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  1. As long as the Roughyeds turn up there's no reason why they shouldn't stand a good chance of winning. As Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or you cannot you are probably right so let's have some positive thinking. A first game win should give a confidence boost to build on for the season with the added bonus of being a poke in the eye to the doomsters and naysayers. Good luck for a successful season.
  2. Wishing a happy, healthy and successful 2020 to all forumites and everyone at ORLFC.
  3. If they played in your back garden I doubt you'd bother to attend so why would you care whether they play in Oldham, Stalybridge or Timbuktu?
  4. I think your £5 admission token is a great idea and would surely be worth pursuing. If it attracts just a handful of new supporters it's better than nothing. And getting into local schools is a no brainer.
  5. Catweazle does indeed live on, currently on Talking Pictures Saturday afternoons. Classic
  6. Please can this be discussed: has Little no it all ever made a positive comment about Roughyeds? And as a matter of interest, how many matches has he/she attended while they've been playing in Oldham? Just wondering
  7. Definitely agree about Foo Fighters. I suspect that if it weren't for the Nirvana connection they'd have come and gone in a short space of time without anyone ever noticing them.
  8. The Kinks? You don't like The Kinks??!! How can anyone not like The Kinks???!!! Someone mentioned "godlike genius" earlier in the thread. Ray Davies must surely be the ultimate godlike genius. I do get why you don't like Donovan but as a 15-year-old I was madly in love with him I think his indulgence in too many dubious substances had a negative impact on his creativity but I still maintain that Fairy Tale was a great album.
  9. Trolls thrive on doom and gloom. First sign of a winning run they retreat to their dark, gloomy caves. Let's hope the winning run comes sooner rather than later
  10. WellWisher

    The Final

    Thank you, and commiserations to Thunder for their contribution to a tough, nerve-wracking but very entertaining game. Congratulations and all the best for your imminent new arrival
  11. WellWisher

    The Final

    Woohoo! Fantastic game but what a nerve-wracking 80+ minutes! Congratulations and well done to the team and the Club. Great reward for the die-hards who have been there through thick and thin
  12. WellWisher

    The Final

    I hope Lady Luck will be shining down on the Roughyeds this afternoon. Come on you 'Yeds, give yourselves and the supporters the result you all deserve, you know you can do it!
  13. Well done to the team and all concerned on a great win . Good luck for the final.
  14. Sorry to hear the Roughyeds will be missing an ardent long-time supporter on future match days. I always enjoy reading your well-balanced opinions on here R34 and hope they'll continue. All the best to you and the family.
  15. I'm glad to see you're pressing ahead with a complaint to Ofcom. I doubt it will change anything but the BBC could at least show the courtesy of a prompt and proper response. Well done for taking action and persevering. It's always irritated me that Northwest Tonight's round-up of the weekends football games includes local teams in Leagues 1 and 2 but only Superleague and Championship rugby teams get a mention and the lower leagues are ignored. A big chunk of the RL heartland is in their coverage area so why the discrimination? Maybe the clubs should get together and organise a petition.
  16. Well done to the team on another win. Onwards and upwards.
  17. Why is there even a need to be asking this question? I thought the club had a new marketing team. Has the engine stalled already?
  18. Great win in spite of all the negativity surrounding the competition. Well done
  19. Ah, that explains why everyone had been so quiet about it
  20. How did it go? I hope it was a good turnout and all the kids enjoyed it so they'll be looking forward to the next one and recommending it to their friends.
  21. Well done to the players on a good win and the hoped for improvement to the 'points for' figures in spite of the long journey to Llanelli. Fingers crossed that this is a turning point after the lacklustre start to the season.
  22. I'm sure none of the above comments could have been aimed at the sterling job you do, Mr. Naylor. (I wish I'd seen your unedited post )
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