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  1. His knees have now said enough is enough. So his table crust has turned to dust. It's a sad day when a player has to retire at 28.
  2. Toulouse are putting on special coaches for the day for supporters
  3. I was hoping Guillon would get a good run at hooker with Éloi going to be missing for a couple of months, but I've been reminded that Calum Gahan will be playing his first game for TO against Swinton
  4. Is that indicative of a strong French youth who can hold their own, or a weak championship? Either way, it can only be good for the whole of the game, good French kids will travel e.g.Cozza at Fév
  5. I was concerned today...heavy pitch and Keighley doing very well, and losing Pélissier so early...didn't bode well. They are stretched with a small squad and having to have some youngsters step up. They will have to bring in Guillon to cover, but that's no bad thing, getting some new young French lads playing is a step in the right direction. Sylvain is a great guy, I fear he won't be around too much longer. He has a farm to run and a great family so I think if they don't make SL again this year then TO will be looking for a new head coach.
  6. Just saying.. but if Belmas did his "testicle tackle" in France then it is indeed considered a sexual assault by plod here. And I thought France was so very liberal!
  7. Oh poop. Hope the poor guy is OK. What on earth is the world coming too!
  8. Do you know if that student concessions stretch to French students or do they have to be UK students? Ive got 2 tickets already but need another 3. I can get a concession for 1 son as he is serving military, but was hoping t'other son could get a student concession
  9. Does anyone know if the Keighley match will be on the radio somewhere?
  10. Just being in the squad will be good for these young lads. I doubt he himself will play but it's good to be around the more seasoned professionals. I'm hoping No1 son gets to go along for the ride too.
  11. I see the young French lad Bastien Simone has been included in the TO squad for the Keighley match. I'm surprised Catalan loaned him out considering they are struggling with injuries too.
  12. I have no agenda, I only wanted to comment on one part of your post, I wasn't doing it out of disrespect. I don't need to address everything on a point by point basis or do I. Please confirm. Oh, and to now address your point about the independent review, I understand that. In this case the decision was made on the evidence on one player
  13. There was contact, but there were 3 in the tackle. He doesn't deny the tackle, just the definition of "attacking the testicles" as that implies predetermined intent. You could argue that every tackle has the "intent" to cause serious harm and thus, after review, a long ban. If you allow the players to define the levels of intent then you are placing the reviewers and independent panels in a difficult position.
  14. Belmas always said that there was no intent. Belmas maybe a tough mother on the pitch but he is absolutely convinced that there was nothing in this and was very shocked and upset by the result of the inquiry. The match review panel reviewed the incident and saw no evidence. Holmes demanded further action. An independent review committee also saw no evidence or intent. Both players were interviewed, and the review committee sided with Holmes that Belmas was guilty, hence the 7 match ban and this statement. This sets a dangerous precedent if it's just a players word that can get someone banned for 7 matches. I can guarantee that this won't be the last such incident like this.
  15. Springer has always had talent, he's just too fragile
  16. Pezet has been pretty good. Pélissier always shines, for 20 minutes at least. Jussaume is solid enough but not outstanding, Marcon too.
  17. Couple of the Elite lads for TO haven't got their passports sorted yet, so they can't travel to the UK to play. Idiots. They knew before the season started they may need to play in the UK.and were told to get it sorted. It's not as though they are expensive or the process is difficult.
  18. Yes, I think I wrote that before realising the missing players who can't travel
  19. I'm not sure a UK working visa is good enough for Schengen anymore. I will do a bit of digging to see what the real reasons are. Maybe Macron is a secret TO supporter
  20. I read somewhere that 3 of the Broncos players are not allowed to travel. What's that about? Is it Visa issues and if so, why didn't the club sort them out properly?
  21. I'm off to watch the TO v London match on Friday, but I am not expecting an easy match for Toulouse. Missing some big guys again, and with Belmas now banned for 7 matches they really do need some reinforcements. I think it will be a lot closer than people think.
  22. I noted that Anthony Guidez got his first game for the seniors. Another tick in the "playing the young kids" box, missing the 3 regularly wingers, Laguerre, Schaumkel and Armitage means they will have to rely on these youngsters stepping up.
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