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  1. Amor to Wire, Cooper to Wigan is doing the rounds. Big step backwards for us in terms of quality if so, but reading between the lines, if Powell thinks it’s needed to get some squad harmony and have everyone pulling in the same direction then so be it. I’ve heard people at the club felt Hill had to go for similar reasons and that it wasn’t just a case of more money / longer deal at Huddersfield but necessary for a culture change at the club.
  2. Yes, Middleton far right, has invested heavily in to the club in recent years (£2m+) and I think Karl Fitzpatrick behind him?
  3. I don't disagree, my assumption is that he is on a good contract though, and I think allowing him to leave will enable us better balance in the squad, especially if he is replaced with Wrench / Minikin with little drop off in performance.
  4. As a Warrington fan I don’t disagree with anything he has said, but I don’t think he should be saying it publicly. It was something I didn’t like about him at Cas and frustrated he has brought it with him. Firstly I don’t think it sets a good example of a senior figure within the game criticising referees and as a coach he needs to be focused on controlling the things he and his players can control, zero excuses, we had enough in us to win the game regardless of referee decisions and that’s what he should be focusing on. He has similar form complaining about injuries, he and his squad can only control what they can control, ref calls and injuries (to a large extent) you can’t control, moaning about it in pre / post match interviews looks like you’re looking for excuses, rather than trying to breed a culture of overcoming problems being faced.
  5. In terms of our attacking structure, we look better than we did under Price, however possesion and territory is proving difficult to win at the moment, Bullock and Mulhern missing out this week wont help that, I'm sure Wakey will fancy their chances down the middle. Looks like a perfect day for RL on Saturday though, so hopefully we can play fast and will see some good tries scored for C4.
  6. I think there is plenty of individual quality in the spine, Ratchford, Widdop, Williams & Clark, what they have lacked under Price was an attacking structure - hopefully this is what Powell will bring. With an effective structure around the spine, I think the back row and centres have plenty of tries in them. The massive question mark for me is upfront, I don't think we would have coped with the physicality of either Saints or Catalan last night and I think we will similarly struggle vs Leeds.
  7. I think Leeds will be too big for us to handle and after the Wigan game I'm not sure our attack is polished enough yet for the spine to perform. Leeds by ten but hopefully some signs from Wire that the processes Powell is putting in place have shown improvement vs the Wigan game
  8. Sales at Warrington went past 5,000 just before Christmas with the club ‘on target’ to hit pre Covid levels. I think record membership levels were 8,000+ after 2009 & 2010 challenge cup successes and league leaders in 2011.
  9. Ratchford Charnley King Mata’utia Ashton Widdop Williams Cooper Clark Philbin Holmes Currie Magoulias Mulhern Bullock Hughes Walker Doubts over who will play 13, but guessing Magoulias to start with Hughes off the bench. Still think we are too light up front, Philbin will need to find his form of a couple of years ago & Bullock needs to really step up from his Wigan form. Interesting to see how Powell gets them playing.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Currie, Mulhern and Charnley rested. Lineham will come in for some match fitness ahead of the play offs (whether Price in tends to play him as first choice or not). I can’t see this being a Wire win. Cas by 12+ They have everything to play for, Price seems more interested in resting and rotating than building momentum.
  11. Maybe Lee Briers and Brett Hodgson - although some of Hodgsons points from the NRL obviously…
  12. Depends what side Price looks to put out missing a couple of props (Cooper & Philbin) both hookers and potentially Williams. Also wouldn’t surprise me to see other players rested to give Ashton, Austin and Wrench a run out ahead of the play offs, they haven’t had a huge amount of game time recently. I’m hoping our Salford hoodoo ended when Watson left…
  13. I think Rovers only offered him a 12 month deal, maybe the additional security plus the chance to work with Powell agin?
  14. That’s my hope, I haven’t seen enough from him to warrant a place in the starting 13, but could be useful for cover at wing / centre. Similar to the role we signed Jake Mamo to fill initially. Question marks over the wing position and prop (Hill staying or going) to resolve. Bullock allegedly on his way, hopefully as a replacement for Sita rather than Hill.
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