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  1. Workers still on site , access road to MSV finished and groundworks around that area now being looked at. 2 posh new signs erected with all that's available on stadium site.
  2. Plenty of laffs from the audience during first half , why ? , they only laughed at the profanity .
  3. Saw the stage play , pile of dung......I left at the interval.
  4. York have four World records in RL The longest ever game of rugby league ever played away to Whitehaven in the playoffs of 2017 , Haven scoring the golden point after 26 minutes of extra time , that record of course shared with Haven. World record win in a challenge cup competition 132 - 0 against Northumbria University in 2011 World record league home win against West Wales Raiders in 2018 - 144 - 0 World record league away win against West Wales Raiders in 2018 . 0 - 130
  5. Graham Steadman , last time York were in the top flight Widnes were the first of the big guns to play at Clarence Street , they had done some research as whenever he had the ball some were backing off him as they did not have a clue what he was going to do , neither did we as home supporters.
  6. Knights win in Golden Point extra time , Tim Spears drop goal against his former club , attendance 90,001. - https://yorkcityknights.com/
  7. Chissy is also the ref and both linesmen I gather ?.
  8. Graham Steadman is turning out for us.
  9. Sod you lot I am off to the supermarket with my flatbed to blag some slabs of Speckled Hen before the panic buy kicks in.....
  10. Even with this break in the season if the stadium is finished the test events would be delayed due to ban on large gatherings so a guesstimate when we will actually get to play there.
  11. I bought a white polo shirt and the yellow Lion is raised and quiet prominent so is visually very good. , anthem jacket probably similar. Size wise I am a large but took the advice on this thread and bought medium and it is a really good fit.
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