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  1. Also a playing style and recruitment of bigger is better. The game has moved on and Hull haven't.
  2. If it bothers people that much, just turn the sound off, watch the match and shut the eff up whinging about it all the time. Jeez
  3. The poisoned dwarf strikes. Thanks Ian, keep to yourself next time please.
  4. Jesus what happened to this thread? I'm already beginning to regret Leigh being back in SL after week 1.
  5. Salford once again win kit wars this season Thanks to every club for competing and good luck next year Especially Leigh who need to up their game
  6. Nope not at all, your post didn't make sense that's all. With regards to the above thread as a SRD fan it pains me to say it but I agree with dboy. Although I love the club and desperately want them to get on the front foot and not require council intervention, they haven't for years. I don't currently reside in Salford, but if my tax money was being used to support a professional sports club I'd be furious. Especially with current government funding issues and public sector wages strikes Anything involving "playing" should not take tax payers money away from other areas which need it. I hope to hell this is the turning point and gets us away from this reliance as it can't go on anymore.
  7. What are you referring to? Your comment isn't specific enough,
  8. Is a complete joke so I gave it a miss and find it amazing that any clubs still use it as their main one
  9. Obviously this is the main one now for the overall game. But what are clubs main forums? Saints is redvee Wigan is Wigan warrior fans Salford deviltalk Anyone else?
  10. Single most obvious and frequent post that gets churned out each pre season. Boooorrrriiiinnngggg
  11. Tanya arnold is a top journalist who I hope we continue to see more of
  12. I think Stone will start, but Watkins form in 2nd row last year was phenomenal and makes him #1
  13. Who gives a toss what it's called. Honestly this thread is cringy as hell. Lot of business bull$hit words being used
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