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  1. I still think we're borderline on this. Germany got down to about c200 cases a day and then spiked back up to c500 in just a few days and that's with extensive testing. The UK has only just got down to c500 a day, so a similar spike would lead to c1250 a day. The question is, could our track and trace / local lockdown system control numbers like this?
  2. As an aside, is x4 a 400% increase? 100% increase is x2....
  3. Ah right. Just asking. It's obviously longer ago than I thought since I was last that way out. Not lived in the area since 2005. The junction was 'opened' in 1999 and was unconnected for 10 years. At the time I asked why it was there and was told it was where the new Leeds Urinal stadium was going to be before they got relegated. Don't follow soccer.
  4. what happened to the plans to build a new stadium for LUFC off the new purpose-built junction on the M1 which now leads to nowhere?
  5. Can you be more specific? Lied & deceived? - strong words. Do you have any evidence at all for such an accusation? Assuming you're implications are towards Wakefield, can you point out any specific moment in time where the stadium plans were not true? Building a stadium for an RL club without a big money backer, opportunistic developer, piggybacking a soccer team or even a supportive local authority is nigh on impossible. Every plan over the last 40 years has been genuine at the time, but has failed for a variety of reasons. Even central government intervention failed in the one before last. So, I call fake news - unless you have some specific evidence to back up your allegation.
  6. What have other clubs done that Cas & Wakey have not done? (apart from, by luck, being in the right place at the right time/having a local soccer team/supportive local authority/sugar daddy?) What advantage do you think Cas & Wakey have gained by not having a new/redeveloped stadium? Who should replace Cas & Wakey in the top flight?
  7. I think you've missed Wakefield's other four Yorkshire Cup wins in 1879, 1880, 1883 & 1887 ?
  8. How is it going mammaries skywards? The club are in the best position they've been in in my living memory. Previous incarnations were always built on the sand of hopes, dreams and promises. Now, at last there's solid foundations of a professional sports club. How long that can be sustained without non-matchday income is the question, but we're going along for the ride. Who do you propose replaces them?
  9. Mmmm... are you sure about that? Can you expand on your figures? (I was under the impression that the central funding was reduced because of the stadium issues.) Even if you're correct, Wakefield currently have 34 contracted players. £950k / 34 = £28k average wage per player? Does that sound about right to you? even with the 7 youth players on "£15k" that leaves £845k / 27 = £31k average... Maybe I've missed something? Looking forward to seeing your figures.
  10. 87 games in 3.5 seasons? not bad for a prop - 25 games a season. Also not a big money signing, came over for family reasons, signed a one-year contract and stayed because it suits his character & style. Has recently stated that he wants to play out his career here after the club helped him & his family through some difficult times. Turns 31 the day after tomorrow, at least 3 or 4 good seasons ahead.
  11. The money is the big thing. It's been fairly quiet on the method of financing the plans, which seem to be to develop the main east stand side first as an income generator. They now 'own' a fair bit of land on that side where the gym, superbowl and Wimpy used to be. It's been suggested that this will be developed for 'community facilities'. Rumours are that the developer from the 'abandoned' Newmarket fiasco will cough up a significant chunk to get rid of any future actions, but the club's policy is always to say nothing until it's all cast in stone (or steel & concrete?) Also, 'other sources' are mooted, perhaps via a link up with a new non-league soccer club linked to a certain unpopular knight of the realm. We live in hope, but we know nothing. There is no doubt Wakefield have been 'getting away with it' and have been riding their luck for pretty much all their tenure in SL, but it's not really their fault that there hasn't been a more viable club to replace them in 20 years. It says more about the state of the game in the northern hemisphere. They get grief for the state of the stadium, but it's not for want of trying and it's the club suffers more than anyone else from this lack of progress.
  12. I agree, it is a worry, but, as one of the guardians of high standards on this board, can you try to retain the phrase 'take a domestic holiday' rather than 'do a staycation' - unless it was deliberate irony - hard to tell. Thanks.
  13. As an accountant, his strengths clearly lie in prudence and surviving against the odds, which make him a perfect fit for Trinity. However, as far as growth goes, he has made great strides in the last 5 years (by Wakefield standards). Clearly he is risk averse and building carefully and slowly is better than a risky boom and bust. We are not Bradford. Many things have improved during his tenure. Merchandising is unrecognisable from pre-Carter days and is probably one of the best in the league. The club1873 lottery, to raise ring-fenced money for youth development, (although not his idea?) is bearing fruit and we are now more able to keep promising youngsters developed rather than use them as a source of income in desperate times. The Squad-builder fund has also been revived for first-team players. We were one of the first to return to an A team format. TrinityTV works well and is growing, (looking to do live feeds for season ticket holders where possible). The combined lottery and season ticket pre-buy scheme is an excellent scheme although take-up is still low it rewards the loyal fans. The number and quality of sponsors has grown year on year. Even the twitter-feed commentary is high quality. Inclusivity is also a strength of the club, one of the first to have women's, PDRL & LDRL teams. The community department also do excellent work in schools, fitness clubs and mental health. Michael Carter's vision for the club is as a focus and catalyst for community engagement in physical activity, as an asset and resource for the City. The elephant in the room is obviously the not-fit-for-purpose 'stadium' and lack of ancillary and corporate facilities. The job of promoting the club to new and more diverse fans is truly limited by the lack of facilities. Non-match-day income is the key to future stability. Say it quietly but maybe once all this is over you will see some progress on that front. I hope Michael is still around at the club to reap the rewards of his hard work and perseverance. The future is bright - the future is Trinity ?
  14. You can download all episodes as podcasts from BBCsounds or any other podcast app. You can listen to all back episodes. They've just added 2 more weeks to the series.
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