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  1. Rubbish. If Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama signed for Wigan tomorrow we’d be dissing them on every forum going.
  2. You feel that Salford are about to collapse. Then again, it felt like that at Wembley for Warrington. Hope it stays a contest.
  3. The thing that gets me is that last year we lacked a cutting edge but got to both finals through a resilient defence. The first half of this year we were fantastic in attack at times, so we know that this team have it in them. We even displaced Saints at the top for one or two weeks didn’t we? I’m not exactly sure why we suddenly dropped off spectacularly but it can’t have been fatigue, despite what Price says about the number of games. It happened too early. He doesn’t seem to be able to see where we are going wrong, and I fear he’s getting a little too close to his playing group. The first warning signs of problems are when coaches regurgitate the same tag lines each week after a defeat. You sort of know it’s the start of the end. With Smith it was ‘we’ve trained well all week’ and with Price it’s ‘I know what type of group of players I’ve got here’. There’s nothing wrong with playing simple, structured rugby as long as when you’re in possession on the opposition line you can actually string some set plays together. We did it fantastically with Ratchford, Patton and Austin early on so there’s no reason why we had to revert to putting up a bomb on almost every last play for the second half of the season. I just don’t get it.
  4. Steve Price feels this season has been a success. Well, one major trophy is great. But it can’t mask the fact that this side should have stayed second and had a good run in the playoffs. This team looks like a top 8 team during the second half of the season, that’s all. With a plucky cup win. Price has one more season which will either make him or break him. Jury’s still out for me.
  5. Wow is that a record at the HJ? I can remember 7000 for a cup game against lower opposition years ago.
  6. Well, the Wire players get an early holiday. Just hope they haven’t booked with Thomas Cook after the news in the last hour.
  7. As a Warrington fan obviously happy to end the season with one of the trophies but you can’t gloss over the form since mid-season.
  8. There is one on another well known RL board... bless him he’s Patton’s guardian angel I think I wanted Patton to work out as he’s a local lad but the experiment has gone on far too long.
  9. I don’t think many Wire fans would disagree at all. I refrained from criticism early on as he was in that position by accident due to Brown’s injury. However, by mid-season I was praying we’d use Brown’s salary to bring in a semi-decent half from somewhere. Patton has had more than enough time to prove himself in the role and it hasn’t worked. Ospreys RU apparently interested so I wish him all the best but hope for someone else. He simply isn’t good enough for a champion team. Shame but the truth.
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