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  1. Totally agree. That ground looks fine - much better to fill that than have 1500 rattling round in a brand new AFC Wimbledon style stadium!
  2. Really is very promising. Way more teams than expected and the return of Wolfpack. Hopefully this is where the conference system really works - western will be much weaker with all new teams but as long as it is competitive between them it works. Any blow outs later in the play-offs can be improved year-on-year. Yeah I’d be keen to know why Jax Axe and a few other establish USARL sides aren’t involved. Loyalty? Not invited?
  3. I don't want to be Mr Doom and Gloom either but these numbers they are hoping for are waaayyy too optimistic and simply plucked out of the sky. If they get 10% (so say 400 people) coming to Broncos as well as forking out for their own team in a different sport that would be amazing. There's just too much salesmanship going on expecting/telling the landlords you'll bring in an average 3K for Championship at £25 a pop when you are nowhere near this at the minute. Hope though that I'm proved wrong and the move is a success in the end.
  4. Was just about to post the same thing. Can’t see any mention of Toronto anywhere - unless anyone knows otherwise?
  5. Yep the Brooklyn Kings have got that countdown too. So that’s 6 teams so far I reckon.
  6. It is up to Sky to decide which sports they own the rights to that they want to show. I’d guess that there is no financial incentive to include it eg RL has a loyal following but it is only really in Sky’s interest if it attracts any floating subscribers. SL/RFL could insist that any general promos include them - a obviously they haven’t done this.
  7. Be interesting to see the figures fit the women’s games at the World Cup - also which channels they are shown on. One simple thing the RFL could do is play the women’s challenge cup alongside the men’s at Wembley. Double-header, double coverage, attract more families. Much better than the ridiculous 1895 cup rubbish.
  8. Why on earth weren’t the Broncos on board and talking with AFC Wimbledon at the very start of the Plough Lane discussions... rather than jumping on at the end of the day when the stadium is already built with shiny blue seats? The same could be said for the new Dulwich stadium etc. I’m so frustrated and I’m 250 miles away so God knows how the loyal fans feel. I know the financial difficulties and lack of land etc but there have been so many opportunities to really engage with another club and together build a decent mid-size new ground and a home for RL in London. I really hope this
  9. Yep that’s right. But I’d have gone with something like ‘International All Stars’ to get around that. Or better still just have played Wales. Yes it would be a drubbing but just suck it up and at least people would then get that we’d play the same nation across three matches and it would be a bona fide international.
  10. Should definitely be at a ground that isn’t hosting a World Cup game. Won’t happen but how about Plough Lane? Cement it as the new home of Broncos and RL in London, would have lots of interest to a neutral and gives the capital a game when they only have one in the World Cup itself and push tickets for that semi-final to locals.
  11. I think they missed a trick here to link with the strengthened 1895 branding. Season tickets at a higher ‘normal’ single price (say £150) but offer 2 from the same household for £189.50. Kids and students at £18.95 each. Or regular season tickets at £189.50 but with a big discount if bought by a certain date or with ‘free’ club shirt etc. Something along those lines anyway
  12. I’m not trying to pin the whole thing on Elstone - he didn’t let them in to the league structure and I actually agree that having a Canadian club in our structure isn’t necessarily the way to go. But he did his very best to make sure they weren’t readmitted. As for ‘real’ clubs... some SL clubs still play in a stadium where you p*as in the rain against a brick wall and have no academies. And they’ve had a century to get there. As a SL club Toronto should have been given support (advice and finance) to survive a global pandemic half way across the world just as much as any other club.
  13. Yes and that’s the problem - there is no grand plan for any of it. Either at SL or wider level. It needs a unified independent (or semi-independent then) body running the game as a whole from internationals to grassroots. Of course clubs should have a major say in this but they are not the be all and end all. It needs wider strategic vision to grow and allow space in the calendar for internationals and expand into new areas etc. The clubs have called the shots for the sport pretty much on their own - rejecting numerous new outfits due to travel etc - for 125 years. Time for some rea
  14. They may pay lip service to growing the game but for a fair number of clubs their main interest is self-preservation. If you are a struggling SL club then realistically ‘growing the game’ is improving the TV deal (main income source). Do you really want a potentially powerful new club with 10k crowds in a new market being successful when that will only increase the chances of your club with <5k crowds in a crowded market and catchment area being relegated (and possibly going out of existence yourself). That’s the problem with SL (and RL in general to a lesser extent) in that growi
  15. Ok then let’s say Toronto were a basket case. Then at least a quarter of SL are too - loss leading businesses in decrepit stadiums, propped up solely off Sky funding (of which Toronto never received any!!). Elstone was a useless joke but in so many ways that was his job - the role is a purposefully puppet dictator with no real power who is answerable to SL clubs whose main interest is keeping themselves in business. Most have no interest in growing the game. So the role will never have any strategy vision and will actively discourage this to protect members interests eg writing some
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