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  1. I never took it seriously either. Seemed to do the rounds as classic clickbait whenever there was a slow news day and would usually cite the vaguest of "sources" or quotes.
  2. I think at one point they said their 6-team league was supposed to be starting in April: https://www.facebook.com/440968562677396/posts/3777767392330813/ Their social media has gone very quiet now too, they haven't made a post in 2 months.
  3. Right. It is a term that gets used a lot, but it seems people's definition of it varies greatly, hence why I asked. Turkish RL began in 2016 and has steadily grown since then. I think today they have about 8 men's and 4 women's teams, or thereabouts. Good progress in my opinion. Group D will be very tight, will be interesting to see which team comes out on top!
  4. This. Plus his attempt to pretend he cares about international RL, while all his ideas clearly show how little regard he actually has for it. The idea about last-minute RLWC2021 switch to NZ is the height of arrogance too. He says it is to "reward NZ" for not having any matches since the pandemic started. Right, so he doesn't want to sacrifice anything of his own (NRL matches) to reward them, but wants to "give" them something that is not even his. Also hints that the Aussies would play in the RLWC if it is held in NZ, but not in England. The most frightening part of all this however, is that Richardson, given his years spent in England, would actually be one of the more, let's say, open-minded and well-read Aussie fans, when it comes to the English and international game. That just shows you how little regard they have for anything outside NRL.
  5. And here I was thinking the NARL had made a glorious comeback into our lives!
  6. His parents own it? Really? Weren't they the main sponsor on the front of their national team shirt?
  7. I think this topic has come up before. RL gains nothing if this happens. If Qld became independent from Aus tomorrow, what do we gain? Do the number of people playing and watching the game, magically go up overnight?
  8. Not sure what your idea of the mercy rule is. But obviously I don't mean deliberately missing tackles or deliberately dropping the ball etc. that is patronising and "embarrassing indeed. I have been in a team that played against a team of complete rookies. Once it got to about 20-0, the coach started subbing off some of the best players and also told everyone to go easy on try celebrations etc. I fully agree with that stance. This is my definition of the mercy rule and in my experience, both teams involved appreciated it as act of fair play.
  9. I feel you are underestimating just how fine of a line it is between the two though.
  10. I feel you are underestimating just how fine of a line it is between the two though.
  11. I hope Forth Valley players are not feeling too demoralised be the 84-10 defeat. I hope there were no injuries either. I am a fan of the mercy rule in instances like this: former Challenge Cup participants vs brand new team. However, I do not support forcing teams to do it. Hopefully the game was played in good spirits.
  12. As someone who refereed (still does) at amateur level and in areas where many were new to the game, I was often asked this very question. I always told them to avoid contact with the face. That is not to say I penalised players if they made contact with the face, but all too often the hand off, did become more of a 'slapping' action, which I would penalise. I think to remove all doubt and have a clear, consistent rule, then this should be it. No contact with the face or throat.
  13. I am not trying for a minute to take the heat of NRL / NRL clubs, I know exactly how they feel about international RL, no need to discuss it any further. To answer your question about the Australian olympic athletes. Many of them arrived at the beginning of June, at a time when daily covid cases in Australia were zero: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/04/world/asia/tokyo-olympics-athletes-covid.html So, their expenses are being paid for nearly two full months prior to the games, plus the two weeks of isolation they will need to do upon returning to Australia. Do you think our sport can our sport afford to do that? Not just for the Aus team, but for the 10 competing nations at the WC whose teams are made up of majority Aus-residents. Melbourne's indefinite lockdown last year ended up lasting nearly four months. Current lockdowns have only just begun, nobody knows what the outcome will be. Don't try telling me govt. policy is irrelevant in all this.
  14. How is it not the government? Have you not read the news this week, that more than half the country is now in lockdown and that 5/8 of the NRL matches this weekend will be played behind closed doors? I too would be hesitant to commit to anything given such uncertainty.
