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  1. All good with me, thanks DD. Hope you and yours are staying safe and well x
  2. I do it every time I shop on Amazon (a lot, even more during lockdown ??), it really is very easy. Hardest thing is to think on and go through easyfundraising before you check out, but I'm I'm the habit now of opening the easyfundraising app instead of the Amazon one.
  3. Currently neck and neck!!
  4. Watch you go and win it now! ??
  5. You have to actively follow the topic to get alerts. And then it doesn't always work!
  6. I love this idea. Absolute heroes in these times and I take my hat off to each and every one of them. Thanks for all you're doing xxxxxx
  7. Are you up to £100 now DD? I'll contribute if not xx
  8. Got mine, also had to change my password through the forgotten password link but worked fine after that
  9. He's hilarious. Called Toby Everett every type of sh!thouse until he realised Toby would be taking a walk, then he decided to go sit in his little seated area - never made eye contact, never mind repeated his thoughts to Toby's face. I love to see a bit of passion, but he's next level!
  10. Interesting. Will be great to see him back in a Batley shirt and hopefully back to full potential once he's ready.
  11. Yep. Definitely a four pointer against Swinton!! I haven't been able to get to either game yet, I'll wear my lucky hat on Sunday, see if that helps
  12. Yaaaawwwnnnnn. The Fev match thread got derailed into a tiresome debate around DR, can we keep this one on topic, please?
  13. Absolutely, this. Some things are about more than pounds, shillings and pence. I've just read the article and the RFL stance is an absolute disgrace, the lack of compassion is staggering. Good on our club for putting it right, I'll put a few more bob into the War Chest in support.
  14. https://www.research.net/r/rfl_annual_fan_survey_2020 Here's the link
  15. At the quiz night the other month, Craig basically said that Karl was there as mentor for him and is available for him to go to for any help and advice as needed. He said himself then that Karl wouldn't be seen much around the club, but was available on the other end of the phone. Sounds like a fairly loose arrangement, but if Craig is comfortable with it, then fair enough. Allows him the autonomy to be able to make his own decisions , but he has an old head on hand if needed.
  16. Haha, no worries. Santa brought me a spanking new Bulldogs hat so would have been rude not to wear it ?
  17. I'll see you there, DD, pennies in hand. I might even wear my Calgary Flames hat ??
  18. Lovely to see Archie Bruce included in the In Memoriam section on Sports Personality of the Year. Brought a tear to my eye, bless him ??
  19. Bumping to say I've done day 5
  20. For me, the away kit is the chance to have a bit more freedom and artistic licence. I like the fact it changes fairly drastically and I love the blue kit.
  21. Agreed. I quite like the honouring of the ten year NRC anniversary with the red and white kit but the hoodies, gillets that I've seen are all blue. I really like them, dont get me wrong, but I would expect more gear in more 'traditional' colours to also be released. Hope so.
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