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  1. Greece looks amazing phil,I'm off myself,annual 3 week trip back to California with my family, hoping to convert some of my old friends to my new found love of rugby league,via the power of youtube. Best wishes, don spaghetti.
  2. Phil are you kidding me? I thought ten pin bowling was called temping bowling until I was around 14 years old! When God handed out brains, I thought he said trains and asked for a slow one.
  3. Hey ckn,that's too bad about your job,have a whisky on me,best wishes,don spaghetti. P.s your former boss is an ass
  4. People who drive up your ass then honk their damn horn when you make a turn, well guess what gustavo,had you not been so close I could smell what you had for breakfast, you would see that actually, I did f@@@@ng indicate,ass wipe
  5. Hey phil,discredited or not,there's no smoke without fire.But then again,I'm dumber than a bag of rocks! Either way still a great read.
  6. Fingerprints of the gods by graham Hancock. Drawing amazing parallels between the Egyptians and the incas, despite living 4000 miles apart and there being a 2000 year gap between these 2 empires, they seemed to share technology that to this day is hard to comprehend. Mind blowing at times,one for history and detective buffs, cheers guys, don spaghetti
  7. Well I've been looking at Internet pornography,it came a close second.
  8. Turns out I'm pretty stupid when it comes to music. At 22 years old I had it down,born and raised in California before moving to Canada,my musical preference along with my friends(mates)? Had me running round with a gun and dealing dope,but that's gangsta rap for us! My stepfather Alan was busy in his man cave one night and I heard music coming from his Workspace. I was about to run in with my ak47 and sell him some low grade crack when I stopped to listen to it. Well,what a fool I've been all these years. Several downloads later,I'm listening to real music. Thunderclap Newman,dire straits and the oddly named creedance Clearwater revival,with the added bonus that I no longer have the urge to pop a cap in anybody's ass,at least not for the foresable future,cheers guys,don spaghetti
  9. Hey guys,in conversation with my step father(Alan) who has truly always had my best interest at heart,we got onto the subject of missed chances in life. Alan,as it turns out wrote a short script about a struggling buisness man that sponsored his local amateur ice hockey team,despite having no money. Years later,a friend of a friend got a hold of the script and offered Alan 25000 us. Dollars to help him turn the project into reality. Alan,who by this point was too busy being a personnel manager for a well known cereal manufacturer,turned the chance down and I guess that was that. My question to you guys is this, any might have beens,any moments that may have changed your life that you ignored? Best wishes,don spaghetti
  10. Goooooo wolfpack! Headphones are on and im tuned in. Work sucks?
  11. True lee,I meant no disrespect, it's just as a newbie, it seemed a bit like a witch hunt with the whole liking everything anti leigh, on the other hand,your team are doing amazing right now and after checking out the stats, it would be great to see someone rather than the usual suspects win the title, best wishes,don spaghetti
  12. Quel surprise! Lee f likes another negative leigh post. What's with this guy? I thought rugby league was about being a close knit family? Lee, nothing against you man but let up, it's becoming boring. Passion shouldn't be confused with bitterness, it becomes un objective. I have no care for leigh but dude,you are obsessed
  13. I was born and raised in San Clemente,Orange County,California until my mom and stepdad hauled us over the border when I was 14 years old. I can only say good things about it and anywhere round there, with its close proximity to the Pacific Coast highway would be a great base for days out, with all the major beaches and tourist attractions only a small drive away, plus It has a british shop for ex pats and the next town to the north, Dana point did have a British pub but I'm unsure as to whether it's still there, best wishes.
  14. I had to look up who this Durham guy is then realised that the point of this thread and another thread in the general topic section,is for lee f to dish out likes every time somebody says something negative about leigh, glad you aren't american lee, because you sure are trigger happy, peace from the pack!
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