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  1. Don't fret about us....our season ticket base is loyal and this is just one of those unexpected things that happen...we will be Okay on this end. Hopefully this calms your unfounded fears; stay well.
  2. These are trying times...you probably should have taken the tickets...be patient it will all work out in the end. Much bigger issues are currently in play....patience.
  3. A woman tried to do the same thing here at the local grocery store...she was told no refunds but she could stand in front of the store and give people free rolls of paper or she could donate it in the food bank hamper by the front store on her way out.
  4. Bob I know you will not like this answer but it is ultimately a question of 'voluntary compliance' not 'strong handed enforcement'.
  5. My wife had her birthday yesterday and this post gave us both a big laugh to start off our morning. Thanks for that!
  6. But our bodies reject both of them and that is a 'constant' which leads to relevance as the immune system is triggered.
  7. Experts used to think the same thing about E Coil 0157 H7. This was later proven to be factually incorrect as noted in a number of medical journals.
  8. This will not be over in a month for Great Britain...you had a bad start...stumbled in the blocks...but you are moving quick now that you have hit full speed....Hey is that a speed bump just ahead? This race ain't near won yet.
  9. Surely they will be able to work everything out.
  10. If there is a shortened season that will all have to be erased since we are starting over again....remember I said they would make top 5 and they will with a properly structured restart. If not then the season is terminated and we go at it all again next year!
  11. ...and then he might just have to take over the whole shabang!
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