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  1. I read that too. He's a strong lad and scored a lot of tries when he played before but his head was not in the right place at the time. Maybe he has matured a bit. Is he ready for SL? Sylvain and Adam will be the judge I guess, we will have to see. Anymore injuries though and they will have to bring in more Elite players so there is a chance.
  2. Squad of 27, 10 injured now 1 suspended and that is before they are assessed after yesterday's game. Not looking too good if you can't field a team with 4 interchanges.
  3. How many half backs do Fév have now?
  4. We think it was a broken arm, you could certainly hear a big "crack" from where we were up in the stands. Prompted a few ooh la la's from the Catalan supporters around us. He was on a pain drip after anyway. The TO team were pretty bashed up this morning. Have to see who is match fit, but they lost Peyroux in training last week and he won't be back for a long time. They have a long list of injuries and a shallow squad so losing others is not good news.
  5. Not actually "going over" as I'm in the neighborhood...ish, but we will be there. I'm not really expecting TO to get anywhere near Catalans but it's going to be a fantastic experience.
  6. Goodness... I balked at the two tickets I just bought at 32€ ! The main Tribune Bonzoms looks about sold out now.
  7. This is a good match to go and watch, sadly I can't make it. Saving the €'s for the Catalans V TO match. (and the following Monday for the Hull match). And why oh why oh why do they put the biggest French RL match for donkeys years on a Thursday night !
  8. Belmas is a while off being ready, maybe a couple of months, but it would be great to get him playing this season.
  9. Want to know how he got his nickname?
  10. They miss Lloyd, get him back and the team is almost full strength.
  11. Mathieu is back training now, started running. Gadwin will be immense in the 2nd half of the season, he will be back just in time for Leeds.
  12. He fraudulently received documents, which under French law is a criminal offence. Maybe that is another unjust rule that we should all refuse to accept too ?
  13. You are Mark Keirallah and I claim my €10
  14. The Gross mis-conduct charge wasn't because he refused to take the vaccine. Ford, and several others, were in the same position, Ford decided to leave of his own accord, the others went a different way, Kheirallah excluded. Which is why you see the charge laid fairly and squarely on his shoulders only. As I've said before it is all about trust and the club lost all respect for him. He wouldn't go of his own accord, so he had to be pushed. For the club, and all those who represented it, t was a very difficult time. They are hopefully moving forward now and rebuilding.
  15. "off-putting way he was dispensed with" ? He was sacked for gross mis-conduct. Not much else you can add to that.
  16. or Leigh go straight back up at the expense of Leeds
  17. The bottom line will be if Leeds end up in 12th place. The season isn't decided in March. On yesterdays performance can TO beat Leeds home and away? As that will probably be the difference at the end of the season.
  18. It was a matter of trust, and that meant more to the club than his years as a player
  19. It would be interesting to know who your "friends" are. The club have always known about the quota limits. Now Kheirallah has finally been shown the door it opens another door to someone else, but who?
  20. sorry about the multiple posts, phone had a brainfart. Anyone know how to delete them ?
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