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  1. I can't help but think under a better coach Austin would do better, but my opinion of Price's ability to put any sort of structure in our attack probably taints my views of the players.
  2. Greg Inglis to be named in the 17 according to Steve Price in the press conf today...
  3. There has always been a BBC deal for the Challenge Cup, but last time Sky bought the rights to that coverage also - which they could do again I presume.
  4. Am I correct in thinking this deal excludes Challenge Cup and Internationals? Previous deal I think valued this at £4m per year, with a further £3.6m going to Sky Try. I assume there could be a further deal with Sky therefore - assuming they were interested - for international rights and challenge cup? These rights however would be distributed via the RFL I suppose?
  5. Yes, and I would imagine Sky would insist on their announcement first, given they are the principle - if not exclusive - broadcast partner. Hopefully we hear more in the coming weeks.
  6. Pretty sure he was born in NZ but moved here when he was very young. Played his amateur rugby for Latchford Albion in Warrington.
  7. Wigan & Saints significant losses, Warrington & Leeds just about profitable in their latest set of accounts. These will make tough reading in 12 months.
  8. The extra 50% from Betfred in 2021 will more than do that I should think.
  9. I guess we would see a corresponding reduction in the RFL salaries for the same period, that's a bit of a none story. The sponsorship income reducing is concerning, especially given Elstone was brought in for two reasons, to increase commercial income from sponsorship, and to deliver the new TV deal. A 50% increase in the SL naming rights is impressive, but we need a balanced portfolio of other partners too. He will live or die on the TV deal I would expect.
  10. I'm not sure of the technicalities at Warrington, but last company accounts had Fixed assets of around £15m, this must surely include the stadium as they don't own anything else of note. (They built an indoor training barn for £750k but that's it I think). It does make comment that the group had loans of around £1m which were secured against a debenture (so not against any collateral such as the stadium) my understanding of that is that it is secured against the creditworthiness of the owner, in this instance I presume Simon Moran. I'm not sure why the club couldn't sec
  11. I agree but I find it increasingly difficult to persuade people to come along when our team aren’t involved. Seems these events are generating less interest than they used to for the neutral supporter - amongst our group anyway. I’ll be going with one or two others and as usual I’m really looking forward to it, but feel like the interest just doesn’t seem to be as strong as it once was.
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