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  1. Great, I'm happy for you to have that opinion, and it may indeed be correct. Now then why don't you tell me that another 500 times?
  2. I actually enjoyed the game yesterday so I came in here to look at what other posters thought about it. Having started at the end I’ve gone back about 4 pages and have decided that it would be preferable to gets some needles and stick them into my testicles rather than read any more of Harry’s NRL bum licking. Roll on the new season.
  3. It’s my opinion and despite the fact that you seem to disagree with it, I am entitled to it. Your endless fawning over Aus and NZ is somewhat tiring though.
  4. If you actually are in Australia, which I very much doubt, you really shouldn't have had so much to drink that early in the morning.
  5. Really, I always thought sledging was supposed to be cutting and clever.
  6. I lived, for a number of years, in an apartment on King Street in Newtown, there always seemed to be plenty of soap to be had. I suspect you actually live in a tent in Norfolk, or somewhere similar.
  7. Not my experience of Australia at all. In fact I'm beginning to wonder if you have actually ever been to Australia.
  8. It's Movember, people are growing facial hair for cancer, its the kind of thing that happens on tour, blah, blah, blah. So the tour captain obviously doesn't agree with his teammates, or you are just talking sh!te? Which is it?
  9. I'm sorry, but that post just doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. I'm trying for you lad but you are using up your chances at a fast clip.
  10. Football shirts? WTF are you actually talking about? You would be very lucky to get into a nightclub where I live in a football shirt. However, as I said earlier, I am starting to feel sorry for you, so I will let it go.
  11. Nonsense. He was stopped by a great tackle, his arm was on the ground and the tackle was complete. Get some perspective. You won and you still can't accept the luck.
  12. Well you barely made it this time. Maybe it was because someone on the organising committee realised that the Eiffel Tower isn't actually in London.
  13. I could argue with that but your wordsmithery was so good, I'm not going to. Bravo!!!!
  14. He's no different to any of the pundits that have been on tonight. I don't particularly like Wilkin but he can't be accused of hyperbole any more than the next fella.
  15. Really? NZ were sh!te until tonight and now they are one of the best two teams? I think you need a bit of perspective.
  16. I didn't hear that but I will delete the BBC App as well. Just out of a sense of fairness.
  17. And right in the middle of a great game of RL I get a notification on my iPad from ITV about the women's RU WC final. ITV App deleted. That won't be happening again.
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