  15. They are plugging away, doing their thing with the mindset as though it is 100% happening this year (as they should). But yes, the situation in Australia will play a huge role in all of this. Given how many players are based there and how strict their govt. is, makes it a big issue, no matter how good the situation in the UK is.
  16. Right, I did not know that about full capacity. But if there's one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is how quickly the situation can turn. I also wonder if RLWC2021 have set a deadline as to when they make the final decision by. Because as I said, we are now less than 4 months away.
  17. *incoming unpopular opinion* I WOULD RATHER WE POSTPONE WC UNTIL 2022 I have been adamant all along that the WC should happen this year, no matter what. However, it has reached the point, where I think it would be best for it to happen next year. One reason I want this is so we can have capacity crowds, as opposed to a WC with limited crowds. Another reason is that I feel this whole pandemic has left tier 2 and 3 nations really far behind. The "rich-poor" divide (let's call it) was already big, I feel having the WC in less than four months from now, will only magnify that. A lot of those nations have not been able to prepare like they would normally (mid-season tests, training camps etc.) and a lot will not have seen their team-mates in over two years, let alone played together, by the time the WC comes around. Quite different to Aus (let's face it, will be a 90% NSW team) and England with their recent match. Also, I feel many countries will not be able to properly capitalise on the WC if their local activity is still being hindered in the lead-up to the WC and also afterwards. And finally, (and least importantly) as someone who was planning on attending as many matches as possible, that will be an even harder task if the WC is held this year. PS: I am always a huge critic of NRL clubs and their lack of interest in the international game, but I do not think they are at fault this time. Also, a postponement does not mean they will not eventually play in the WC anyway.
  18. The girl who caused the crash has now been arrested, I think she actually just turned herself in. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57668657
  19. I am surprised how pedantic some people are getting about whether Toulon has 4, 5 or 600k residents. No matter which figure is correct, it is still huge when you consider there are village teams playing in Elite 1. By "missed the boat", I take it to mean "missed the optimal timing". It is never too late and we should never give up. But yes, Montpellier and Lyon seem in steady decline in recent years, it would be great they could arrest that slide and eventually start building up again, and eventually reach Elite 1. I see some people laugh at suggestions either of those two could reach Elite 1, but it is far more achievable than say, Paris or Bordeaux.
  20. That is not true. Population is 176,198 according to wiki, meaning if they were to join Elite 1, they would be the 2nd largest city only behind Toulouse, and well ahead of Perpignan and Avignon, which I believe would be 3 and 4.
  21. The clubs actually publish their budgets at the start if every season. The smaller clubs like Palau and St Gaudens did publish budgets of around 200k. But I suspect that is referring only to their top team playing roster, and only calculates player payments. Not transport, operating costs, junior teams and all the other things that you mentioned.
  22. Some decent ideas there, but I think Newcastle Thunder have a good thing going on and are nicely building momentum. I find 5000 to be too restrictive (hear me out). At Kingston Park, they are already averaging roughly 1000 and they have stated they are working towards their goal of reaching Super League in a few years. Kingston Park also allows them to host bigger matches such as internationals (as they will at the World Cup) and the occasional thing like, drawing a big team in the Challenge Cup or playing the night before Newcastle Magic. Building a 5k stadium in a bit pointless if you outgrow it (which should be the goal) in 5-10 years.
  23. 5) 5,000 capacity 3g stadium in Gateshead - Great list, only this one confuses me. Isn't that a step backwards? Aren't they already at a 12k capacity stadium? It does not really bother me that they share with a union team. I like your list, though instead of Plymouth, I would replace it with: Sort out Sheffield!
  24. I cannot remember one ever as major as this. Caused by a spectator I mean. I think it is wonderful that spectators are allowed as close as they are and (until now) a lot of it has be reliant on people showing self-control and common sense. Hopefully that can continue to be the case.
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