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  1. A big statement of intent from Fév as they've named a strong squad for Saturday.
  2. At the moment, probably not. However, the biggies, like Canal+ or BeIN show a variety of sports of which some are not mainstream. So adding another one in the mix is a start. I find it odd that people are willing to sit for 5 hours to watch a cycle race. Or e.g. we have friends who are quite happy to watch a biathlon competition for a couple of hours. If you want to promote a sport you have to start somewhere. Look how successful wheelchair rugby has become!
  3. Plenty of niche sports above RL in France unfortunately
  4. If France go the route of having their own professional league then they need a production company to pick up the TV rights. If they want to promote the game then national TV coverage is the minimum.
  5. 2 pinches of salt.... at least. There will be announcement soon as to the future president. It's taken an infuriatingly amount of time to get things sorted, but sorted they are.
  6. That's partly the reason with TO. Saturday games for the part timers means they only miss the Friday work day, flight schedules also play a part as Monday flights back cost an absolute fortune. TO also have to play 2nd fiddle to Stade Toulousaine who play on the Sundays. Although that is a sore point at the moment having been told they can't play at the ground at all during the world cup. NB. I'm actually going to the Whitehaven game which means I miss 3 days work. (am i bovvered?..... not in the least!)
  7. It is the RL organisation that should be called out on this. There doesn't seem to be any joined up thinking going on. Stupid idea spreading the last games out. I'm sure TO would have adapted to a Sunday kick off as the last away game if they had been given ample time to adjust plans. More time than they were given by Stade Toulousain anyway
  8. They would be playing amongst themselves though, as I doubt you would get another team to turn up
  9. There are 3 games on the Saturday, not just the Haven TO match. Would they have to move those other two matches as well ? Considering both Batley and Widnes could be in the playoffs, those matches could be also construed as being a fair/unfair advantage to the other teams in the top 9 places, not just the bottom end of the league. IMO, I think all the games should take place at the same time.
  10. Not sure Fév would be happy having 2 teams in the top six who have beaten them 4 times in the season.
  11. Big for Halifax, in the mix for the last 2 games is good for them. TO losing for the 1st time in 2 months. It was going to happen at some time. I just hope they haven't picked up more injuries
  12. ...apparently not. 12-12 at half time. I'm following the Halifax Twitter feed as there have a keyboard monkey giving more updates.
  13. Apparently it's all sorted now...finally. It's only taken 9 months! Expect an announcement soon, and hopefully some money on the table to keep the players who a few SL clubs are chasing.
  14. Fax by 10 seems about right. They have a lot more to play for, depleted TO side and Fax were only just beaten in France.
  15. Interesting that Brochon and Laguerre are in the list, I would have thought TO would ask to keep them back just in case they are needed for the play offs. Lose a couple of halves and Brochon would have to step in.
  16. Yes, it's all porta cabins now. I'm surprised that they can't find another stadium to play at. Colomiers or even TOEC would have been OK. Even Balma would have been OK. It is where the used to play so the pitch is up to it, but not much in the way of facilities.
  17. I was at the stadium this morning. It's not very big. Pitch is OK but only one stand. Lots of road works going on in the vicinity so Fév fans, get the bus and/or shanks' pony
  18. Sita is suspended. Ant Marion will probably also pick up a ban from the Barrow game but he is *possibly* injured as well. Josh Ralph was a little more serious not just a cautionary measure. As there are nearly 5 weeks until the semi-final then i'm hoping that we get them back playing for then. Maybe no Mathieu but I hope so, as he has experience of the play-offs and I'm sure (possibly) coming up against Johno, Killer, Gadwin and Chris in a final will be further motivation to get fit. Incidentally, OAB has made a remarkable recovery according to the medics. He could be on the pitch now, although with Zac playing so well at FB I doubt he will be risked until next year now. How do TO roll the dice now ? Play as good a team as possible to keep the win motivation going, or play the kids knowing that they won't get a chance to play if the full team is available in a few weeks time. Mind you, if you play the kids, win the next 3 then why not stick with them!
  19. Toulouse will have no where near a top 17 players, at the moment it looks like the 2 kids who played yesterday will have to be in the team for the play offs!
  20. My friend flew out to stay with us on Saturday and I always ask her to bring The Times. I read the interview. A nice piece. The lad seems to be in a good place with himself now, and also doing something positive with his life after RL.
  21. Another 2 young French lads debuted today for TO. Which is another great step for french rugby. I've not heard anything about the match other than the 2 twitter feeds...so if anyone can give a résumé I would appreciate it.
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