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  1. With regards to the war chest, do we just keep our numbers for this season? I know that it was said that we would be contacted, but I haven’t heard anything. I have some envelopes left from last season so will just carry on as normal if that’s the case?
  2. 100% he has, I noticed it at the end of last season. Lean mean biff machine!!
  3. Glad they’re all covered before the start of the season ??
  4. And that was a friendly!! Imagine the biff in the season proper! ? Super proud of our boys, gave a good account of themselves and if that’s the shape of things to come, I predict some good times up at the Mount this season.
  5. Looks like we will be subjected to the shot clock, but only SL teams will have clocks installed. So, as said above, clear as mud.
  6. Congrats PM. Was it a a good night?
  7. But if both turnstiles are opened to tickets, that surely will cause delays at the other turnstile as well, including for those that don’t have a ticket and are paying on the gate? At least for the time being until the teething problems are overcome. One suggestion I would make is to have a clear ‘ticket only’ sign on the PH turnstile if that’s going to be used for tickets and tickets only. It wasn’t clear on Sunday and the steward on that gate was having to tell non ticket holders to go to the other turnstile, which could possibly be contributing to the delays/confusion?
  8. I think it's just the PH turnstile. I tried to get in there with no ticket on Sunday and was directed to the other side, so looks like they are segregating the turnstiles for ticket/non-ticket holders.
  9. Nope, I don’t get it, either. I don’t understand why next week’s games at Odsal and the Mount aren’t double header - one on Saturday, one on Sunday. Bradford game doesn’t kick off till 5.30pm so technically, I suppose, you could make all matches. Seems a faff though.
  10. I also see purple on my computer monitor, but blue on my phone so must be the resolution or something. Will be a nice surprise when we see it in person as to what colour it actually is
  11. £15 on the day for concessions or £13.20 online prior to the day. That’s normal games, not sure about Boxing Day.
  12. Hahaha!! Dont believe everything you read on the internet. We do have cheese curds, they aren’t widely available to be fair but they definitely exist. Anyone who hasn’t had a Yorkshire curd tart from Betty’s has never lived.
  13. Nice to meet you DD, with the added bonus of BB and PM ?
  14. I don’t think the photos do them justice, they are both lovely in the flesh. I really like the away one
  15. Seeing how good a time you had was what made me want to go
  16. I must admit, I’m disappointed that the Batley game won’t be played in Toronto. Was giving it serious thought if the dates worked, heaven knows where it’ll end up being played.
  17. If I can get to shirt launch, I’ll give you it in cash, if not I’ll bank transfer or Paypal. Hope that’s ok and thanks for organising again this year. ??
  18. I tried phoning them this morning and kept getting cut off. Try emailing ticketing@rfl.co.uk - they were extremely helpful and have sorted my issue out quickly.
  19. I’ve had another look at my tickets tonight and I’ve been sent the wrong ones!! Completely different block and the next price tier up to what I paid. Has anyone else had the same?
  20. Mine have arrived, but this was on the confirmation email: Tickets are dispatched from 4 weeks to 4 days prior to an event. If tickets haven’t arrived 48 hours prior to the fixture, please contact the RFL Ticket Office on 0844 856 1113 (calls cost 7p per min plus access) quoting your order reference number. I'd suggest giving them a ring if they haven't arrived by tomorrow, I imagine they will print replacements off to pick up at the ticket office before kick off.
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