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  1. CH to open the door to as many investors as possible. CH to have regular meetings with supporters.
  2. jroyales


    Sky money. He's not doing it for nothing.
  3. Rumour as it, that to save some money, CH is doing it!
  4. I've heard from a very reliable source that Gigg Lane is a strong possibility.
  5. For JD's information I have been a member/supporter for over 60 years - so I do have some great memories. I am not being negative, just a realist. The Hairnets, as were Newcastle, are planning for the future. What are we positively doing in comparison. NOWT!
  6. Surely, someone MUST know something! We are now the poor relations with the Hairnets getting everything in place. Ground, decent coach, a playing squad getting better (Rangy Chase), strong links with the junior game and above all else a committee working together so as to make a success of their club. We've got NOWT - just memories.
  7. The chances of staying up are nil. This brings the question of where will we be playing when we are in League 1? Boundary Park? Just imagine 300 spectators in a 13000 stadium. Whitebank appears to have closed their doors to CH. Ashton? Why did we not go back there instead of going to Stalybridge? Stalybridge? A disaster with no fans now bothering to turn up for Premiership games, there would be even less in League 1. Sedgley Park? Spotland? St.Annes? Saddleworth Rangers? Chadderton? Oldham Edge????????????? I fear for our great club.
  8. This is the Swinton site not families R us. What's the price of rhubarb?
  9. What's all this family links got to do with the Swinton game?
  10. CH has done 24 years, do you think he might get a watch for 25 years - and then retire?
  11. Final score 22 - 22 from being 12 nil up. Dewsbury got beat so it's still on "The Great Escape!"
  12. And what have we achieved NOWT!!!!! Just 24 years of steady decline.
  13. Why do we need another hooker? We've been screaming for a standoff all season. What's the situation with Gregory?
  14. SL will go their own way grabbing what they can at the expense of the whole of Rugby League. The time has come for "A Second Great Schism." SL is akin to how RU forced RL into existence. The sooner the "rest" see it the better for the whole game from grassroots to the semi-pro game. The game is now dominated by six teams, surely that can't be right? Let SL go and combine the championship with League 1 as one division - like it used to be, and it worked!
  15. Tandle, I can remember going to meeting a couple of years ago when lots of ideas were mooted. Julie was a driving force behind most of them and again lots of ideas about involving the youth of the town. Were you at that meeting? Without getting back into the town we have no chance of surviving the sooperdooperleague cull.
  16. I feel your comment ie.Tangle's is unfair. Everybody wants the club to succeed otherwise they wouldn't bother mailing their concerns. I'm just curious "are you still going to home matches or just away matches?"
  17. Just heard that with sooperdooperleague hanging onto all of the sky money, the rest of the whole of RL will get nothing. Also, there are discussions going on that sooperdooperleague is to be increased by two, Toulouse and Featherstone, and the championship will join with League 1 with some of League 1 being jetisoned.
  18. There has been lots of information relayed on the Whitehaven tag. Let's get it on it's own site. Lots of rumours flying around such has CH has no links at all with Whitebank and is running the club from his front room and when we get relegated we are not welcome there. Also, the club house/bar area is now a boxing academy. Let's get everything out on this site and hopefully get some answers.
  19. Very little mail, it appears no-one is interested. Lose this one and I can't see us surviving - or is it too late already?
  20. Is there a game this weekend? Heard nothing about it in the press or on the television. Yet again a RL selling point missed. ARLCU.
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