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  1. I am going with this one.... https://www.simplicity.co.uk/arrange-a-funeral/unattended-funeral
  2. From 2012. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-20542951
  3. Officially...'' Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.''
  4. And ?....................we will probably play Fev so nowt to do with us. Toulouse will play Broncos that SB weekend and leave the bash to us northan monkeys , nothing to see , move on.
  5. Yes they do........https://www.royalnavyrugbyleague.com/
  6. Fantastic read , have posted it on the Navy Net site for them to read.
  7. York could be in line for a Toronto ''Home '' game as a double header. - https://www.totalrl.com/three-english-venues-to-host-toronto-home-games/
  8. Nope. https://www.totalrl.com/featherstone-rubbish-false-jarrod-sammut-link/
  9. 2020 lge table is now up on club website , if this is how it looks at the end of season I will be happy.
  10. This firm will be operating the hospitality and bars at the new stadium , they have history in York. - https://cgceventcaterers.co.uk/sectors/sports/case-study/ have e-mailed them to ask if they could look to our local brewers , and others on our doorstep when deciding what ales , lagers/ciders will be available.
  11. Nothing new , they dubbed us York KR when we DR'd with them in 2018.
  12. Just had 2 good years , maybe we are due 2 good 2 bad.
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