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  1. Knights 10 . 0 up after 15 minutes
  2. Game day, hope the pitch is nice and firm up in Workington, wish I could have gone to the game.
  3. Theres a fair few that have made a weekend of it in the lakes, so don't worry there will be some Knights fans there.
  4. Think a lot of it is we are not consistent, was talking to some fans who went to Whitehaven and they said they would not be going to Workington, they spent a fortune and the Knights didn't turn up.
  5. Brinin, Porter, Ogden, Davis and Towes are in the 21 squad named.
  6. If we play like we did at Haven in the cup you will beat us easy, if we play like we did against Widnes we should sneak it.
  7. Ronan Michael, Jamie Ellis and Will Oakes will miss the game through injuries, shame really but we have very good replacements for all three.
  8. 2 Ps was training last night with the Knights squad, so looks like he will be causing havoc in the Worky defence on Sunday, happy days.
  9. They don't make em like Harry anymore, mores the pity, R.I.P. Big fella.
  10. If true it will free up some money for another player.
  11. 2 ps had his best game for York the last time the Knights played, knocking players down, offloading the ball, Knights fans love him why would he move.
  12. Wonder which Knights team will turn up for this one, the one at Whitehaven and we'll get beat, the Widnes home one and we should win by two scores, injuries permitting I'd keep the same team except have Davis in for Harris, thoughts.
  13. Hope Barrow can buy a couple of balls out of the gate money, really poor showing on T.V. only having one rugby ball.
  14. Good luck today against Fax.
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