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  1. Those 3 were there especially to bolster the defence and bring some grown ups into the pack. They did what was asked. I would be more than happy to bring more young, especially French, players into the team, but the risk is of course being relegated back into the championship. Would TO want to stay competing in the championship? Or would they go back to competing in the French league.
  2. I agree with video refs as long as all SL games have them. It would only be fair to all teams
  3. No Stefani this week and Navarette was injured during the week. They lost Joe Bretherton, effectively after the 1st tackle when he won the ball back from the TO kick off....Toulouse scoring in the 1st minute from that. TO finally tackling properly with some agression. Not too many stupid penalties also this week. Gigot kicked well in the 1st half. I thought at some point Saints would start to go through the gears, and it wasn't until half way through the 2nd half when Roby starting doing something different. Too many forward passes though which from this Saints side was a bit naff to be honest. Even with Marcon going over with 3mins left I still thought Saints would nick it. Fair doos to TO though, closed this game out much better than the Wigan game. Each game they are getting better and better. Week off then Castleford, week off then Catalans and then Hull KR at home. 2 out of those 3 winnable, especially when you see who we might be getting back into the team. Allez TO!
  4. TO missing 7 players. The pack is going to be weak. I fear that even a Saints C team would win this one.
  5. As an old Arnoldian, I just remember him at school. I remember he was always mentioned in dispatches in assembly. I had other things going on my life during the 80's so I missed his RL career
  6. Well...if we can't agree on the Rugby at least we can agree on Pratchett being a genius.
  7. or teams that abide by the rules
  8. Looking forward to seeing Fev against Catalans to be honest. 2nd best last year against grand finalists. Proper underdog match. Let's see if Fev can hold their own and see if they would have deserved to be in the SL instead of TO. Considering heading over to watch the match now.
  9. I know, I feel the quick turnaround Easter weekend is tough for all the teams, especially those that have to travel to France. Luckily, or unluckily if you are a Hull fan, it's only one England team this Easter, as TO travel to Catalans on the Thursday.
  10. No one I know of in the club is complaining. In fact, happy to have a video ref for a game. Maybe London felt they were a bit unlucky too?
  11. Having to play St Helens 3 times is a bit unlucky
  12. I've had the luck to watch the full match again. I feel it is unfair that there is no video ref as a) that try should not have counted as he didn't ground the ball properly, b) Marcon's try on 76mins should have counted. A very different result if there was a video ref. However, it's the fault of Toulouse to not sign up with BeIN. It could cost them in the end as none of their matches at home will have a video ref.
  13. TO were missing, Navarette, Garbutt and Springer so it's no surprise they lacked a bit of muscle up front. I think with those 3 available they would be a little more competitive. I think it was Navarette's 1st try last week in 90ish SL appearances.
  14. I'll see later, i checked the schedule and they had WBA v Hudds on at 20h00 , maybe the 'tinterweb broadcast is different. Besides, i get my hopes up sometimes for it to be dashed with "this programme is not available to you". That's the BBC for you with it's world class "local" radio.
  15. Fingers crossed. We need a decent replacement for Kheirallah. If Hankinson keeps kicking duty that would mean OAB can concentrate on being effective
  16. OAB isn't on loan though, he's signed until 2024
  17. I don't disagree with loan players , but getting players in for 1 or two games is just farcical. You could run a team completely on that premis.
  18. I had a thought today when I read that Wakefield have a problem with the full back position and have brought in Escaré for two weeks on loan to cover the position (I feel sorry for the No3 choice for full back at Wakefield who thought...briefly... he had a sniff of a game). Why bother assembling a squad at all? When you can just "buy in" players as and when you need them. NB: I have no problem with the concept of players on loan per se. I just think that 2-weeks is taking the p***, 1 month should be the minimum. It takes me back to the middle-8's when teams managed to refresh their squad with a completely new line up just to get themselves over the line.
  19. I think it was the referees first game in charge, he wasn't very good
  20. After feeling high after losing last week after a spirited comeback, this week I feel bereft. Cheated even. When will all SL games have a video ref? The decision not to award Marcon's brilliant try in the corner with 4mins left was atrocious. Oh well. Looking forward to getting Hansen and Peyroux back playing with Springer ...who looks a beast to be honest. With Junior and Latrell back soon as well I think it won't be long before we get a result. Once Kheirallah finally goes maybe lucky to get someone from The NRL to complement the squad. For Wigan, other than the ref who seemed to favour the boys in pink, Jai and Kai were a handful. Respect to the Wigan fans who kept the 13second silence at the beginning, impeccably. Enjoy your week in the South of France
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