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  1. Tara Jane Stanley missing from York Valkyrie side to face St Helens at Donny tomorrow , could be the game changer.
  2. Bullet Train......with Brad Pitt , Michael Shannon , Sandra Bullock , currently available on Netflix. A real hoot , laughed my tats off.
  3. The bloke was pure class , when we won promotion the first big hitters to visit Clarence St were Widnes and they were backing off him , not having a clue what he was going to do with the ball.....neither did we the supporters.
  4. ....and the bloke in the 2 peak cap making notes on the size and cup measurements.
  5. Ireland entry from Bambie Thug is my winner. Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue | Ireland | Official Music Video | Eurovision 2024 (youtube.com)
  6. His son Paul is a laff.......that is if he is still about.
  7. Yeah.....their Lucky Number is up.
  8. Looking forward to this. Vinnie Jones in the Country - Quest | TV Guide Channel 12.
  9. His series on My 5 where he visits Prague , Madrid and Milan in 3 one hour shows are very good , not a train in sight.
  10. You wanted it more than us , Dornan is a bit chunky nowadays but he ran the show when he was on. Bigger , faster and better attitude than the Knights.
  11. He also did the commentry on BBC vast series of Wild China , his dulcet tones made it a must watch.
  12. Hendo HAS to name a 21 man squad whether they are playing or not .
  13. Always have time for this bloke. Richard Ashcroft: 'I was the mouthy singer, but now I'll inspire' - BBC News
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