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  1. I think we’ve already seen here a few different views on this and that’s fair enough. Although I do understand concerns I don’t think it would undermine and undervalue the women’s game at all and puts it on a level playing field in many respects in terms of playing venue etc.
  2. I’d really like to see the womens and mens finals (for both the SL Grand Final and Challenge Cup final) to be double-headers. This would help make it more a whole-day experience, bring more women and families to the day, go towards solving the problem of empty stands l, offer real incentive to women players to be playing at huge stadiums and mean RFL have two less finals to push and promote and go all-in on those two.
  3. The Grand Final should be like the Euro Final in football and Union and move around… across UK and Europe. Yes OT is a prestigious name as a home and is a big stadium in the heartlands but there are drawbacks. It is too big, is cramped, the pitch is too small and it all feels dated and there is no novelty factor there of going to a new stadium. Let other cities bid for it like the World Cup.
  4. Two appalling decisions that potentially changed the outcome. We talk about players being able to handle the big match occasions but what about refs?
  5. Hmm a last minute call in a final with an ‘incorrect play the ball’ favouring the traditional big club… what like the one Liam Moore called against Salford in last year’s Challenge Cup? Just a conincidence I guess??
  6. Simple is generally better for me… • Widnes current Viking boat • S for Salford 70s • Toronto Wolfpack • Hull KR new rebrand • GB Lion • France FFRXIII current • NRL two chevrons suite The current Warrington and last Salford are the worst kind… mixing way too many ideas. Keep it clean!
  7. Why not simply called the Super League trophy the Rob Burrow trophy instead? He won it enough times to warrant that title - rather renaming an existing award.
  8. I never said we couldn’t learn anything from American Football - we both agree on the short season - but that you can’t compare the sports on a like-for-like basis. Just because we get higher live TV figures doesn’t mean therefore we should be able to sell out big games like the NFL - that one metric skews the overall picture. If you take the 200,000 OurLeague then you are offering them 3 big club events with the same 12 teams involved each time. And for 2 of those you don’t know the participants until a week or two beforehand. I’m not saying marketing can’t be improved and help but there is only so much you can do with the same old offer. We need new teams, new formats, new competitions and more Internationals to do that.
  9. This constant comparing RL to American Football is a complete false equivalence. NFL has a national fan base that only get to see the sport in the UK twice a year. Having built up the fan base selling this is a piece of cake to sell - a big day out in the capital for a big glitzy showbiz game and it doesn’t matter who is playing. In comparison in Rugby League you’ve got 12 clubs playing each other over and over again (in SL, play-offs, Challenge Cup, Magic) in a tiny geographical area of the country in a sport that most people have no idea about. Unless you bring in new formats and Competitions with new teams in new areas (like say the Hundred) or build a strong international programme you can spent millions on marketing but you still won’t sell out Wembley for two northern teams who are overexposed to their niche fanbase and have little or no Interest to a wider audience. The one thing we can learn from NFL is that less is more and to have a short season and therefore make each game they play a major event.
  10. They finished four places above Coventry in the league and so decide that they have the right to effectively kill off another professional club(s). And after all their history of the ‘drawbridge’ being pulled up in them for Super League. You couldn’t make it up.
  11. What/where is this RFL plan? I can’t find anything online.
  12. Yep that’s pretty much what I was getting at Steve but without the fancier title!
  13. Salford are a ‘shambles of a club’ because they are - like the majority - not quite big enough for Super League. We don’t have a wealthy owner (like Huddersfield) and we aren’t the only show In town (like Cas). We can pull in a big latent audience like for the Grand Final but only have a core of 2k fans really. We’re a shambles because we’re trying to be up there with Leeds, Saints etc but we aren’t and never really there. Moor Lane will be a good base and much more suited to a top Championship side (like we are in reality).
  14. Salford City have hit a bit of a wall after a rapid rise. They had £10 admission, offered free coach travel to away games etc and really capitalised on the Class of 92 factor to those you can’t afford to go to Old Trafford. Trouble is as they rise through the ranks playing costs escalate - admission is now £15 (still cheap really but growing) and novelty wears off especially when they aren’t winning. Gary Neville has said this move has come too early for them really - think this saga has a few more twists and turns yet to come.
  15. Would be this be the same ‘woke’ BBC who are covering the RLWC in full with every game live? The same ‘woke’ BBC who cover the sports premier knockout competition? The same woke BBC who have secondary and radio rights for the Super League etc etc. Your posts have been one long boring political dig at the ‘woke’ BBC from the start. The truth is why should any broadcaster shift its schedule at late notice for a one-off meaningless friendly. Offer the BBC, or anyone really, a meaningful and regular international tournament and they will be be interested- not some quick back of the fag packet friendly after the sport has forced them to completely rip up its TV and radio schedules by cancelling the World Cup at the last minute.
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