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  1. Having Leeds down as relegation candidates at such an early stage of the season is a bit harsh.
  2. Could you be a bit more specific/constructive in your criticism? What is it that you don't like? It's a functional site that I've had no trouble buying from in the past. It doesn't really seem any different to other online shops. Can you post links to other SL clubs' sites that meet your criteria so that we can compare and contrast?
  3. Hurray, it's that time again: Pointless Making Predictions Before Fixtures Published Based On Posters' Individual Bias Leigh
  4. I've heard Donald Trump is at a loose end and looking for a new (bigger) challenge. Make All Rugby Great Again (Regeneration In New Environments) MARGARINE hats now available - perfect for summer rugby.
  5. So, get yourself a nice shirt with a nice sponsor from Here and just stick your preferred club badge on. Problem solved HTH
  6. Indeed. He was unlucky with the illness that kept him out for a big chunk of 2019. Then covid struck and it was a while before he played again. His form on return was back to 2018 standards and he looked to have at least another year at SL level. Unfortunately, his contract was up and squads were reducing and a single year was maybe seen as a gamble in a squad with plenty of wingers. Good luck to him. He will be a top class player at that level.
  7. Indeed, cutting corners on pilot training and plane maintenance seems to be the main cause, although there are now a lot of domestic flights. Prior to 2001 there were only a handful of domestic carriers, until they deregulated and 7+ new companies suddenly appeared. The original airlines pretty much ceased to exist very shortly afterwards as they couldn't compete with the cost-cutting budget airlines. Back in 2000, you would very rarely see an Indonesian on a flight, but now with a growing economy and cheap flights (prior to covid) means foreigners are scarce. Garuda have clearly upped th
  8. Indeed, I am in Indo. First came here 21 years ago, and apart from a 3-year stint back in the UK, I've lived here ever since - half of my adult life. No pubs at all, only 'karaoke cafes' (aka knocking shops).
  9. Although I don't miss the cold weather and short days, I do miss the signposts of the annual transition. Living just 3 degrees south of the equator, the days are the same length and the weather is the same all year round, which make it most hospitable for humans. However, it really makes it difficult to keep track of the passing year and plays havoc with your memory of when things happened. The obvious things are still relevant, missing family and friends (particularly children growing up), live RL & the traditional pub, but less so as time goes by. I have a fairly short list of item
  10. How about a change of tactics? Why has the Sunday Times been banned from covering the Rugby League World Cup in 2021? I've noted how well conspiracy theories have spread across the public consciousness in recent years. Start an online campaign of outrage at how/why the RFL have banned the Sunday Times from covering RL. I'm sure we can think of spurious reasons why the RFL would do such a thing and then we can spew bile all over twitter about freedom of the press and citizens' rights of access to information. Prizes for the best suggested reasons for the Sunday Time
  11. This is just not true though, is it? An 'investor' or 'sugar daddy' is nice, but it's not usually sustainable, nor does it guarantee success. A simple solution to a complex problem rarely works. Money is needed. but it has to be sustainable, what happens when they are no longer there? As much as it pains me to say it, Leeds has to be the best model for an SL club. They have money behind them which can secure loans etc. but they don't rely on it for their business model. Huddersfield have Davy and a nice stadium, do they lack ambition? Hull KR have Hudgell, do they
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