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  1. Looking at the line ups, changed my mind about Hudds by 12, can see this being similar to Hull last week for Salford.
  2. The Alex Murphy clip is a throwback to the authentic days of RL, absolute brilliant old school stuff.
  3. Credit to Hull, they wanted it more, embarrassing from Salford tbh.
  4. If the best winger in SL played for Saints he would be first on the list, but because he plays for little old Salford....
  5. Shocking weather conditions and sure I saw a few ducks... you can only beat what's in front of you but this particular Salford side does look impressive and won't be a surprise if they turn Hull over next week.
  6. Salford do have seriously good backs, quality and pace throughout, if the forwards step up, like they did last night, then they could well be the surprise package this season.
  7. Salford ooze quality in the backs, no denying that, but their pack put in a great shift, time for a large slice of humble pie for those putting the boot in on Salford beforehand.
  8. Salford it could be argued have the better backs, their pack though looks light, Cas by 12.
  9. Just looking at their squad, the backs are as good as any in the SL but the pack looks like it could be their weak spot, any thoughts? Some real quality all over the backs, shame about the forwards, looks the like guy who goes to the gym and never does a legs session!!
  10. He is a quality coach, in the top 4 coaches in the SL to be fair.
  11. Salfords backs of Brierley, Sio, Watkins, Sarginson, Lafai, Croft and Sneyd looks top 5 on paper, but the pack looks bottom 3, relegation already done and dusted though for Toulouse, suspect they will be out of their depth.
  12. 1. Saints 2. Warrington 3. Catalan 4. Wigan 5. Leeds 6. Hull KR 7. Salford 8. Castleford 9. Hull 10. Huddersfield 11. Wakefield 12. Toulouse
  13. Salfords back line, Brierley, Sio, Watkins/Lafai, Sarginson, Burgess, Croft, Sneyd, looks incredibly impressive.
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