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  1. I will include the entire whole new Tory Cabinet on the mailing list (just to make sure). That should get things rolling.
  2. Its not looking good on this end Harry. Fall is here and there has been a good harvest of hickory nuts but not so many black walnuts this year. I've been feasting on quite a few different species of wild mushrooms....in fact I have some dried and I'm going to send them over there....make sure Elstone gets them will ya....he will just love the ones I have picked out for him!
  3. Come on fellas...don't beat the poor old wolf when he is down. It was the strychnine that Elstone put in the food that done it!
  4. I feel for those poor guys...getting stiffed and all....Argyle got stiffed, the Wolfpack club got stiffed, the players got stiffed and the fans got stiffed. What is the RFL doing?
  5. We were well on the way with Toronto...rich, virgin soil.....a nice, beautiful crop full of beauty.....the colony was then abandoned.
  6. I don't think I can make it since it is a long trip and I'm in the middle of a medical family thing... I'm hoping its posted somewhere. I sure would like to be there though...!
  7. He is coming to Toronto and there are tickets in a local pub to listen to him tell what really happened to the Wolfpack. He will answer all questions. Could be interesting.
  8. The chickens are coming home to roost Harry...this is where the Toronto angle (and Ottawa too) would have come in...the growth of new markets and telecasting rights, new income sources, etc. Short term thinking and taking the money right away was poorly done...and the game suffers in the long term...slowly, ever so slowly it comes.
  9. Its time to collect the bounty of nuts from the Bush...I'm concentrating on shagbark hickory and black walnuts this year...the wild nuts are much better than the stuff in stores...there is a noticeable difference.
  10. He has the tools...now Smith will let him finish the job!
  11. Miloudi is one of those unique players who, on the right day, can dominate a game.
  12. Its too bad....I sent off the previous info to you for the earlier week....but I was then in the Bush for quite a while...there was no way I could get the info in...sorry. Congrats on your victory and all the best.
  13. I just got back in from a solo sea kayaking extended camping trip.....was out of cell phone contact most of the time....logged on here just now...first thing I did. Was alot of alone time with plenty of paddling in average swell stuff...water cold though...great rising moon every night on my isolated beach campsites....am tired though....was very close to getting bitten by a rattle snake...didn't even see him on the rock! Anyway I'm sorry I missed the final since I was out of electronic contact but I have no idea of the final scores yet so this would have been my pick....I did learn how to carve a proper try stick whilst I was out in the great beyond though. Broncos over the Knights with a total of 50 points being scored.
  14. I was commenting on the expat contribution.....this focus on the big markets is interesting..the thing is the crowds in Toronto had the potential to become much larger...it would have happened with draws or roughly 30 000 foreseeable....too bad we will never find out.
  15. My God!!!!! Your post has reactivated the PTSB of all former Wolfpack fans. The problem is that lots of folks simply don't get it....they can't move to where you are. This fact is the greatest threat to the continued existence of RL in Northern England and it is real.
  16. Its hard to believe but its true....there are some real weirdos out there....before you know it a fella who spray paints his hair orange will be president of the good old US of A....I'll even put money on it.
  17. You live in a strange country...one time over here they caught this guy who was in the bottom of an outhouse shitter hiding in there with a camera....as the womenfolk did their thing he would take pictures and...oh well...its twisted!
  18. Why would anyone want to post a of video of them vaping in a shitter? I just don't get it.
  19. Sorry for the late reply but I've been up North in the Bush hence the late reply. It seems that this is part of the imperfect picture....STOP IT! Walk back from that ledge my friend!
  20. Sorry for the late reply but I've been up North in the Bush hence the late reply. Does one marry another for glitz and glamour over loyalty and steadiness????....its looks good on the outside but the inside of how it is actually playing our don't taste so good.
  21. Sorry for the late reply but I've been up North in the Bush hence the late reply. Thank you.....My eyesight is acute after ample observation....this is the way of the wolf!
  22. You don't and that is the problem with this model. This relegation thing has got to go out with the dishwater. If you want expansion you can refranchise a club (like we do in in NA) or simply add more clubs to the league....this is a far better option. RL is hurting itself in the long term with this model.
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