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  1. When did they refuse to play a 2nd team game,
  2. maybe just a Sellafield rumour, thetas were it came from
  3. Karl has been a great influence in the A team, he has helped some of the clubs u16s progress and help them with confidence whilst stepping up to the open age, this will also help them progress next season.
  4. Hopefully Askam will join the carla league, talk also that Hensingham could be re-joining carla, but nothing official, they struggled to field teams this season gone.
  5. Just drink talking probably, and they are right about the Brow, all the players pay monthly to play, just like all the other clubs.
  6. You state Wath Brow are saying Thatto are paying players, is actually saying this, the club or a supporter.
  7. JMB

    Well Done

    Great game and great result, and going to make a fantastic 2022 season for Cumbria rugby league.
  8. Now the winning teams have made it to the finals, will the Featherstone pitch hold up to 3 games.
  9. All the fixtures and results on the rfl website,
  10. Its was very clear why he left, pushed out by Price and the board didn't do anything about it.
  11. I thought Chris had a lot of excuses yesterday, the ref, and then the lack of fit and experienced players to choose from, but maybe putting these lads in would help develop them, would also give them good experience and again help the development of the players.
  12. With the amount of money that the rfl say they spend every year on referee development, I'm sure the standard should be a lot better than what it is throughout the game.
  13. The guy is a joke and doesn't deserve to be in charge of a rugby league club,
  14. We pay yearly to the rfl, when our league became a member league to the rfl, they also took over our league accounts, this season we paid £50 per team, to the rfl, all clubs pay it yearly, then I’m sure cup fees will be asked for shortly, so the rfl do get a bit of cash from the clubs and have always,
  15. Same as Rugby league clubs do now and always done, we have just paid ours recently
  16. Can i ask what youth leagues voted her on and when. Thanks
  17. All rugby league youth teams pay £50 per team per year youth fees to help cover admin ect, west Cumbria teams have all just payed it last month, and i can confirm no other sports players pay in to its own NGBs membership schemes as they have not got one.
  18. Its plain to see in community board minutes, think it was December 2020, the rfl inform the meeting that, membership is the norm in most sports and the RFL proposal is at the lower end of what NGBs charge at £20 per adult and £15 per child. and that's completely wrong, the FA, RFU or English Cricket don't and have never operated a scheme like this, so the question has to be asked, why the false information was given to the board, and are they going to address it. But to put it in to plain words, if the rfl had came out and said to the community clubs and leagues, we get £££££ of sport England to run the game, its stopping, here are the facts and figures what it costs, how do we bridge the finical gap to run the community game, none of this anti rfl and mud slinging would have gone on. Please rfl respect the community game and give everyone the chance to build our great game, you have to get better communication lines open with the clubs.
  19. After receiving more information on why the rfl are looking to introduce the membership scheme its looking like the grass route clubs will have to help with funding, but the rfl have been so naïve about the leagues and clubs, as the biggest problem with the new proposed membership scheme is in the way the community clubs found out about it and the miss information that the community board were given by rfl employees about other NGBs procedures ect. But do the rfl and the community board actually understand the clubs, I'm not sure, if both the community board or the rfl had came out with the true facts and a transparent financial breakdown I'm sure both the clubs and leagues would have a different view on things, both must realise that they have to have more direct interaction with both the leagues and the clubs alike, and in all areas.
  20. I hope the same top rfl consultants haven't been involved with the new development plan, especially after the false information they gave the community board saying that the participation fees would bring rugby league in line with other top NGBs, and that was a total lie.
  21. That is totally wrong, the super league clubs who keep promoting the women's super league game should be financing them, the super league clubs have raided the community clubs to get these women on board.
  22. The community board minutes are always so secretive to me, they give a brief outline of things but never go into depth on the individual specific's, i also think the rfl never ever give the community board all the full facts on anything, the people on the board who i feel put the rfl under the micro scope at times are Peter Moran and Trevor Hunt, the two individuals that i would love to get on the board would be David Lowe and Mick Doyle, but that would never happen as the rfl would never allow them.
  23. It will by pass Cumbria as usual, and that's guaranteed,
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