? Was it the same as for other businesses? If so, I believe it was a pretty amazing deal.
  7. Escare's grasp of English is better than most English players! ?
  8. I thought it was already well publicised that the August restart was to enable the clubs to benefit from a higher likelihood of footfall revenue? Maybe they’d kept it quiet, but I was certainly aware and I haven’t even picked up a RL publication for a couple of months.
  9. Bless you! Now check for a dry cough and fever.
  10. Apparently Jonathan Thurston said in an interview on Channel 9 in Aus that Steve Price tried to sign him for 2018 for Warrington. Obviously didn’t come off and we got, errrrr, Tyrone Roberts. Shame. Would have been nice to see Thurston sign off his career over here though. We don’t get to see many half-backs of true quality in these ‘ere parts.
  11. I think he’s pointing to the fact that Ford was using him to undermine the head coach so he could climb the ladder. So yes, I would too have no respect for people like that if true. “Smiling assassins” is my preferred term, rather than ‘snake’.
  12. Ah yes but he was a Wire BEFORE he was really famous... The rest just jumped on the bandwagon ?
  13. I wonder if the lack of fitness and match practice will actually create more entertaining and open games. There's another thread on here asking whether RL was better in the 80s and 90s when all clubs bar Wigan had part-time players. I'm not convinced as I thought we peaked 'entertainment-wise' with the summer rugby of the mid-2000s a la Bradford and Saints (although defences were pretty week). Good fun to watch though - Lyon, Vainakolo (sp) et al.
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