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    He's also employed by Bradford on the community scheme
  2. And Andrew Dawson, who was ditched in favour of smaller mobile packs
  3. Olstrum at centre is a really baffling g decision. Especially with Pez on the bench
  4. Brookie


    Team selection is a bit baffling. Still persisting with Teare on the wing
  5. Brookie

    Cup Draw

    Tries by Ian Hartley and Howard Burns. I'm not sure but, I think this is the game where Colin Falcon swallowed his tongue
  6. Brookie

    Cup Draw

    Huntingdon, their 2nd rower ran us ragged
  7. The joys of Summer rugby
  8. What's the relevance of it?
  9. Signings, or signing?
  10. Holroyd just scored, how dare he?
  11. SL has really killed RL in this country
  12. 5 penalties awarded in first half, 10 points wasted
  13. A blatant high tackle, and then the incompetent ref gives a scrum to Newcastle. Couple of obstructions for first two tries in second half
  14. This commentator is useless, he doesn't even know the rules
  15. And still 0-0 on the BBC page, which I find hard to believe. Must be affected by the storm
  16. Yep, surprised that Curtis Teare isn't playing
  17. I remember that, as soon as he got the ball he cut insude and touched down under the posts. Pure class
  18. In 1983 he was 2nd in the BBC programme 'Superstars'. In the 100 metres he clocked 10.85, which was fast enough to qualify for the 1984 Olympics. He was still rapid for us as well
  19. Such a shame, great player
  20. I remember his one game for us against Sheffield. They were terrified of him
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