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  1. The Premiership trophy has always looked a bit naff, but then I suppose it doesn't really rank any higher than the Regal Trophy, which ironically looks like something you'd find on a quest for the Holy Grail. I'm not sure whether that was intentional. Or maybe it really is the Holy Grail and they've found the best possible place to keep it secret, away from the public eye... in Rugby League.
  2. Funny thing is, if we are talking about our younger selves living in the 2020s I think most of us probably wouldn't be in the pub. Not getting wasted anyway. One thing that's obvious about young people today - the ones who are lucky enough to grow up outside of poverty and depression - they're a bit more responsible about many of the things my generation (early 40s) wasn't. They're also a bit naive and less resilient as we've attempted to protect them by wrapping them up in cotton wool before exposing them to the real world, but they're drinking less, smoking less and sleeping around les
  3. One of those games that you feel could be set up for a shock win to spoil the party. Warrington's first home game with fans, the first chance to Inglis live, and the expectation of victory. Huddersfield have been playing well and losing narrowly. The cup loss will have hurt and they've showed they can mix it with the best last weekend. Withy that in mind I think it will be tight, and could go wither way by a couple of points.
  4. Hi Bill. Loved the Cosby show back in the 80s. What you up to these days?
  5. I have a 10 year old and a 3 year old and I put all my energy into guiding them to avoid making the mistakes I made. I didn't really get any guidance on how to live life from my parents (despite their best intentions) and I think it would have been down to my grandfather to do so, but he unfortunately died when I was 17. 1) Work as hard as you can at school and don't be afraid about not fitting in if you happen to be smart. Be a nerd who leads, not a sheep who follows. 2) Look after your health and run every day, for both physical and mental wellbeing. It will pay off when you'r
  6. A bit harsh on Widdop. He didn't play much last season as he was injured initially, then COVID hit and his wife and kids disappeared back to Australia. He didn't walk out on his contract and he's been great so far this year, creating opportunities in a Steve Price side that doesn't focus on attack. I don't think anyone expected Warrington to be leading point scorers as they are at the moment; Widdop has been a big part of that.
  7. Well I don’t think he should be a marquee player but 150k seems about right. What I don’t want to see is 4-5 players on massive salaries and the rest on peanuts. I’m pretty sure that’s not Powell’s type of team either for 2022. King has been the most consistent of the few good British centres for the past 24 months and is still getting better, but I’m hoping Blake Austin’s marquee spot is given to Daryl Clark who is every bit the definition of marquee.
  8. I can see a bit of a local tug of war for Toby King as he’s off contract this year. He’s already turned down Warrington’s first offer. Not marquee level but there aren’t many decent centres in the game at the moment and he probably feels he can command a bit more salt.
  9. Try Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on the Disney channel.
  10. It would be fun to have a slanging match best out of five. Similar to the psyche-out rules in the movie 'Baseketball'. Each team Captain could choose their 5 mouthiest players and they could face off in the equivalent of a rap battle. Maybe stand down Tony Clubb for that one though. Hull would still be the golden point experts though. Instead of Sneyd's one-pointers it would be Connor's one-liners.
  11. 35 years with at least one of the same 4 teams. Similar for the league. Was it '87 when Widnes won the title?
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