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  1. Great start from both sides some big hits, i think the women’s game is great to watch! Glad theres a decent turnout
  2. I think my team (Leeds) will be much stronger next year, we’ve played this year without any sort of settled half back pairings (I think weve had 16 different combinations this year) The young kids are a year older and hopefully Walker is back injury free. This means weve got 3 good halfbacks plus Myler as cover, we’ve also got back a very talented kid in Corey Johnson who could be like a new signing if he fulfils his promise. We are short of a prop and a winger, I think the club will rectify that in the off season. Im not suggesting we will be as good as Saints but I think we’ll see is back to something like again.
  3. Refs will make mistakes just like players, and thry are making a lot of decisions in what is a very fast sport.
  4. There’s many thst would like to be at OT but its in another country to them and weve had a pandemic.
  5. How many other sports have a team from another country in the final, covid isnt an excuse its a reason. Some RL fans are a right miserable lot sometimes
  6. I expected it to be low, but I don’t think we can take anything out of it really, as I say some people are still wary of attending bog games and weve got a team from another country which means travel issues because of covid.
  7. It’s not a surprise really, with Covid/travel issues and one of the teams from another country.
  8. Tetevano has had a torid year, partly of his own making through suspension and he had Covid very badly. He needs to put it behind him and kick on next year, he won’t be the first or last import to come over eith a big reputation and have a bad first year but then turn it around.
  9. Why was the first try not a try? Newman is a class player not sure it’s fair to judge him in a game where his side were well beaten. we’ll see him kick on if he csn get some decent service from some sctual hslfbacks next year
  10. I think that’s fair but Saints were very good, quicker and stronger in every department, it’s hardly surprising and a measure of where the teams are at the moment
  11. Pretty much how i thought it would go, Saints are a far better side. Kendall has been as awful as leeds though and I don’t like bagging refs TBH
  12. Didn't take long for me to be back being annoyed at OXEN - No XS at the shop and an S is massive.
  13. The yellow collar on the shirt alone is fine, just when it's paired with white shorts it should always have a white collar on a Leeds Shirt IMHO Im really not moaning though its a very good effort.
  14. I prefer a goldish colour to a more yellow though! (Like 2018) just a shame Global won’t use a white version of their logo on the kit!
  15. Pretty much perfect that (bar white collar) ive given Oxen plenty stick but they’ve nailed it so credit where credit is due
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