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  1. Bears have signed one of Knights youngsters. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/19300352.aj-towse-joins-coventry-bears-season-long-loan/
  2. 1400 this saturday , promises to be a corker , have shelled out £ 4/95 to watch. Will make a change not shouting at the screen for our games.
  3. Have seen this kid play , should be a good pairing with Riley.
  4. We will be kind and not put too many past our World record league away win.
  5. If the previous season's are anything to go by Moose we are in for a treat.
  6. Baked suet , every thursday when I was a nipper , it soaked up the gravy of liver and onions. Mam just made the dumpling mix then stuck it in a yorkie pud tin to bake.
  7. Wonder if he ever visited this place. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21287000
  8. Could have been more if they had backed up 2 Marcus breaks.
  9. Is Graeme Horne still on your books as a player ? , or is he assistant coach to Richard.
  10. Patron shirts arrived and they look fantastic , I urge anyone to get one , or two of these as they are superb.
  11. Yep , that and the music industry which comes up with a ' new' award for some music category at regular intervals.
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