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  1. Back to where they belong. After we'd lost Granada, I never forgave YTV for showing teams like them. We all hated Yorkshire teams.
  2. Whining Canucks. You do realise we have to carry a brolly for almost the entire year.
  3. Who knows? Most people don't suffer from that problem.
  4. The Economic Singularity, Artificial intelligence and the death of capitalism. Calum Chace
  5. The irony of anyone from Bradford disliking someone else's accent.
  6. Isn't it aimed at the Tory phoookweet generation?
  7. Chris Hawkins' voice does my head in.
  8. I just saw the first episode of American Gods yesterday. I'm not sure what to make of it. It is different.
  9. I've had more fish and chips within the past month than the previous year.
  10. I only recently got the Same Old Game for about a quid. It has several hundred pages. As you may well know, it's a history of every known form of football. It doesn't seem to have a slant toward any particular code.
  11. The Last Lingua Franca - Nicholas Ostler The Same Old Game - Mike Roberts
  12. They also have the crime capital of believable reality..
  13. It was a massive bandwagon in the late sixties and early seventies. In some ways, a good period (the advent of regular televised soccer) to build up a fan base for a club that had, hitherto, never achieved much.
  14. Nothing pathological about stating Leeds' failings over the decades. Like you, I much prefer other RL over the round ball game.
  15. Take Revie out of the equation and I doubt they'd be as big as they are now. The support that Leeds now enjoy is largely based on the strong side they had from the mid 1960's through the mid 70's. Great clubs are built on a certain culture. Leeds have lost whatever culture they might have had.
  16. That stability is a mixture of the right board and coach/manager, development structures. This should apply to all sports. Leeds' excuse used to be that the reason they couldn't attract the biggest crowds was that they were from a rugby town. Apart from the Revie era, Leeds United are one of the biggest failures in world soccer.
  17. I agree, but this is beyond ludicrous. They say you're only as good as your last result.
  18. Went on youtube recently and found a record that I would have thought was perfect for the mind numbing cack they play on modern stations. But they don't even choose all the sh##e.
  19. Now soccer is being referred to as 'the world game'. At least in Melbourne town, maybe it's a Sydney thing too.
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