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  1. Please tell me where I agreed? I didn't doubt the point, just its usefulness.
  2. From over 70 years ago! The cup final replay got 140k at Odsal too but using it in modern statistical analysis is just silly. As they were before TV too then you'll be happy to acknowledge that we get at least 10 times the number of people actually watching the games now between crowds and TV audiences.
  3. Little to nothing in Leeds itself, and come to think of it perhaps even less in Huddersfield too. That said, what are they selling and who are they selling it to?
  4. If we had a Hemel Stags style club in every town with 100k people and over the game would be doing absolutely fantastically. Expansion isn't just about professional clubs at the highest level, though they can both help with or be a sign of successful expansion. One of our major failings, and one that continually plagues us, is that because we have failed to expand at all into many cities and urban areas, most people are either not aware of the sport or are dismissive of it based on prejudice towards what little of the game they have seen ("northern", "uncool" etc.). If you are introduced to a sport at a local level, either through a professional club, a school team, or an amateur club, those preconceptions start to break down almost automatically. In some places it might be easier to lead with the top first model, others will be entirely unsuited to that.
  5. 11 of 12 founders of the Football League (which is arguably a closer relative comparison) still play soccer however. 1 that doesn't ceased to exist in 1896.
  6. I do get that, but unfortunately I think the reason(s) for that early success no longer exists or would be near impossible to replicate.
  7. Absolutely. There are a small number of "good" reasons for going for 2x10. I guarantee none of them will be the reason the sport actually does go for 2x10 though.
  8. What really does make me gutted about Toronto is that perhaps for the first time since France in the 30s, we had found thousands of people willing to give Rugby League a chance. A chance without the prejudice, slights, snobbery and abuse we had become used to in the Northern Hemisphere. We had the chance to live the (North) American dream. It didn't matter that Featherstone was a village, it didn't matter that the North of England was economically behind London, they were comfortable in their own skin and they respected what already existed in Britain and France in relatively massive numbers. They were a breath of fresh air, a glimpse to what the game could be. That this was so cruelly lost is heartbreaking.
  9. RL would be doing ace if it had loads of Hemel Stags all over the country; Clubs that own their own playing field and have a club house. Unfortunately the game hasn't despite millions of investment coming in over the past decade, been able to improve or build towards that possibility. Right now, its really hard to be a rugby league supporter unless you live really close. And the evidence is that not enough of those people are interested.
  10. The sport does comparatively very well as a regional game in the north of England. Sadly there have been multiple decisions and policies that have meant it has stayed that way. Ironically the people who support these most will also bemoan why the sport doesn't get the recognition it deserves, its players are not paid enough, not enough money in the game, no knighthoods, minimal representation at SPOTY or on TV shows like Question of Sport or why the word Rugby refers to Union 99% of the time it is used in the media.
  11. The sport for large parts is set up as a racket, and even if new clubs are introduced then they are often either hamstrung or just not supported in any meaningful way. The sport is an old boys club, just not a very good one.
  12. That is a very binary (and flawed imo) way to look at it. It was an undeniably controversial inclusion. How much of every decision from their inclusion to their demise was politics between the various players and stakeholders I suspect may never emerge either.
  13. Salford and Wakefield now look very winnable games. I think most fans expected nothing from last night and just wanted it to be kept respectable so the buzz of a hard won victory and the prospect of players returning should be good for attendances going forwards.
  14. Were they the one's doing the salutes and the funny walk?
  15. The did, but Headingley was busier than I'd seen it for some time too. The Student varsity game before will have added a few onto the gate as well.
  16. Seen the NRL stuff in the Rhinos shop this evening, can confirm it is cheap tat. At £40.00 too it is genuinely ludicrous pricing.
  17. We were in the Lewis Jones Suite at the top of the East Stand as our "thanks for the season ticket donation" game and Hetherington said pre game that there were lots of players on the verge of a full return. He didn't inspire loads of confidence otherwise it has to be said.
  18. Fantastic, don't even know how to process this, are we on a roll? Add Hardaker, Myler, Newman and Tetevano to that team too. Salford and Wakey next could see us comfortably mid table by the end of May.
  19. Cutting the numbers and introducing relegation hasn't helped make the competition any stronger. Arguably if they were going to introduce relegation as they did then they should have increased the numbers in the top flight.
  20. Anything surrounding preserving "quality of the competition" has been shown to be nonsense. We've dropped to 12 and its no better than 14 - arguably gone backwards.
  21. With Hardaker this was going to be difficult, without him almost impossible. Levi Edwards likely to be recalled from York to cover, I'm not sure who ends up at Fullback frankly, Handley or Simpson for me. Though a rogue option might be Austin at FB.
  22. An aside but I have always been amazed by the prices Wakey charge for tickets.
  23. Sir Kev will almost certainly think so. Myself, I think it will be close between Leeds, Saints and Wigan - perhaps a few bumper crowds for Saints will push them up to the top. Hopefully Leeds and Wigan, indeed everyone else, can start pushing back to better levels.
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