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  1. Barnsley is a one-horse football town from a pro/semi-pro perspective. However it has two decent amateur set -ups at Dearne Valley and Dodworth Miners. The miners have loads of age groups and are over subscribed (which is fantastic) - it is getting coaches that is the issue. With the Eagles back at a proper home they need to be the regional focal point for progression in the town.
  2. They can pretend the E is England and not Europe and keep it small-time
  3. We should be the ERL (for European Rugby League). Easy to remember and three letters like NRL, EPL, WSL etc. You get the RL bit in there too so it’s not some naff standalone like Super League with no real reference to the sport. Sorted
  4. No it’s not selling it cheap at all… it is one way to build an RL brand and change perceptions eg it is not just a mens game played by two northern teams. Making it a big celebration of the sport in all its forms is very much building everything around the rugby. I agree we can do more in terms of entertainment but we are not NFL where a game lasts for hours. If you want to keep it simple then is that really enough to draw big/neutral crowds. I’d suggest only big internationals have the potential these days to do that.
  5. Not sure if that was aimed at me or not - but I never said that. I really like the idea of a Legends parade but a 90s theme (or any other decade) is way too specific and not relevant for many of the audience.
  6. I like the sentiment of the OP to inject new life into the Cup Final but most of those ideas eg half-time show would work much better for a nighttime SL Grand Final. For me it should be…. • A capital wide celebration of RL across the whole weekend • Double header at Wembley with womens and mens final on Saturday • Wheelchair final at Wembley Arena/Copper Box on Friday • PDRL /Students/London RL etc finals at New River/Trailfinders on Sunday • Cup Final mixes traditional with modern with its entertainment offer eg big brass bands playing alongside funkier strolling bands Ultimately the question of what does the sport want the cup to be needs answering first.
  7. Yeah they had chances but they always looked like they were going to bomb them each time. I think the pressure and half-expectation that they could win this game won’t have have helped them. All a learning curve though.
  8. Fair play and congratulations on their win today. Cornwall never looked like scoring but WWR we’re by far the better side and fully deserved.
  9. Absolutely. It is doing lots of things right. Regional franchises that link in with established names (Rhinos, Saracens), much improved TV presentation, a sport that plays plenty of internationals and is competitive at the highest level, riding the wave of the growing interest in womens sport in general. Lots to learn from them especially in terms of the womens game - which seems to just replicating the mens with a northern SL and a small fry SL South.
  10. How many neutrals would go to any semi-finals - either as a single, double or triple header at a fancy venue or not? It’s a completely flawed concept and the ‘big’ game to concentrate and sell should be the final itself.
  11. Good question. Was hoping today’s 9s would be on there - you’d hope the finals at Salford will be on there.
  12. I'm all for franchising and think having 3 teams in Wakefield borough in SL is crazy... but totally agree with that. They've been great to watch this year and if they do win then they totally deserve their place.
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