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  1. Is his mum blessed with a large male organ? That's put an unusual picture in my head. Could probably market it as the latest trend on adult websites maybe.
  2. I think every respectable pundit has said the same. It's just Barry and Terry seem to get more air time to spout their Disney-fied Everything-is-Awesome rhetoric.
  3. Go on Steve, just be honest... "I'm really excited about the flight home. Got my bags packed last night and checked-in online".
  4. I know nothing will cheer you up right now, but if there's anything it's that Powell won't have club favourites here and will bring a different approach and mentality. The best sign yet is that he's replacing the entire first-team coaching structure and backroom staff. All players will have a clean slate, but also can't rely on past reputation. Admittedly not much consolation after such an anti-climax of a season-end.
  5. I hope we don't have to put up with a Price post-match interview on Sky. "Awwww, I know what kind of a team I've got here". Yes Steve, so do we. So do we...
  6. Ah, so that poor lass at the cup semi in the 2000s was not the first girl from Humberside to get pinged by a camera for using her shoe on the pitch.
  7. Thing is, she would have been penalised so many times tonight for an incorrect play-the-ball. Because she takes two steps forward and one step back.
  8. Google reports a surge in searches for 14 night holidays from the Warrington area servers.
  9. You'd have to say Price has been an abject failure with the resources he's had. One underdog cup win looks very ordinary against an awful league record. I think he should have kept the poor squad he inherited in 2017, as he seems to motivate underdog squads to unlikely victories, rather than get the best out of talented individuals.
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