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  1. The cost of chartering a transatlantic flight would be prohibitive. A small private jet has the range but only carries a few people. To carry around 25 people, even via a tech stop in Iceland, would need a plane that would burn a huge amount of fuel. A 737 size plane alone burns about 1.8 tonnes an hour when lightly loaded.
  2. Smith tended to float him around due to our lack of creative half backs / hookers since Briers / Monaghan retired. He did an okay job, but didn't get the chance to show what a great FB he is. I think he's been our most important player since he settled at 1. With Ashton in the side though I'll accept Ratch doing a half-decent job at 13 if it keeps him in the team. On a side note, I think his calm, level head makes him a much better option as Captain than Hill or Hughes. He was in charge during the two matches we won when we lost 9 key players during the COVID isolation thing.
  3. NRL post-COVID is starting to look a little like Super League of old with most of these results. Although it’s been entertaining.
  4. Great defence by Wigan. You feel they’ll absorb a period of Wakey pressure then suddenly break upfield and score.
  5. I’ve always thought he was handy behind a pack winning the collision, but I’ve also seen him get walked through in defence a bit too much.
  6. At least this is better than the cup match. I did worry it would be a bore-fest. French is certainly worth the entrance money. Oh wait, that’s a bit of an insult isn’t it? He’s worth his weight in vaccine then.
  7. Didn’t think the Cats pack was THAT bad. Saints, Wigan and Warrington do seem to be blessed with some decent bench replacements though. Probably the reason why those three teams currently look slightly ahead of the rest.
  8. I thought he was eloquent and loquacious. Now I’m worried what you’ll make of my Cheshire twang...
  9. I’m a bit worried as a Warrington fan to be honest. We are due a loss and it’s timing up to be in a big knockout game. Saints-style. Damn-fine entertainment though, from both sides. And Mamo sounds like he’s far too nice a chap for a nasty game of RL EDIT: Potty mouth Mamo. I’ll tell his Mum.
  10. Nice to see Mamo get some recognition for his effort and energy. Although I though Ashton edged it, as he’s proved he’s got a lot more to his game than just pace.
  11. The big difference for me here has been the offload game. Controlled from Warrington versus speculative from Cats. And also the forward pack of Cats is a little less penetrative.
  12. Maloney hasn’t managed a tackle below the upper lip yet. Argues he was making the tackle but the player didn’t even have the ball
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