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  1. Going to Haven, they blew us out of the water with a big money bid
  2. For all we know they could have players signed already, and just announcing as and when
  3. He's just explained it for God's sake
  4. If it hadn't been for Covid you were going down
  5. Can't help thinking that something big is going to happen soon
  6. Moore, O'Donnell, Wellington
  7. I would imagine that they would tell you
  8. If it's up to 137, the next person who buys will be 138, then 139 until 200
  9. Tragic, he can't have been very old
  10. Is it not done by computer? If not it should be
  11. Retired, he's 40 years old
  12. I thought he was a hooker, but in the FB clips he was wearing 13
  13. Coventry Bears are now the Midland Hurricanes
  14. Although Elliot Hall was playing for Batley, he was actually employed by Bradford
  15. I think we need to get a shift on now that Ottawa will be recruiting as well
  16. There'll be nobody left to sign at this rate
  17. Young has signed for Hunslet
  18. Moore, O'Donnell and Wellington only signed for a year after Ottawa's withdrawal
  19. Expecting a busy couple of months ahead
  20. Do you think Ottawa will happen, after what's happened with Toronto? Just a thought
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