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  1. It would be good to see the ball rip/knock on decisions going right more often.
  2. And then damaged the opposition winger which led him to be stretchered off after an illegal tackle- which the referee missed/didn't miss.
  3. Do we think that Child will be informed of that at HT or will the Ref be in 'isolation ' as regards things he missed during the first half?
  4. We're all in this together, making Rugby League Great Again!........
  5. I could find out but I'm too lazy, but I've struggled to pay Sky for RL suspecting that 95%? of any monthly input goes to Football which I think is big enough and rich enough to look after itself. Have I got it all wrong? I do support RL by having a season ticket and drinking beer at a local pub. Sometimes it drink beer without an RL input but.......
  6. There is a mythically good but mystery curry house behind the railway station somewhere. With a station cat, pint at the George, curry and a direct train from Cas ....Well, it would be rude not to.
  7. 11th Nov 2019. England 0 NZ 34. Despite this I like the photo.
  8. Being a bit self indulgent here but I like this one of mine. The Citadel of Heroes in Castleford.
  9. Dropped on the Aldi Islay a while ago and never quite disengaged from it. Spouse loves it but their Speyside is a first for us. £18 a go. No brainer surely.
  10. Watching this with 7 to go I'm thinking this game could have been an absolute classic. It isn't and 22-6 does not reflect Salford contribution. Shame.
  11. An old boy(long since dead) told me about this guy Brian playing at Featherstone I think. You couldn't see him for bandages. The general view was he should not have been on a rugby pitch. This was not healthy. And then he got the ball.... It was then they all understood.
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